Elkhart Firefighters Local 338 P.O. Box 1304 Elkhart, IN 46516 To Whom It May Concern,

Fraternal Order of Police Elkhart Lodge 52 P.O. Box 386 Elkhart, IN. 46516

In light of the recent veto implemented by Mayor Dick Moore concerning the City Council approved budget, we find it necessary to clarify our intent in relation to the proposed furlough days for sworn Elkhart Police Officers and Firefighters. Our intent is to ensure the previously agreed upon and currently valid contracts that were mutually negotiated between the two unions and the City are followed as written. The salary ordinances, pay schedules, and language outlined in our contracts do not permit furlough days. For furlough days to be exercised would require the contract to be opened with an agreement between each negotiating union. The City Administration has said “management rights” allow these changes in pay. We contest that these rights as described were specifically relinquished in the contract and would be contradictory to having a contract protecting these specific employee rights. We will, as in the past, take the appropriate steps to ensure our individual contracts are abided by as mutually agreed. The appropriate steps are listed in the contract and protected from “management rights”. It is not the intent of the firefighters of Local 338 or the police officers of Lodge 52 to interfere with the operation of this fine city. We will continue to serve our community to promote the safety and well being of all of its citizens as we hold the City Administration accountable to our Collective Bargaining Agreements.

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