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Steampunk RPV3

Steampunk RPV3

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Choosing your race

There are only five races upon this world. Humanity, Elves, Dwarves, Goblins and Orcs. The races are all very similar. Humanity is the "wild card do anything race" Elves typically attempt to preserve the environment and are tall intelligent beings. The Dwarves are short and stocky miners and industrialists. Goblins are the smarter technologically savvy cousins to the Orc. The Orcs are less intelligent but strong and intimidating. There is no gameplay consequence for choosing your race. However a nation is limited to a maximum of two races within its borders. Why? We don't know.

Every nation gets to select 25 Traits for their nation except for the History traits, of which a player is required to choose one from each "era". After this a player can take up to four flaws which earn him one extra trait point to spend unless the flaw says otherwise. WARNING: Read your traits carefully, some of the traits cannot be taken with other traits at ALL! Also bear in mind your traits, if you choose a flaw that contradicts a trait, or a trait that contradicts a flaw it will be denied, please watch out for this and use common sense.

        GETTING HUGE!: Your nation has a serious skyscraper, monument and battleship fetish and likes to build big. BIG. BIG. The British Intelligence Service!: What do you say about spilling those secrets old chap. I do say this iron looks very hot, I‟d hate to slip and burn you. British Secret Service: Well we can‟t have you taking those secrets to those uncultured barbarians, we‟re going to have to... cut you off. Implausibly Efficient Government: Your bureaucrats cut through red tape with machetes. Fair Dinkum: Your state has a rep as a straight shooter (metaphorically) and an honest dealer (literally). The only Party in Town: The government controls everything. Including you. Especially you. Silk Road: Your nation is a heart of trade with several high value trade routes passing through your borders. You‟re just rolling in money. Industrial Revolution: Your nation has hit a new age of advancement and development on a scale never before heard within its history. Factories being built on a never before heard of scale. Who Cares About Uzbekistan: Your nation is small and not considered by many to be of notice and threat, perhaps it only is in possession of few resources or is simply not advanced enough to be a matter of interest. Party Please: Your diplomats are just so good-natured or know so many skeleton-filled closets that they can get into strategically useful alliances much easier than others. Of course, then you need to live up to what you signed . . . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Loyalty: A populace that through some reason or another is loyal to its government, through fear or "cookie day" it doesn't matter, these people are loyal. Heroic Age: Your people see themselves as Spartan Heroes, not Persian Generals. Shame the Spartans made poor civilians . . . Flag-Wavers: It doesn't matter what you do, you'll always win the elections. You must choose something particularly dear to your population that they wave flags about. FOR SCIENCE!: The desire to take things apart and figure out how they work runs deep in your people's blood. (Requires: Academy of Science, University of Applied Sciences and The Laboratory Traits) Hard Workers: Your people really roll up their sleeves and work. Stupidly Brave: Nobody would think of calling your people cowards. Not One Step Back!: You hold your ground no matter what, militarily OR politically. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  

  Academy of Science: The Academy of Science welcomes you to this school of scientific learning. It is here we educate the young and impetuous on the wonders of technology. University of Applied Sciences: This is a University, not a School. Our students are here to become scientists not ignorant savages. Without us scientific development would be stunted~! (Requires: Academy of Science) The Observatory: The study of the stars is an important aspect of the sciences. For we dare to dream. Often built onto floating platforms to keep them above the Darkness they must by anchored by massive cables to the ground for stability. The Laboratory: The study of science is not just theoretical my boy, oh no. Now we need to take into account the needs of the sciences and test them under controlled and observable conditions before we release our creations unto the world. The Alchemy Labs: Take these electrodes and we can transfer this metal into a fine coating upon the other. That‟s right now be careful. Think Tanks: When we consider the situation we have felt that it might be helpful to have people whose entire job is simply to think of new things to do, we care not what it is just so long as it is new and interesting! Flight Academy: Listen recruits. You know two dimensions. Your little brains are very good at it, left, right, front and back make plenty of sense to you. But here we will truly educate you. You won‟t know your left, right front or back when we‟re done. You will know Port, Starboard, Aft, Fore, Ventral and Dorsal. Anyone of you who fails this lesson will not be continuing here with us. Naval Academy: (Air and Wet) Unlike those flyboys we‟re here to teach you about naval tactics, command and the skills required for such. You will learn when to present your broadside and when to present the lowest profile. Academy for the Natural Sciences: (Mining, Agriculture and Weather.) This trait covers any „general‟ academic sciences and leads to better mineral gathering, farming etc. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 

