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RobeitD"nnger. VP.

AdministraCon and Finance

.'..:.Sgt...Ben Gladwinl Chief Gary Taylor, Associate Dean Greg Munro 10/19/2012 Jason Christ

I respectfully request that Jason Hy Christ be restricted from the University of Montana campus permanently. . . . . . . '. Jason-Hy Christ is a white male, 6'02" fall, 210 pounds, Washingtorji identification number of CHRISJH2640B. and an address of 2321 W 18" St, Port Angeles, WA 98363. Phone number 602481-3895. Jason Hy Christ • Is not a student or employee of the University of Montana. . . . .

••• Has been asked to leave the Law Library due to marijuana use and disruptive behavior. • 10/15/2012 at 2209 hrs. U of M Police responded to the Law School for a report of a male smoking marijuana in the building. Officers identified the male as Jason Christ Christ presented a Montana medical marijuana card. Officers advised him of U of M policy prohibiting use of medical marijuana on campus and advised him to leave. Upon further research, officers later discovered that Christ had been issued a VjVashington State driver's license with a residency address in that state. Christ is no longer in compliance with Montana medical marijuana law: . . . . . . »•• 10/16/2012 at teoohrs. Christ made contact with Jinann Bitar at the Office of the President. Christ was visibly agitated and demanded to speak with President Engstrom. President Engstrom was out of the office. Bitar advised him of how to contact President Engstrom. Christ refused to leave and demanded that he speak with someone in a forceful tone «,.,.wa. wrinsr aiso cursec numerous stormed Christ also cursed at Bitar and threatened to sub the university. Christ fimes. out of the office, eventually -*«*»nt..-«.I OU( Of fl,e pffjcg Christ's behavior upset Biter Unrt H«r,.-*— «~ unnsr .. —«•»• environment disrupted the work 10/17/2012. Christ came to Office of Public Safety and demanded a refund for his parking Pass. Shelly Harshbarger attempted to assist him. Christ was agitated, used a forceful tone, and cursed when dispatch center. speaking to her. Christ's behavior upset Harshbarger arid disrupted the

10/17/2012. Associate Dean Munro received a complaint thai Christ had been smoking marijuana in an office near the CasBe Center on the Law School.! Munro knew Christ due to past encounters where Christ had been angry and used profanities toward a receptionist about a computer virus. He escorted Christ to retrieve belongings then escorted him to the exit. During the encounter, Christ angrily threw things in the garbage arid broke a bottle. l l c , „(._= i— •• Numerous staff, faculty, and students have had interaction with Christ while Montana. Many times, Christ has caused a disruption, been verbally abusi re,he is at The University of comes in contact with. His behavior is disruptive, abusive, and is not , and intimidated those he environment. Students of the Law School and employees have both been conducive to a learning bffiected by his behavior.


The University of Montana Office of Public Safety CAD Full Report



Apt Nbr

Reporting Person; Address: Police Information:

ANONYMOUS... Phone: 406-552-3315

U17 advised that Christ has been removed from the building and has been told he can be in the Law Library during normal buisness hours only. U1 7 also advised that Christ has been told that he needs School Building and Law School at home when on camus property. i campus r to leave his marijuana off campus or CHRIST, JASON-associated to event Medical Marijuana Card: Christ, Jaspn (M), (MT). DOB 19740902 Expires 20130417 Active Card* 2520 Christ, Jason Hy(M) (MT) DOB 19740902 Clear MT 31 surrendered to WA on 20120831

U12 advised Adam Public (nfoimation:

Caller reporting Possible marijuana activity. Officers responded.
Disposition: A^57 PERSON REMOVED 0 Media Log

Officers Involved: Call# Officer Name

D Service Call



Activity AC

oi ' or

D'spa tp.h Enroute 22:06 22:09 22:09 22:09 22:09 22:09

Arrived 22:13 . 22:13 22:14 -*^^_

Cleared 22:35 22:36
22:36 ~ —

r*ii~-. -~.^

:; 10/19/2012 TO: Jason Hy Christ Je circumstances resulting in the immediate restriction on access to you by the University Public Safety Officer: ur involvement in the following incidents): attached. . ' _ '• [

I hereby confirm the restriction on your access to campus pending a hearing. AttacJ a copy of the University of Montana Policy and Procedure on Restricting Access to CampUS. ._..;:.
. .

You are entitled to Please^aJJjQyjB^^^a hearing on the restrictions within seven (7) days of this notice, ^ hearing or fail to appear for a scheduled heari action may be mu^ailtAreauest.ft hearing, taken on the basis of information established by University officials.
^ J_LWUASt/,


Signed:. AS^. % Title: vice President/Administration & Finance

osi C,
e: 406-343-


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