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Preparing for Controlled Assessment

Assignment 1a and 1b

Aim of class
To introduce the rst controlled assessment To look at the assessment criteria To discuss the rules of controlled assessment in media

Learning Objective
To understand what to expected during controlled assessment To become familiar with the marking criteria and assessment objectives for Assignment 1a and 1b

Read the text and highlight the key words

Assessment Objectives
AO2 - analyse and respond to media texts using key media concepts and terminology AO3 - demonstrate research, landing and presentation skills AO4 - construct and evaluate your own media products using creative and technical skills

Assignment 1a
Analyse two magazine front covers Use media terminology Explore how each cover attracts a specic target audience Discuss how people, places or events are represented 500 words

Rules for controlled assessment

How does it work? First draft Final draft Deadlines

Task 1
Using the marking criteria and assess the example analysis WWW and ebi

Key terminology for analysis of magazine front covers

Using the terminology sheet Identify as many features as you can in a minute

Analyse 2
Who or what is represented? How are they represented? Why are they represented this way?

Analyse 3
What is the target audience of the magazine? What evidence do you have for this?

How clear are you on the scale of 1 to 5 about what you have to do for assignment 1a? Put a tick on the board