Royal Marines: These men are the soldiers of your air and sea navies. Elite and capable soldiers they will do their utmost to kill everyone who poses a threat to their nations interests.  All or Nothing: Confront them with annihilation, and they will then survive; plunge them into a deadly situation, and they will then live. When people fall into danger, they are then able to strive for victory.  Hard Boiled Battle: The more a general is accustomed to place heavy demands on his soldiers, the more he can depend on their response.  Courage in the Darkest Hour: Two qualities are indispensable: first, an intellect that, even in the darkest hour, retains some glimmerings of the inner light which leads to truth; and second, the courage to follow this faint light wherever it may lead.  Pride in the Naval Tradition: “Welcome to the Gentleman‟s navy. I am Air Marshal David Cross of Her Majesties Aerial Navy and this is Vice-Admiral William Barker of Her Majesties Royal Sea-Navy. We are here to instruct you in the traditions of service that you owe to Queen and Country and nothing else! You will Learn to Love the Navy. Or by gods will you‟ll damn well die trying!”  We have no fear of the Oceans!: Most nations have relatively small wet-navies due to the Brothers chaotic effect on the heaving oceans. But yours is willing to brave the unsettled oceans of the world without fear. Of course you have a larger wet-navy.. the problem being as a side effect you lose more ships to its merciless waters.  Fearless: This trait implies exactly what is suggests your men are brave, fearless and above all impossibly courageous. And sometimes stupid. Their courage has, at times, failed to remind them NOT to be in the way of cannons shooting canister shot it is unbearably bad for ones health. (Cannot be taken with One Man, One Musket!)  BIG GUNS!: Who uses these little 10 pounder guns anymore, hell who uses 24 pounders even. Take a look at our shiny 100 pounder. And man that ammo hoist!  The Art of War: “The general who advances without coveting fame and retreats without fearing disgrace, whose only thought is to protect his country and do good service for his sovereign, is the jewel of the kingdom.” Sun Tzu  Stealth Obsessed: “Deceit in Warfare is one of the keys to victory.” Whether it is simply a case of painting the bottom of airships to look like the sky or the tops of ocean-going vessels to represent the ocean or something as dastardly as vessels that ply the darkness heedless of the risk this nation is a master of battlefield deceit. 

 But I wanna fight!: (Ground Army Trait) Yours is an army of volunteers, your numbers are small and consists of skilled well trained troops equipped with the best technologies you have to offer. These men are loyal to the nation without equal. The problem is their relatively short numbers. Maximum Ground Army size: 100‟000 Men. One man, one Musket!: (Ground Army Trait) A conscript Army with only a few chosen “officers” of worth. These men are so poorly equipped as to be far from amusing. Still sporting muskets and basic cannon if even that. However Numbers are definitely on your side. Until the mass desertions begin to kick in during wartime. Maximum Ground Army size: 800‟000 Men. (Cannot take Rifling, Clockwork Repeaters, Breech Loading Cannon, Flak Cannon or Tesla Weapons.) Prussian Pride: (Ground Army Trait) You have a small well equipped core army of talented soldiers. These men are reliable and loyal but incapable of sustaining a war effort and are mainly homeland defence. But in times of war you draft massive numbers of conscripts and equip them with basic weapons and training. These conscripts can either choose to stay on or be disbanded after any major ware. Maximum Ground Army size: 600‟000 Men (10% Standing Army, the rest are available Conscripts) Ye Olde Grande Armee: (Ground Army Trait) A large standing army of professional well equipped soldiers. They may not possess the absolute best technologies available but there is probably a small core of troops with them. However new recruits can be hard to come by. Maximum Ground Army size: 250‟000 Men (20% Conscripts)

