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For More Information: Claudia Meyer, Mountain Creek Neighborhood Alliance: 972-816-1005 Virginia Fugman, Texas Campaign for the Environment: 214-599-7840

Dont Frack My Fairway

Residents Protest with Drilling Rig at Official Re-Opening of City Golf Course Already Leased for Fracking
Dallas residents supporting a ban on oil and gas drilling in public parks will be crashing the official re-opening ceremonies of the city-owned golf course formally known as LB Houston, now being renamed Luna Vista. Theyll be bringing a 15-foot tall rig with them as a reminder that at least three sites at the newly revamped course have already been leased for drilling by the Cityincluding one immediately next to the driving range.
Who: Members of Dallas Residents at Risk, a coalition of Dallas neighborhood, environmental and citizens groups that have organized to pass stricter urban drilling rules for the city. Groups that support a strong city ordinance include North Dallas Neighborhood Alliance, Dallas Homeowners League, Mountain Creek Neighborhood Alliance, Old Oak Cliff Conservation League, Texas Campaign for the Environment, Occupy Dallas, Dallas Area Residents for Responsible Drilling, Earthworks Oil & Gas Accountability Project, Downwinders at Risk and Dallas Sierra Club. City Council member Monica Alonzo, Dallas Park Board Vice President Gabriel Soto, and Dallas Park and Recreation officials will also be present. Immediate past Parks and Recreation Board President Joan Walne voted to allow drilling in city parks as a member of Dallas gas drilling task force. Councilmember Alonzo has been supportive of drilling in her district, which includes Luna Vista. What: Protest at the City of Dallas official Luna Vista Golf Course Re-opening, with at least a dozen participants handing out literature in favor of a ban on drilling in parks, and a 15-foot tall faux gas rig beside the newly refurbished golf course clubhouse to remind the public and city officials whats at stake in the vote on new drilling rules. When: This Friday, October 26th, 4:45 p.m. Where: Luna Vista Golf Course Clubhouse, 11223 Luna Road, Dallas (formally LB Houston Golf Course)