Hon. Andrew M.

Cuomo Governor New York State Capitol Albany, NY 12224 October 24, 2012 Dear Governor Cuomo: This letter comes upon the important occasion of your Administration’s “summit” meeting for the state’s brewing and winery industries, being held in Albany today. As you and your administration continue to demonstrate, it is important that industry and the state work together to promote and grow jobs in New York. On behalf of the more than 400 members of the Independent Oil & Gas Association of New York, as well as the thousands of professionals who work in and with our industry, we ask you to convene a natural gas and oil development summit. I believe that a summit to hear ideas from industry leaders, large natural gas users and other stakeholders will help ensure that the natural gas industry continues to grow and create jobs in New York. I am confident that there would be tremendous interest from throughout the state in such an event. Energy companies, service providers, engineering firms, environmental consultants, economists and landowners can be brought together to explain the nearly 200-year-old history of this industry in New York. We can highlight what shale gas development would make possible, including benefiting the state economy, local economies, how reduced energy costs can attract other industries, how the return of manufacturing to the United States is real, and how natural gas development has reduced New York’s residential electric costs. We can and should talk about how inexpensive and stable natural gas prices can help make New York competitive again. I look forward to continuing a thoughtful and compelling discussion at the Summit. Sincerely,

Brad Gill Executive Director Independent Oil & Gas Association of New York