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global warming

NameVivek saha Class-7 Roll-32 Sec-a


warming begins when sunlight reaches earth. The cloud ,dust and reflective ground surfaces and ocean surface then reflected about 30% of it back into space while the remaining is absorbed by oceans, land ,air.This in return heats the planets surface and atmosphere making life possible. As earth warmed up this solar energy is radiated by thermal radiation or infrared heat travelling directly out to space thus cooling the earth.


some of the outgoing radiation is reabsorbed by carbon-di-oxide,water vapour and other gases in the atmosphere is radiated back to the earths surface ,this are known as green house gases. Due to their heat trapping capacity global warming started . The another fact for global warming is deforestration.


effects are as follows : Increase in emissions of carbon di oxide, carbon mono-oxide,methane and other harmful gases in the atmosphere. The sea level has risen up and the glaciers are melting down. Many arctic animals have become extinct. Penguins number has gone down from 35,000 to 11,000. Earths surface temperature rose from 0.6 to 0.9 degrees Celsius since 5 decades.


the emisson of green house gases. Reduced consumption of fossil fuels. Afforestration. Use of alternative source of energy.


was a wonderful assignment on environment. I learnt about global warming and about greenhouse gases and its effect. Thanks to my teacher Ms.Preeti Saha for helping me out in completing this project.