NAVY TRAITS (One Required)
 Royal British Navy: Innovation, safe, considered, tested. This is what makes the Royal British navy superior, that as well as a long tradition of elite and well disciplined naval forces lead the Royal British Navy to have the most well trained, survivable vessels on the sea. Though they may not be as hard hitting as an Experimental navy or as numerous as the others its power and skill are significant. 20 “Ship of the Line” 40 “Warships” 80 “Escorts” 6 “Carriers” (If technology is taken to allow for it.) Experimental Navy: Technology was made to be used. And with or without consideration your navy well and truly does use it, your sea-going vessels make the maximum use of your developed technologies and as such are typically all very powerful vessels. But they are not necessarily well tested or even safe. Especially in rough conditions the vessels of an experimental navy can be as much a danger to themselves as the enemy. 16 “Ship of the Line” 50 “Warships” 100 “Escorts” 10 “Carriers” (If technology is taken to allow for it.) Traditionalist Navy: Your navy is built according to tradition and incorporates little innovative technology, as such it is larger than the Royal British or Experimental Navies, however it is also one steeped in tradition and experience, so while your ships are rarely equal to any Royal or Experimental navies your peoples training can and has been used to close that gap. 50 “Ship of the Line” 100 “Warships” 200 “Escorts” 0 “Carriers” (Cannot take Rifling, Clockwork Repeaters, Breech Loading Cannon, Flak Cannon or Tesla Weapons.) Bargain Bin Navy: Your navy is positively massive, if only because your governments definition of what could be classed as a navy ship seems to be so wide as to include fishing boats and childrens toys. Indeed, so dedicated to a large navy are you that very little innovative technology exists, most of your „warships‟ are just civilian craft that someone thought to put a cannon or two upon. 2 “Ship of the Line” 6 “Warships” 1‟000 “Escorts” 0 “Carriers” NOTE: This is considered to be equal to a flaw and grants one trait to spend. (Cannot take Rifling, Clockwork Repeaters, Breech Loading Cannon, Flak Cannon or Tesla Weapons.)

AIR NAVY TRAITS (One Required)
 Royal Sky Navy: Superb and safe engineering with the best training money can buy. This leads to safe powerful ships, while less powerful weapons than the Radical navies they also don‟t have the chance of killing themselves in battle. This leads to the smallest navy size, but also most skilled in battle. One on one few if any can challenge them. 8 “Sky Dreadnoughts” 30 “Sky Cruisers” 60 “Sky Frigates” 6 “Sky Carriers” (If Carrier type technology isn‟t taken, or you want less carriers may replace with the same number of dreadnoughts) Radical Sky Navy: The Radical sky navy is full of experimental and dangerous technologies. There is little it cannot achieve. However elite and disciplined forces are less common as Radical vessels are often frequently very different to one another. However Radical vessels often pack the most wallop. If they can keep from destroying themselves. 10 “Sky Dreadnoughts” 40 “Sky Cruisers” 80 “Sky Frigates” 10 “Sky Carriers” (If Carrier type technology isn‟t taken, or you want less carriers may replace with the same number of dreadnoughts) Traditionalist Sky Navy: While not as capable as the Royal or Radical sky navies the Traditionalist sky navies are capable. Warships suspended by average drives and usually powered by wind these navies are impressive sights of sail. Though their powered propulsion is usually less they rarely mount advanced technology in favour of larger broadsides. 16 “Sky Dreadnoughts” 80 “Sky Cruisers” 160 “Sky Frigates” 14 “Sky Carriers” (If Carrier type technology isn‟t taken, or you want less carriers may replace with the same number of dreadnoughts) Bargain Sky Navy: Cheap and plentiful your navy can absolutely fill the sky. Of course, its mostly just air balloons with a cannon or two. You might even have some zeppelins. This IS THE technologically inept navy of choice. Plenty of bodies, but generally too incompetent to matter. 10 “Zeppelins” 500 “Light Zeppelins” NOTE: This is considered to be equal to a flaw and grants one trait to spend. (Cannot take Rifling, Clockwork Repeaters, Breech Loading Cannon, Flak Cannon or Tesla Weapons.)

