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Elaborao de Projeto de Pesquisa

Prof. Ricardo Santiago Gomez

Pr-Reitor de Ps-Graduao
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

Elaborao de Projeto de Pesquisa

- Hiptese e objetivos a serem alcanados

Elaborao de Projeto de Pesquisa

- Originalidade e Relevncia

O que fazer com este resultado?

Elaborao de Projeto de Pesquisa

- Reviso Bibliogrfica

Elaborao de Projeto de Pesquisa

- Metodologia

Qual mtodo devo utilizar ?

Elaborao de Projeto de Pesquisa

- Equipe executora

Elaborao de Projeto de Pesquisa

- Impactos esperados

Pr-Reitoria de Pesquisa

Elaborao de Projeto de Pesquisa

- Infra-estrutura disponvel - Cronograma - Oramento - Referncias bibliogrficas

Ref.: Ms. No. XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Original Article 3000 Words Dear Dr. Gomez, Our referees found this paper very interesting but, despite this, could not recommend it for publication in XXXXXXXXXXX. We have a large number of papers submitted to the journal, far in excess of the available space, and therefore unfortunately, not all publications can be accepted - only about 30%. Sadly therefore, although your paper is of interest and potential importance, it did not successfully compete with other submissions and reach a sufficient standard to be published in XXXXXXXXXXXX.

Ref. Ms. No. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Dear Prof. Ricardo Gomez, I write you in regards to manuscript XXXXXXXX entitled "XXXXXXXXXXX" which you submitted to the Journal XXXXXX. We are work.


that you considered the Journal XXXXXXX for the publication of your

Your manuscript has been reviewed, and

I am sorry to have to inform you that its ratings were not sufficiently high to warrant accept for publication. We

receive many more manuscripts than we can publish, and as a result we are forced to make priority decisions. The reviewer(s)' comments are included at the bottom of this letter or attached to this email for your information. Thank you for considering the XXXXXXXXXXXXX for the publication of your research. I hope the outcome of this specific submission will not discourage you from the submission of future manuscripts.

Dr. Ricardo Santiago Gomez