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Sonia Ward Postmodern Essay: Eminem We Made You The music video that I have chosen to analyse as postmodern

n is by the artist Eminem and his song 'We Made You' as I believe it includes a lot of aspects of postmodernity. The first aspect is that the music video includes a vast amount of intertextuality. The intertextual references are mainly towards the amount of celebrities Eminem has portrayed within the music video such as Kim Kardarshian, Jessica Simpson, John Mayer, Ellen Degeneres, Lindsay Lohan, Elvis Presley etc. In addition to this he also includes references to films like 'Transformers' and 'Star Wars'. Next there is a lot of pastiche in the music video. The biggest example of this that is used throughout is where Eminem dresses up as Elvis; however, he is not making fun of the artist it is as if he is being playful with the image Elvis created and is paying homage to his work. Other pastiche within the video is the continuous reference to 'Star Wars' but once again you get the sense that he is paying tribute to the success of the film and once more being playful with the characters he dresses up as. The music video also includes hyper-reality which links to Jean Baudrillard's theory. The artist Eminem has portrayed a variety of celebrities throughout the video therefore the audience could struggle to define "who Eminem is" which is postmodern itself. Hyperreality is also evident in the celebrities Eminem portrays as the audience are been given a simulation of reality/an idea of the possible characteristics this celebrity holds. Therefore they will find it difficult to differ between what the celebrity is actually like to what Eminem portrays them to be like. This is because the "image" now has more meaning than the "reality" itself. The final aspect that is included in the music video and makes the video postmodern is that it incorporates 'Nostalgia' which links into Jameson's theory. The nostalgia is the reference to Elvis Presley particularly the reference to his famous song and music video 'Jailhouse Rock' as instead of it being seeing as parodies it is instead seen as Eminem looking at memories of Elvis and respects him and possibly looks up to him as an artist in terms of success.