First assignment process (wrap-up) 1.

We engaged in a dynamic process (as opposed to a static state) and we made a progression from e-mail exchange to wall-charting (still as a project) through a spreadsheet, a virtual white board, and a (small) wall-chart 2. We used our Imagination to find a Habitat because we are scattered over the world (Montreal, La Réunion, Paris, London, Brussels): the Habitat started with e-mail exchange, then became a document (static spreadsheet), and then a virtual board and a wall; the location of this Habitat is a kind of virtual Playground or virtual Office, somwhere in the Cloud; so our Habitat is in the Cloud! 3. Our Attitude was pro-active and communicative from the beginning denoting a friendly Culture of openess; we soon started to ask questions to open up the field of possibilities. We also opened our team to a newcomer, Benoit who will catch up to the work already done 4. We used our Knowledge of web tools, such as the electronic mail, the Google Docs application, the spreadsheet application, the drawing application; there were our first Resources; eventually we started to experiment additional Resources, such as and Prezi, that are promising tools but we are just starting to know to complete/enrich our Knowledge; the use of these tools are not yet mastered Eventually, we have achieved: ● an exchange of ideas and introductions through e-mails ● a spreadsheet of our similarities and differences ● a white board of our similarities and differences organised around the Innovation Engine ● a kind of measurement of our similarities and differences with our target ● a tentative of using tools such as Prezi and to be further developed ● All-in-one, we are now a Team rather than a group, with a common history, a common objective, a common culture and knowledge. We worked collaboratively and shared ideas, questions, and a common playground. Exemple of opening questions asked after first draft on spreadsheet : - In your house, do you wear slippers or shoes? - Do you read the newspaper while eating breakfast? - When you cross the street, do you still cross if the light goes orange or red? - Have you changed your habits for the electric toothbrush or do you still use the good old toothbrush? - In the morning, do you take a shower or a bath? - Do you usually read a few pages in bed before sleeping? - Blanket or sheets and quilt?

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