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THE smallNESS MENTALITY OF THE FILIPINO A brief summary of the essay A Heritage of Smallness by Nick Joaquin Nipa hut,

small buildings and a one stick of cigarette are just the few things that signify the smallness mentality of the Filipino. On the essay of Nick Joaquin (also known as Quijano de Manila) entitled A Heritage of Smallness, shows that we Filipinos are known because of the little things we do. We are incapable of creating massive statues, building and majestic cathedral. It only means that Filipino wants to withdraw from any engagement or crisis. We always want to shirk from any social responsibility. We are afraid to make big things and to face big problems in life. We cant even challenge our self to build great architecture because were thinking that small things are easy to accomplish; less problem and less effort. It also tells that we are not the only nations who were colonized so it is not an excuse for us to stick on what we are doing and to control what we want to express. Just like the other country we should open our minds in all the challenges and difficulties in life. We should not be afraid to explore new things.