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Little boy with flaxen hair,

How are you there?

Can you feel the promised bliss,

The angels touch, the Fathers kiss?

Can you see those which youve wished for

Lying on the rivers shore?

Can you hear that whispered ode

As you walk on to Heavens road?

Because, my dear, I wish you do

I knew this world was not for you.

It matters not if youre unknown

That they forgot what deeds youve shown.

Ill sing you songs that speak of love,

Of things long past, of hopes above.

You may have gone, but youll exist

In hearts thats shrouded not by mist.

Doubtless, this is what I know:

Youre now free, released from woe.

Henceforth, you shall live forever

In ageless lands that know no winter.