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And Dream of Sheep

And Dream of Sheep

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Published by Julya O
My first 24 hours comics challenge. What an experience.
My first 24 hours comics challenge. What an experience.

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Published by: Julya O on Oct 22, 2012
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And Dream of Sheep by Julya Oui

Date: 20th. October, 2012 Venue: Home - Taiping with National Visual Arts Gallery, Malaysia Time: 12 noon

I never thought I would do this. I’m not exactly a fan of getting no sleep, even for just one day. But a friend of mine was going to join for the second time. He couldn’t be at the venue so he opted to be a part of it from his home. We got talking about it until he told me some people in Singapore and Indonesia collaborated. One would write and the other draw. It sounded like a cool idea so I thought I’d sign up to help him with the script since I am more of a writer than an artist. The organizer, however, told me some participants felt it was an unfair advantage especially to them. That’s how I got myself involved and I loved a challenge anyway. I didn’t know if I could stay up all night though I could when I was very very much younger. But at least I was going to be at home. I am the kind of writer who usually sort out an entire plot in my head before I even write a word. I would work out the kinks while looking spaced out. But this time, one of the rules was not to plan anything. We were supposed to be impromptu and let the brain cells stitch together a story borne out of nothing. I kept myself from harping over the thought but one image came to mind. It was a woman with things flying out of the hair; that’s the first page that you’ll see. When the clock struck twelve noon on 20th October 2012, I immediately gave her life the moment I could begin. I was in page five or six when I got into a jam. Since I had no story yet I didn’t know where it was going. I wanted to veer it towards horror but changed my mind to science fiction and then thought fantasy would be good. But I didn’t really care since I wasn’t supposed to. After the six page I took a break and went about do some chores. Then more ideas came and I did more pages but still not knowing where the story would go. The worse of it was the lack of sleep the day before this great event. There I was trying to plan a good night’s rest when the dogs didn’t want to make it easy on me. They barked the entire night at god-knows-what and I couldn’t sleep since four am. By late afternoon that day I was drowsy with sleep and I caught a few catnaps and signed out at six. After dinner and shower I continued at seven thirty. I realized I was one page ahead of time if you sort out the one page per hour scenario. The story was becoming clearer now and I had a direction but no conclusion. I did a few more pages and was knocked out by eleven plus and waking up at one thirty to shut down the laptop and go back to sleep. When I woke at six in the morning I had about eight more pages to complete and decided I wanted to carry on my daily routine of cycling, making fruit and vegetable juices, play with the dogs and have a light breakfast. While I was cycling pass the great raintrees (samanea saman) I found the answer to my last conundrum. You will see this on the last page. I was glad I finished before time, managed to take pictures of every page, lay them out in a program, exported as pdf and sent to parties concerned. The art has a lot of influence from Promethea, written by Alan Moore and drawn by J.H. Williams III. The title is taken from one of Kate Bush’s songs from the Hounds of Love album. It was a wonderful experience, especially to train my mind to work on a whim. I did that a few times when I was storytelling some friends, wrote some short plays, created poems and wrestled with my over imaginative mind for answers. Would I do it again? Yes, as long as I get my sleep.

So here it is. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did creating it.

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