General Comments…

Please don’t take “photos of photos” or posters
 Copyright

violation  Not creative subject

Alternate taking landscape and portrait
 As

a rule, when taking photos of people, should be portrait  Landscape of objects/scenes

Tutorials – please save before and after
 On

each shot that YOU edit, not the ones I give you

Grading: Event Shoots

    

Must take zoom lens Shoot portrait AND landscape 1-3 people per shot Profiles or face shots Batch rename Upload Boni selected photos to ReplayIt site Show within a week for full credit

Classroom Shots
1-3 people, not posed High or Low Angle for interest Profiles or faces Not backs of heads!

Sports Shots

1-3 people, not posed

Portrait direction primarily

Profiles or faces

Use tripod or practice holding steady with zoom lens for steadier shots

Event Shoot Opportunities

  

Play previews during class Wednesday Play performances Thurs, Fri, Sat Fencing Wednesdays after school at MS Any club meetings you attend Winter sports - games begin in December
 Remember,

you can do event for Nov in Dec.

Card Readers - reminder

 

Please be GENTLE Not enough to be housed at each computer Working on getting internal card readers fixed Must take from side of the room and RETURN when done!

November: Assignments for all

Project – shooting for Choral Concert
 Themed

for spiritual/holiday  Take photos over break as well as not

Event shoots/Discussion Board Extras
 Online

“test” of your knowledge  Folder sizing

November: LV 2 Assignments

 Touching

up photos

Proficiency – Lighting Studio
 Will

watch video and get introduction excel file and Internet to complete

Focus Day – Camera Search
 Use

November: LV 3 Assignments

Proficiency – HDR
 Shooting

similar shots 3 times and using Photoshop to enhance

Tutorials – Curves Focus Day – helping LV2 in light studio

Opportunity: Lensshooters MTg.

  

Group that meets @ PT Public Library 2nd Wednesday of each Month Welcome to attend Nov 9th mtg. 7-9 pm in Library Event Shoot for Going

Task #1: Oct Clean Up – Due Wed

Move all good into Gallery folder

Save at LEAST 5!
Must go open and resave in Pshop, don’t just change file extensions or you will ruin file

Save as JPEGS

  

Batch Rename Files: lastname_gallery Upload 3 of these to Flickr Print 1 of these for the wall Delete September Folder Show Boni Folders & Flickr for Grade

Task #2: Folder “Size” Check - by Mon

   

After clean up Make sure folder has less than 700MB Go to folder Right Click Select “PROPERTIES” Make sure it is not GB but less than 700 MB

Task #3: 1st 9 Wks Survey/Quiz

Go into Blended Schools Take yes/no survey and be HONEST! Take Photoshop basics quiz for your level
 Select

a photo(s) from your “Best Of”  Alter it as stated in instructions  Save as JPEG  Upload for grading


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