 Tesla Reactor: The Tesla Reactor is a large high-power object that generates power from free energy in the air itself. This vast device is a lightning generator. This is a safe and stable power source most of the time, however it is extremely expensive and is dangerous. Close Proximity to a Tesla Reactor can be lethal due to the lightning generated by it. Don‟t forget the rubber gloves. Its biggest limiter is that it is not man-portable and in fact is quite large. Steam Generators: The power of fire and water combined to produce power to the mechanical technologies of the world. Though it is growing to be towards the obsolete end of the spectrum with the invention of the Tesla branch of technology. However Steam Generators are cheap and easy to supply and repair, they are reliable. Diesel Generators: Diesel Generators are an accepted balance between steam and telsa power, while they are not as high energy as a tesla reactor they are in fact much safer, however they do consume copious amounts of fuel and they do generate significant pollution. Solar Power: This technology is almost magical in how people treat it powered by the light of the sun itself. On the downside, you really don‟t get much energy out of it and while the fuel source is effectively infinite inclement weather and poor efficiency leaves Solar power as a terribly inefficient power source, however it is good for civil applications which need less energy. Wind Power: This is a source of power most suited to airships and civil power generation, the former often in the way of large sails to propel the airships, and the latter of wind farms to generate power. While clean and relatively efficient both as sails and wind farms this form of power generation is highly vulnerable to attack.

 Clockwork Repeaters: The Clockwork repeaters are a modification of the rifle technology, and is largely responsible for technology such as the Gatling Gun. This technology allows a high rate of fire. Clockwork Walkers: This technology allows for the creation of „walking machines‟ it can be taken multiple times, for the first you can build a dog-sized creation that walks. Then a human sized, then that of a small vehicle, and finally for even warships. Clockwork Automation: This allows for the production of automation using Clockwork technology, such as the much vaunted Clockwork Men if enough points in Clockwork Walkers have been taken. Clockwork Turrets: Advanced Clockwork technology that allows for more stable and faster tracking turrets on that which bears such technology. Clockwork Parts: Body Parts. Clockwork Arms? We got them. Clockwork Legs? Buy two get one free. Lost an eye, we can help out. This shows a prevalence of “fine” clockwork technology. Clockwork Organs: Taking arms and legs a step further we have perfected Clockwork to the point that we can replace your innards and keep everything going should something bad happen. Pity we can‟t swap out the heart though. The steam or Tesla generator that would be needed is sorta... lethal. (Requires: Clockwork Parts) Clockwork Finesse: Your clockwork is fine and capable of extremely complex operation allowing for all sorts of fine technology. Clockwork Gearbox: Advanced Clockwork Gearboxes allow for a tighter faster engines and machines that respond far more effectively than lesser clockwork engines.

  

 


  Radio Communication: This application of electricity allows for long ranged communications! It is relatively capable. However it‟s benefit is high enough it costs 2 points to buy this trait. Tesla Weapons: Tesla Weapons are potentially vastly powerful beasts, these positive energy lightning cannons can do tremendous damage, however they‟re slow-firing and require large capacitors to power their bolts. They are far more expensive than the Reactors that power them. Nothing smaller than a largish train or average airship can fit them. Lightning Lighting: Via a strange concept called a free energy station the reactors can provide thousands of homes with this electricity to power strange globes called “lightbulbs” that give off more light than any candles. Greater Capacitors: An advanced capacitor design that will give any lightning weapon equipped with it more charge, allowing it to fire for a longer amount of time. Doesn't provide more destructive power, though. Storm Attractor: This device charges the air around it with an intense negative energy field, creating a huge low-pressure area low to the ground… which makes it ripe for natural lightning strikes and localized thunderstorms, if there is even a smidge of clouds in the air. Exemplary Electrolysis: Using the power of Lightning, combined with water, your scientists are able to coat one substance with another quite efficiently. Also, you are able to separate alloys quicker than average. Quite a handy tool with many applications... Coolant Rods: Electricity generates vast quantities of heat. Especially weaponised Electricity. The coolant rods cool down the capacitors and weapon faster and allow it to build up to full charge sooner.

