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Group Photo

Bike Riders

Group picture of DES staff members, left to right (back row): *Donna Fialkowski, Bonnie Birrell, Jeannette Beck, Nicole Hinton, Natasha Marinkovic, *Klaretta Young; Next row left to right: Lisa Gurin (and her dog), Connie Blair, Tara Sinisgalli, *Chrissie Shelton, *Charlotte Davis; Kneeling in front, left to right: Jerry Stallworth, Jennifer Sanders (Principal, DES) *indicates participated in ride

Group picture of DES staff members, left to right: Jennifer Sanders (Principal, DES), Carol Gregoire (Secretary/Bookkeeper), Tara Sinisgalli (PreK Paraprofessional), Frank Brake (Head Custodian), Jeannette Beck (3rd grade teacher)

Family Activities in Parking Lot.

Left to right: Kindergarten teachers Chrissie Shelton and Klaretta Young participated In the ride and won the unofficial dance competition.

First grade students, left to right: Avery McDougal and Kate Randolph