========================================================== Cossac s - Bac To War Version 1.35 ========================================================== Than you for purchasing this game!

********************************************************** -> Installation <Please carry out the following steps in order to install the game: 1. Place the Cossac s - Bac to War CD-Rom in your CD-Rom drive and close it. 2. If the Autorun function of your CD-Rom drive is activated, the installation program will start automatically. If this is not the case, you will have to start the program CSETUP.EXE in the root directory of the Cossac s - Bac to War CD-Rom manually by doubleclic ing. 3. Follow the instructions of the installation program. 4. We hope you'll enjoy Cossac s - Bac To War ! ********************************************************** -> Important <1. Your monitor (and your graphic card) must support a 1024x768 resolution for the game to run. If your monitor (or your graphic card) supports only resolutions lower than 1024x768, Cossac s - Bac to War will not run. 2. You must have an installed version of DirectX 6.0 or higher on your computer for the game to run. If you do not already have DirectX installed, you can install it from the game CD. 3. When testing we discovered that old sound cards in ISA slots and sound cards with Yamaha XG chipsets with old drivers lead to computer problems. This problem can only be eliminated by installing the latest drivers for these sound cards. ********************************************************** In most cases you will not need the program "Internet Game Setup". However, if you play Cossac s via a proxy and through a firewall in the internet, problems may arise when you download clan icons. In order to solve these, just start the program "Internet Game Setup", set the proxy to "enable" and then enter the address of the proxy and the port. You can find these for instance in the internet explorer under Tools->Internet Options-> Connection->LAN Settings. **********************************************************













www.cossac s.com Developers: GSC Game World www.gsc-game.com Publishers: CDV Software Entertainment AG www.cdv.de CDV Software Entertainment AG Neureuterstr. 37b 76185 Karlsruhe Germany Fax: +49-(0)721-97224-24 E-Mail: support@cossac s.de

********************************************************** Cossac s: Bac To War 1. Technical Information 1.1. Minimum System Requirements Cossac s requires a Pentium 233 MHz processor or higher, 32 MB of RAM, a DirectX compliant video card with at least 1 MB of memory, a DirectX compliant sound card and a mouse. Using this configuration, the game will run at an acceptable speed with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and an average amount of units. (However, your monitor and video card should support a 1024 x 768 resolution to launch the game.), minimum 2x CDRom Drive, 500 MB free dis space. Please note that Cossac s: Bac To War cannot load saved games from Cossac s: European Wars nor The Art of War - and vice versa. Please always place the Bac To War CD ROM in your CD ROM drive whenever you want to play Cossac s: Bac To War. 1.2. System Requirements for Large Maps To use the 16 times larger maps you should play the game using a Pentium III 500 MHz PC with 256 MB of RAM, in order to guarantee that the game will run smoothly despite the exceptional size of the map. Furthermore, when playing on 2 x 2 or 4 x 4 maps, ma e sure your computer has 150 to 200 MB of additional hard drive space available, as these maps require a lot of memory. ********************************************************** Not only for Cossac s-Fans: www.americanconquest.com **********************************************************














(c) 2002 CDV, the trademar GSC Game

CDV Software Entertainment AG. All rights reserved. CDV logo and Cossac s - Bac to War are either registered s or trademar s of CDV Software Entertainment AG or World in the US and/or UK and/or other countries.




2. Hot Keys The game now has many more hot eys than the original Cossac s, thus enabling quic er access to game functions and processes. Apart from the hot eys you had in the original version of the game, the following hot eys are available in Cossac s - Bac to War: Peasant: C S D B R K T L N H F E Y X W V J build build build build build build build build build build build build build build build build build town hall stable dwelling 17th century barrac s artillery depot 18th century barrac s storehouse blac smith mine church shipyard mar et mill wooden paling stone wall tower academy

Hot eys for 17th century barrac s: S - train mus eteer (Austrian, European, Polish); archer; strelets; serdiu ; jan issary; Spanish rifleman; Dutch mus eteer B - train drummer F - train officer P - train pi eman L - train roundshier H - train light infantryman Hot eys for 18th century barrac s:

Hot eys for stable: S D R K T F G -

Hot ey for church: S - create priest Hot eys for shipyard:



train train train train train train train

17th century 18th century 17th century 18th century light Polish hetman hussar

dragoon; Tatar; 17th century French rifleman dragoon; French dragoon heavy cavalry heavy cavalry rider; Croat; Sich Cossac ; King's Mus eteer




train train train train

Highlander; mus eteer (European, Saxon, Danish, Bavarian, Prussian) drummer; bagpiper; pandur officer grenadier




















build build build build build build

boat ferry galley frigate; xebec battleship yacht

Hot eys for artillery depot: R - build mortar H - build howitzer P - build cannon Hot eys for academy: K - repair cannons J - heal units Hot eys for upgrades: N - upgrade mine Y - upgrade at mill V - upgrade tower Hot eys for individual units: S V D E P G -

Hot eys for formations: R K F G L J -

infantry column formation; cavalry wedge formation infantry square formation; cavalry column formation reinforce formation group/ungroup infantry ran formation; cavalry ran formation dismiss formation

Hot eys for mar et: Shift + resource amount button (100, 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000) - multiply amount by 100. Other hot eys: L - open/close gates V - disembar ferry F11 - screenshot Ctrl + Right mouse-clic - better alignment of units. This function provides a b etter view of the location of, e.g., several unit formations. ********************************************************** from the creators of cossac s: www.americanconquest.com **********************************************************










stand ground cancel stand ground disable attac enable attac patrol guard/don't guard

3. Short instructions Cossac s: Bac to War offers a gigantic range of 100 single missions to play. The missions are versatile and have been specially designed for you to enjoy all the aspects of true Cossac s gameplay. To play a single mission, just clic on "Single Player" in the main menu of Cossac s: Bac To War, then type in your name and clic on the "Accept" button to enter the single player menu. Here, clic on "Single Mission" to see a screen listing all 100 missions of this add-on. Choose one of the missions by clic ing on its name, select one of the four difficulty levels and clic on the "Start" button at the bottom of the right game panel to begin playing (Single Player -> Name -> Single Mission -> select mission and difficulty level -> Start). Cossac s: Bac to War provides the widest range of Internet play since the time of the original Cossac s. You have the following Internet game possibilities, provided by the GSC Game Net server: the deathmatch introduced in Cossac s: European Wars; the Internet Rating System introduced in Cossac s: The Art of War ; two special Internet systems provided in Bac to War - the Automated Championshi p System and the Vizor game viewer.














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