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Visual Phonological

Term 4
Morphemic/ Etymological

Week 2

that, for, was

out, hour, our

once, city, cent

know, through, around public, useful, according, steal, steel

found, count, pout

since, peace, circle surface, notice, specific, certain, cite

morse code braille signal signaller signalling visual auditory kinaesthetic

founder, boundless, without, sprouting, counterfeit

Spelling Rule

RULE: The letter c before e, i or y says s eg city, cent, peace RULE: Full stop a full stop is used to mark the end of a sentence.

Spelling Words Write your list out in your homework book. Learn your words for Fridays test. (Either Look Cover Write Check, spell aloud to a family member, type out on the computer or any other way that helps you learn your words) Maths This week in class we are focusing on: * * Log onto Study Ladder and complete some activities that are related to these topics.

Spelling Rule Write down as many words as you can where the c in the word says s. eg city

Literacy Activity Write at least 3 compound sentences using the (timewhen) conjunctions below. A compound sentence is when you join two sentences together using a conjunction. As, after, as soon as, at first, at once, before, finally, just, meanwhile, next, now, now that, since, then, until, when, whenever, while. Challenge Question Brainteasers: 1)Before Mount Everest was discovered, what was the highest mountain in the world? 2) A cowboy rides into town on Friday, stays for three days, then leves on Friday. How did he do it?

HSIE/ Science Research ways of communicating other than speaking. Pick one and write something interesting that you find out about it.

***Please read every night and complete your reading log or create your own reading log, in the back of your Homework Book*** ***All activities are to be completed in your Homework book, not squashed onto the sheet***