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Respiration Test

Mrs. Sandovals 7th Grade Science (Rocks)

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. In which part of a plant does photosynthesis take place? a. the roots b. the leaves c. the flowers 2. Plants use chlorophyll during photosynthesis to absorb_____. a. light b. sugar c. water 3. What is the purpose of cellular respiration? a. to turn blue b. to make energy c. to make chlorophyll

5. During photosynthesis, chlorophyll absorbs _____. a. water c. light energy b. glucose d. carbon dioxide 6. During cellular respiration, your body breaks down glucose and releases _____. a. ATP c. hydrogen b. oxygen d. chlorophyll 8. The product of cellular respiration is _____. a. energy b. oxygen c. sunlight 9. Hydrotropism, movement or growth in response to _____ a. gravity b. water c. sunlight 10. Cellular respiration occurs in the cytoplasm and _______________ of cells. a. golgi apparatus b. mitochondria c. chemical bond 11. Cellular respiration requires_______________ , a waste given off during photosynthesis. a. energy b. oxygen c. sunlight

PROBLEM 12. Label this diagram by writing the correct term from the word bank on each line. carbon dioxide oxygen sugar water

Takes in carbon dioxide gives off oxygen, takes in water produces sugar. 13.The following images are illustrating the Respiratory System which takes in oxygen and gives off carbon dioxide. Label the organs of this organ system below. 1.__trachea 2. ___bronchi___ 3. ___lungs____ 4. __bronchiole_ 5. _alveoli______

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2 3 14.Breathing is a PHYSICAL process & respiration is a CHEMICAL process. 15.Breathing is a process of taking OXYGEN into the lungs 16.Respiration is taking the oxygen from the LUNGS into the BLOODstream or to the CELLS. 17.Respiratory system is a series of organs that work together to help move OXYGEN (O2 ) into the body and waste CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) out of the body.