Red Ribbon Week

October 29-November 2

MondayTurn your back on drugs and Don’t let drugs turn your life inside out. *Students/staff may wear clothes backwards and/or inside out *Students make best version ribbons for hallway TuesdayRed Rally Day! *Students are to wear as much red as possible. *Treats for everyone WednesdayKiss Drugs Goodbye *1:45-Kissing the Pig *2:00 game of Bingo *Treats for everyone Thursday-All Saints Day Mass Put a cap on drugs Show good character by being drug free *Students/staff can wear hats after Mass Friday-No class Mass I am a “Jean”ius; I am drug free and Our future is bright *Students and staff can wear jeans and/or bright neon clothes/socks/hair bands/ribbons *Treats for everyone *Morning and afternoon RRW announcements read by Macey and Emily-Student Council reps.

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