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(Dickens and Arnold in a Caf`)

Arnold comes from outside and shakes Dickens Arnold: sorry for coming late but why are you shouting? Dickens: Another stupid businessman invites me to his party for his new product Arnold: calm yourself dear, he is stupid like others. They insist to debauch the lower class minds by their products and propagandas. Really I hate those money worshippers Dickens: They are schemers and villains my dear. Do you know? Yesterday I met one of them who blamed me because I always write about the lower class and their problems Arnold: what did you tell him then? Dickens: I told him that the lower class people have more value than the aristocrats. Arnold: Excellent. Those people need to understand that wealth is merely a means to have an end not a precious end to itself. Dickens: yes, dear . Unfortunately all these are because the bad impact of Industrial revolution. Arnold: Right. Because of it machinery becomes the ideal of the age. People become overestimate the value of machinery. Dickens: Actually it`s the reason for increasing poverty, starvation and humiliation of the lower class Arnold: yes, I remember that you attack all these problems in your novel "Oliver Twist" Dickens: yes, I write "Oliver Twist" to show people the dark side of life in London: the poverty, illness, and dangerous living and working conditions. However people need to be open-minded to understand and feel the bad impact of the industrial revolution on them. Arnold: Oh my God, do you know? I suffer a lot from those narrow-minded people. For instance, the Puritans were my big problem in this age. Dickens: what about them? Arnold: They were narrow-minded people, take one-sided view of things. Do you know they consider any kind of pleasure a sinful act; really they were incredible. Dickens: yes, they seem to be very inadequate. For me I put no faith in any man`s narrow construction. Arnold: Exactly! People must be objective and use their minds to judge things correctly. Dickens: yes, they have to