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NAME: ADDRESS: OCCUPATION: . CELLULAR SERVICE USED:. If AIRTEL than proceed further 1. How did you know about AIRTEL cellular service? Friends Advertisements Other Sources

2. Which feature of AIRTEL forced you to used AIRTEL? Advertisements Goodwill 3. Which was your first choice of cellular service when you want to use mobile phone? AIRTEL HUTCH IDEA RELIANCE TATA INDICOM OTHERS Connectivity Schemes

4. Which feature of AIRTEL is better than your previous cellular service? Advertisements Connectivity Schemes 5. How many AIRTEL users in your phone book? Less than 30% 30% - 70% More than 70%

6. Which type of advertisement you most like in AIRTEL? Audio Visual Print Audio

7. Which celebrity you like very much in AIRTEL?




A. R. Rehman

8. Have you take benefits of any scheme offered by AIRTEL? YES NO 9. Which you like most in AIRTEL? NOKIA + AIRTEL Postpaid services


10.Which service you like most in AIRTEL? AIRTEL missed you service Free Hello tunes

Free Ringtones

11.Do you participate contest offered by AIRTEL like KBC-2 & Indian Idol-2? YES NO 12.Which type of recharge cards you like most? More talk time More validity Both (i.e. Post paid) 13.According to you is AIRTEL is #1 in India? Yes No