 Rifling: The Gunsmiths have discovered that a set of fine grooves along the inner circumference of a rifle gives it greater accuracy with the weapons. They discovered that this could be applied to any projectile firearm. Breech Loading Cannon: The breech loading cannon is a revolutionary innovation of firearms, it allows powerful artillery „shells‟ to be loaded into the rear of the weapon and sealed thus removing the crews exposure to the possibility of their cannon exploding in their faces. Flak Cannon: The Flak Cannon is a specialised weapon for taking out airborne targets be it dragon or dirigible. The typical Flak cannon fires out clouds of shrapnel at a pre-set height for it to detonate. However with the advent of more powerful aerial units they also come in contactdetonation shells. Advanced Explosives: Don‟t get me wrong. Dynamite is great. But Dynamite built with ammonium nitrate is far better. Dynamite makes a boom, but Dynamite using Ammonium Nitrate is HOLY FUCK WHERE DID THE MOUNTAIN GO!. Cartridge Loading: This trait represents using jacketed bullets instead of the bulky pieces of other firearms such as Muskets and Blunderbusses. This trait is required for anything more complex than muskets and basic cannons. Revolvers, Carbines, Shotguns, Ship guns etc all require this trait. #1 Powder: Your alchemists have discovered a more refined ratio of charcoal, saltpetre, and sulphur in order to make a gunpowder that give a bigger bang for less powder. This improves the velocity… and damage potential… of gunpowder weapons.


 Steam Shield: Such is the scale of steam power you utilise that your cities and industries are permanently shielded by great billowing clouds of steam that permanently shield them from easy sight. However it is not easy to live within, claustrophobia is a relatively common ailment of your people due to the steam clouds near omnipresent nature. Steam Cannon: The Steam Cannon is evidence alone that you truly hate your opponent with the burning intensity of a thousand suns. Concentrating high-pressure steam into a boiler until it is red-lining and then unleashing it through a “hose-turret” onto your enemy frequently broiling him alive. However it is short-ranged. Weaponised Exhausts: All that steam exhaust just seems to be going to waste, doesn‟t it? Well, your steam engineers have decided to re-route it to the Steam Cannons for more energy, thus providing more power to them than just a Steam Generator. Advanced Coolants: Steam is hot. Fortunately for you, your steam engineers have made the generators and pipes with an outer sheath that contains a highly heat-absorbent liquid that allows you to put what would normally be a super-hot concentration of pipes together in a much smaller space while maintaining a comfortable temperature. Pressurized Valve Control: This system of valves and pipes transfers the power steam provides to where it is needed more efficiently than ever, making larger machines powered by only one generator that much more feasible. Compression Obsession: More pressure equals more power, right? Well, your engineers have taken that to heart, and not only do they pack more steam equipment into a smaller space, but the higher pressures involved pump up its effectiveness as well! Of course, so much steam in such a small area needs adequate cooling, otherwise the pipes (and the operators) would melt! But let‟s not mention the higher chance of exploding steam generators to the buyer... Steam Miniaturization: Your nation has taken steam power to an art form. Your engineers are able to create works of art that use the tiniest of pipes (only an inch in diameter!) to transfer the steam where it needs to go. Obviously, this means you can fit more stuff where space used to be taken up by networks of pipes and pressure valves.

