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Roberto Rincon

In 1913, Prada in Milan, Italy, founded the first boutique downtown, designed by founderMario Prada fashion and high-quality handbags, luggage, leather accessories andcosmetics cases and other products, has been from the royal family and Love andpursuit of high society.

Today, this boutique still favored t he upper class in Italy still has ahigh reputation and fame, Prada value embodied in products has been regarded asextraordinary in everyday life to enjoy.

Different cities from around the world designers, many of which are the love of PradaLeather user. New York, Donna Karen is also carrying a black nylon Prada bags ou tthe series the past two years, Prada handbags are also vigorously develop somepopular models, such as small shopping bag, color ful colors, and easy maintenance ofquality canvas material, S et off another wave of popular bag.

In the shoe series, PradaWhile it has been the design of the new village are together, and each other well, but itsstyle has been popular leading footwear pointer. For example, the last square head,m etallic wedge heel doll shoes are Prada ... ... played in the wave. From leather goodsto clothes to shoes, underwear, Prada has become a complete boutique Kingdom, the territory also extended to the whole world.

Miuccia Prada is not only the world's top luxury Prada's successor, or the leadingfashion designers. Prada, each series is full of exciting and unexpected elements, and these only prove that Miuccia endless imagination and creativity. She said: "I never lost, the face of numerous changes, always very sensible and sober. I have never been afraid of any change. "