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The typography on the front of the Vibe Magazine is very simple and easy for the teenage target audience to understand. The Mast head is very bold and simplistic in addition the magazine maker is easily recognisable making the magazine stand out on shelfs it also tells us what the magazine will be about as the magazine maker is known for making magazine about music. The use of Black, white and red suggests that the cover page has connotations of Classy, teenage people, which reflects to the target audience of the Magazine which is for teenagers most probably in class b or maybe c1. The colour Red used shows denotations of strong emotion because it symbolises blood and it symbolises the heart which show connotations of love. The language used in this comic is very formal. T.I. is standing with a close up shot in the front cover this shows the audience that he is a well known man. T.I. sings American hip hop this highlights that a large percentage of the audience enjoy Hip-hop the Facial expression of T.I. is very serious this highlights that the magazine if for an older Aundience.