 Rocketry: Utilising gunpowder to create a “charge” that sends these explosive rockets screaming into the air these weapons are powerful and can be fired in quite large volleys, however they occupy a lot of space and are inaccurate. Torpedoes: There are two types of Torpedo. The first is the Waveskimmer. A simple propelled clockwork torpedo with an explosive warhead used for destroying enemy wet-navy ships. The second is the Aerial Torpedo, this weapon has several components. The first is the Altimeter, it must be launched at high altitudes and has a pre-set „ceiling‟ which it will descend to by releasing its buoyancy gasses. The propeller and guide-wings that keep it on course. And of course the Warhead. Airships: Airships are basically a wet-navy vessel, be it civilian or military, built with Hydrogen tanks for lift and propellers to guide it. These vessels can be considerably underestimated on the battlefield by an ignorant enemy. They rarely repeat this mistake. Gyrocopters: These bizarre flying machines have a propeller over the heat of the pilot allowing them to be quite manoeuvrable though they are not fast in straight line stretches. These craft are powered by a steam generator that generates the power for the propeller. Typically armed with a single gun and maybe some dynamite to throw! Glide-Fighters: These are not truly Airships. But strange craft called „Monoplane Fighters‟ and they are bizarre air machines only piloted by the truly insane and brave. But none can deny their place on a battlefield after witnessing its effects. They however are simple unpowered gliders that can use either rockets or steam catapults. They have sufficient weapons to fight in the skies and a good pilot could keep his fighter-glider in the air indefinitely in theory. However the glider nature of the fighters reinforces a requirement for Carriers to even get them to launch altitude. Powered Fighters: These are large, considerably so. These fighters use a Tesla Reactor to power their two or three engines and can pack considerable firepower if their builder is clever. Like Glide-Fighters they require Rockets or a Steam Catapult to achieve launch velocity off of a carrier‟s deck. These fighters are known for being able to absorb a lot of punishment from smaller fighters and maintain an aerial presence after the Glide-Fighters flight time and ammunition has been expended. However they‟re also known for being easier to hit. Advanced Airships: This trait represents the pinnacle of Airship technology, Carriers and Battleships, even the mighty Ironclads. These vessels are not small and are often complex. And complex airships like the Turbulence U-Boats require this trait. These represent the best airship technology available. Trains: CHOO CHOO! Be it steam trains or some bizarre Tesla-based contraption. These are reasonably fast land-going vehicles. Though their routes are fixed to the track they‟re upon. Automobiles: Four wheels and a Steam Generator will travel. These strange „automobiles‟ have been cropping up in the technologically oriented nations of the world of late with increasing frequency and are loved by the rich technophiles that own them. But some speak of the smarter applications of technological advance and whisper about the possibility of weaponisation! Moving Pictures: Photo‟s are all well and good. But what good are they? No, just watch this, moving pictures that can show you things as they happened! While this is obviously a popular „civilian‟ item of interest with these “Movie Theatres” that spring up in their wake. Its most valued contribution is seen by the military. Submersibles: The Ocean‟s a harsh mistress for those who face the wrath of her screaming angry maw. But there are those who rest deep in her loving embrace and breast. Mythical Iron Whales that travel beneath the waves themselves with only an eye on a stalk with which to see above the waves. Teslium: A rare mineral. But once found it has been shown to exist in concentrated quantities, but its power to defy gravity itself its only real application is the installation into airships instead of the explosive and dangerous Hydrogen. However it is prohibitively expensive and only the military, and those richest citizens could afford to use it, and even then nothing smaller than an Airship could utilise it. It is named after the Tesla Reactors whose power is needed to make the Teslium work.

 


 Now THAT Is Progress!: Who cares about the environment when you‟ve got a city to build and ships and trains to run!? Geeze, lousy hippies… luckily, the majority of your race also shares this mindset, and environmental protection falls into a lower priority then scientific progress. So what if the air is blood red at night? Check out all this great stuff the factories are producing at a lightning speed! (cannot be taken with Affinity For Nature) Affinity For Nature: Even in an era of scientific development, your race still keeps in touch with nature. Aww, how sweet. This may include some pesky environmental protection acts, but it also allows for a greater understanding of how the world works… how air and sea currents flow… an affinity for electricity… plus makes your cities probably a nicer place to live. (Cannot be taken with Now THAT Is Progress!) Clever: Wether your race got more food in its history, or more traditional schooling for a longer amount of time, or is just plain born this way, your race seems to be a touch above in the intelligence area. Passionate: Your race is more in tune with their emotions then average. Not so much that they are slaves to them, but they are more likely to „go with my gut feelings‟ then to take a step back and look at thingss objectively. Risky at times, but if you‟re right, going with the gut feeling gets results a lot faster than analysing everything before moving on. And your gut is usually right. Usually. (cannot be taken with Rational) Rational: Your race is more logic oriented then average. Not to Vulcan standards, but if a relative or loved one is killed in front of them, they are more likely to assess the situation and retreat to exact revenge another day rather than charge in for blood immediately. Silver Tongues, Golden Voices: Your race seems to have the gift of gab, and is quite skilled at using it too. Should come in handy if you need to impress any uneducated natives. They may even think you are some kind of God… The Best Laid Plans…: As a race, it almost seems instinctual to give a thought to what might happen tomorrow, and how you would react to it… strategies, plans, and general organization is second nature to your race. Quick Learners: The Academies love the fact that almost everyone in your race seems to pick up on stuff rather quickly, with little repetition. Means that they can cycle students through the schools faster, and get more money from the new ones! Of course, if someone isn‟t able to keep up with the fast-pace learning, they can be left in the dust educationally pretty easily.

