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Daily Lesson Plan Overview Briette Peterson, Creative Writing (Fiction periods 1-3 Week 9 Lesson Plans (Survivor

Challenges unit lesson 2) Topic: Creative Writing Level: 6-8 Date:

Temecula Student Center Da Vinci Middle School


Learning Objectives: Students will discover the distinct nature of folktales. Students will be able to recall facts, make inferences, draw conclusions, and expand vocabulary. State Standards Addressed: Sixth Grade: I Can Write responses to literature that demonstrates careful reading, understanding, and insight. Seventh Grade: I Can I can identify and analyze recurring themes across works (e.g., the value of bravery, loyalty, and friendship; the effects of loneliness). Eighth Grade: I Can Analyze the relevance of the setting (e.g., place, time, customs) to the mood, tone, and meaning of the text.
(Expected Schoolwide Learning Results)

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Capable Communicators Thinkers Read Extensively hypotheses Write Effectively Scientifically Listen Actively Speak Clearly Information Think-Pair-Share POWER RAFT Summarize Cover and Tell Maps Problem Solvers Compute Accurately Apply Concepts Formulate Problems Find Solutions Global Citizens Identify Trends Respect Viewpoints Understand Geography Participate in Community Critical Generate Process Analyze Data Relate

Power Tools (Highlight those used in lesson)

Questioning Notes Connect Journal Sketch-to-Stretch VIP SQ3R RIP Graphic Organizer Mind

Summary: Students will sit with their cooperative groups (Survivor Tribes!). Tribes will start out with 10 pts. Each tribe can earn 5 points for complete participation in the daily activity. Tribes can also lose 5 points for non-participation. Survivor Tribes will each be given direct teaching regarding Folktales. As a tribe students must complete a quiz at the end of the direct instruction. Throughout the quiz activity each survivor tribe will be required to select one tribe member to participate in the survivor challenge. *Challenge lesson 2 (hold squats) Each student will listen attentively to the folktale that will be read to the entire class, each tribe must answer the quiz questions fully to receive full participation points. The winner of the survivor challenge will earn immunity for their tribe (+ 10 points for that day. Learning Activities 1. Folktale discovery 2. Folktale quiz Assessment/Student Reflection Students (tribes) will present: 1. Folktale quiz