City of Belfast Energy and Climate Committee Meeting Minutes – December 12 th, 2011 Conference Room A – City Hall Attending

: Biff Atlass (guest), Andrew Carpenter, Mike McDonald Meeting commenced: 6:15PM 1. New Business/Communications - none 2. Volunteer residential weatherization project – Andrew has made note of changes that might improve the program for next year. 3. PACE/Sustainable Homes Belfast - PACE Video – The video requires minor edits prior to release, Ned Lightner will complete the edits as time allows. Next step – Organize a premiere showing of the PACE video at the Colonial Theater with Mike Hurley. Perhaps Susan Cutting will participate. Mike McD will progress. 4. ICLEI membership renewal – Based on a cost/benefit appraisal, the committee is unanimous in suspending membership renewal for the time being. 5. Next Belfast city projects o Library weatherization – Mike will circulate copies of the energy audit so committee members can help prioritize next steps o Police station boiler – some work may have been completed. Joe Slocum can provide update. o Solar panel to feed grid – not discussed o Efficiency Maine Business programs – not discussed Meeting adjourned: 7:15PM Next meeting: January 9th, 2012

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