 ‘Dark’: Whether you‟re black-skinned elves, or large, cleverer orcs, or simply a Cannibal, your nation is mostly populated by what is considered to be the „dark‟ side of a particular species. Note that this does NOT mean your nation is necessarily evil, although they may have that stigma against them. (cannot be taken with „Light‟. If you don‟t take either of these traits, you‟re simply normal elves/orcs/humans/whatever.) ‘Light’: Whether you are fair, shiny elves, noble, bearded orcs, or simply honest, your nation is mostly populated by what is considered to be the „light‟ side of a particular species. Note that this does NOT mean your nation is necessarily good, although it may have that stigma against (or rather, for) it. (cannot be taken with „Dark‟. If you don‟t take either of these traits, you‟re simply normal elves/orcs/humans/whatever.) Ate Their Breakfast: Your race naturally develops a stronger, tougher frame then average. Seems like they get their breakfast every day, don‟t they? (cannot be taken with Clever) Stylish: Your race likes looking good on the weekends… heck, even the weekdays! They don‟t have to work hard for it though… it seems that attractiveness is in your race‟s genes, everyone is at least a 7 at worst. This also extends to your races views on fashion and architecture to a degree… it‟ll just look better than the average nation‟s purely functional stuff. Even a guy wearing a gas mask will look like the cover of a magazine. (cannot be taken with Brutish Intimidation) Brutish Intimidation: “A race of blockheads” would be a good way to describe how your race generally appears. Not „blockheads‟ as in unintelligent, but rather in the literal sense. They sure won‟t be winning any beauty contests, but they usually at least LOOK way tougher than average, even if they really aren‟t. Useful if you need to glare down a disagreeable diplomat… (cannot be taken with Stylish) Agile: Look ma, no hands! It seems to be natural being a brake-man on a steam engine, or a vane-controller high in the sky on an airship, your race seems to have absolutely no trouble whatsoever keeping their balance and are generally more agile then average. Fast Metabolism: Your race‟s bodies seem to run naturally on more calories than normal. This tends to lead to fewer overweight people, as well as increased mental acuity, physical agility, and several other nice things. Unfortunately, this also means that any famines would hit a little harder than normal. Magic Fingers: Dexterity is the word, and that word is used to describe your race pretty regularly. Fiddly clockwork bits and complex wire systems in teslas are pretty easy for your race to work with. Of course, this may sometimes mean that they might need to invent a special tool to do stuff that requires more „oomph‟ then finesse.

 


Everyone MUST choose one Historical Trait from Each Category. RECENT HISTORY  Failing Empire: Your Empire is dying, it has been for some time, the new power rising in its place is a new one rising from the ashes of the old. Tradition and Custom cast out in favour of growth and innovation. Neutral Designs: Don‟t even think about getting us involved in your petty squabbles. The Republic: Your nation has recently turned towards a republican system. Slave Owners: Your nation owns slaves and even trades them to buyers. Revolution!: Your kings and queens of old were vicious tyrants and it is time their autocratic rule was cast down VIVA LA REVOLUTION! INDEPENDENCE!: Your nation was once part of a larger whole but has grown into a nation in its own right and has warred for independence and succeeded, the animosity they can still feel for the old country is almost physical. Tyrant King: Your nation is ruled by an Evil beast who keeps his people oppressed and beneath his control. Stable Period: Your history has gone relatively uneventfully politically, perhaps some minor wars but nothing overly high-powered.

    

 

OLDER AGE        Maritime Tradition: Your people have either a wet-navy or air-navy maritime tradition, though its likely that any „air navy‟ was just balloons with archers.... Monarchic Past: Your history was and maybe still is marked by the rulership of a Monarchy. City States of Old: Your nation never used to be united. It used to just be an alliance of CityStates. Religious State: Your nation was dominated by a Religious cast and as such your technology seems more... ornate. Ambitious Construction: Coliseums, Colossi, and other large monuments mark the landscape. Explorers of Yore: Your maps are more complete than others. Stormsmen: To navigate in the Storms took real skill and now it is in the blood.

