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Ocala Software Systems operates a technical support center for its software customers.

If customers have installation or use problems with Ocala software products, they may telephone the technical support center and obtain free consultation. Currently, Ocala operates its support center with one consultant. If the consultant is busy when a new customer call arrives, the customer hears a recorded message stating that all consultants are currently busy with other customers. The customer is then asked to hold and a consultant will provide assistance as soon as possible. The customer calls follow a Poisson probability distribution with an arrival rate of five calls per hour. On average, it takes 7.5 minutes for a consultant to answer a customers questions. The service time follows an exponential probability distribution. .a what is the service rate in terms of customers per hour? b. What is the probability that no customers are in the system and the consultant is idle? c. What is the average number of customers waiting for a consultant? d. What is the average time a customer waits for a consultant? e. What is the probability that a customer waits for a consultant? f. Ocalas customer service department recently received several letters from customers complaining about the difficulty in obtaining technical support. If Ocalas customer service guidelines state that no more than 35% of all customers should have to wait for technical support and that the average waiting time should be two minute s or less, does your waiting line analysis indicate that Ocala is or is not

meeting its customer service guidelines? What action, if any, would you recommend?

15. To improve customer service, Ocala Software Systems (see Problem 14) wants to investigate the effect of using a second consultant at its technical support center. What effect would the additional consultant have on customer service? Would two technical consultants enable Ocala to meet its service guidelines with no more than 35% of all customers having to wait for technical support and an average customer waiting time of two minutes or less? Discuss