ANCIENT HISTORY     Ancient Empire: Yours is an ancient Empire Barbaric: Conquest? Don‟t be stupid. We do this for the Pillage and Rape. Old Conquerors: Hi Ho Hi Ho to take your cities we used to go. Your nation has a rather warlike past. Regardless of how it sees itself today. Histories Whipping Post: Damn, you just couldn‟t catch a break, probably still can‟t. You are disliked, hated and have had your ass kicked from one side of history to the other. But you‟ll show them one day. Meritocratic Beginnings: Your nations ruling elite was literally based on who was most qualified for the job, armies run by bona-fide heroes etc. Slave of an Old Empire: You were once the slaves of an ancient empire led to freedom or escaped. Or even just having earned your freedoms when the Old Empire died. Cannibals: Om Nom Nom. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 

You may take a Maximum of Four Flaws. Each Flaw only provides on trait point unless it specifies otherwise. New World: (Plunderable/Naive) You‟ve been secluded for centuries building up quietly, but now things have changed, you‟ve been found by others and have enviable resources and other reasons  The Commissariat: (Can only take if a Conscript based army) Your conscripts are unruly thugs. So what better to keep them in control than something they fear even more in the rear so they‟ll head towards the enemy instead.  Old Fashioned: Your nation hearkens to the older way of doing things. Things like Musket formations. Cannon Batteries etc. Your tactics are simply old fashioned and done according to customs too old to remember. This flaw hits hard enough to provide two (2) bonus traits.  Soylent Green is People: You have a giant elephant-sized skeleton in your closet. (You must describe this big nasty secret. Though only your nation knows it and even the best spies would have difficulty finding it.)  Religious Dominance: Your nation has been dominated by Religious influence for far too long any has suffered for it technologically. You cannot take any Tesla traits at all.  Steam Mastery: Steam is the future! As such Clockwork and Tesla technology have suffered and as such you may take no more than 4 Traits in either category. (Total, not each.) (Cannot take with Tesla‟s Legacy or Clockwork Mindset.)  Tesla’s Legacy: You revere the works of Nikola Tesla and as such your works in the field of Clockworks and Steam has suffered greatly, you may take no more than 4 Traits in either category. (Total, not each.) (Cannot take with Clockwork Mindset or Steam Mastery.)  Clockwork Mindset: You may take no more than 4 Traits in either the Tesla or Steam Category. (Total, not each.) (Cannot take with Tesla‟s Legacy or Steam Mastery)  Afraid of Heights: “Uh uh, I ain‟t going up on any deck.” If you even have the technology to do so your people just don‟t like Airships. They must be enclosed at all times if there are any at all, this means they‟re underarmed for their size too!  Hydrophobia: Your people are quite frankly, terrified of the ocean. They may not have any wet-navy at all and cannot take any wet-navy type traits (that only effect Wet-navies.) Hell even their Airships refuse to get too close to it.  Honourable to a Fault: Your strategies will never rely on surprise or deception, your ships are painted bright shiny silver and your admirals will always give a speech to the enemy before battle. Which the enemy won‟t hear anyway most likely.  Government Red Tape: This request cannot be processed at this time. Please take a number.  Cult Of {Keyword}: All Hail Xenu!  Hilariously Fail: Someone - a lot of someones - doesn't have much going on upstairs. Unfortunately they're disproportionately represented in your government and military.  Public Outcry: Your people have deep and strong opinions on some issues you'd really rather they didn't. (Please make it clear what this issue is. And use common sense.)  Wimpy: Your people just don‟t inspire much confidence, they are small and weak and can‟t take a punch either. Not to mention they‟re somewhat cowardly.  Paranoia!: Just because you‟re paranoid doesn‟t mean they‟re not out to get you.  Trade Dependent: Exactly what it says.  Dangerous Cults: These cults aren‟t just your weirdo cults that do strange things. These are cults that actively enjoy concepts like bringing your government down, terrorism.  Cowardly: Your people make very poor soldiers. While they are as capable as any other the fact remains at their core lies a lilly-livered, chicken-hearted, yellow-bellied coward. So long as your troops maintain a significant advantage you‟re fine. But the moment things even start evening out your guys would really like to head for the hills! 

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