[UNIT 8: CHARACTER - 10 WAVES] October 25, 2012

Unit 8: Character - Hero, Villain & Sidekick Theme: Robots & Pirates Project Name: "10 Waves"

Setting EXT. The Ocean - Off the coast of France INT. Le Rêve Lucide (ship name)

Character Names Evaline Alvilda Female Human/Robot Capt. Peter Creek Male Robot/Human Banner Animal/Dog

Synopsis 10 Waves is a story about first mate "Evaline Alvilda" and her trusty companion "Banner" who are found by a fishing vessel off the coast of France. When Evaline awakes she recants a horror story of epic proportions, a seemingly profitable "cursed" object had been discovered by her and her love "Capt. Peter Creek". Little by little the object caused the couple to clash, eventually manipulating Peter into doing its bidding. Aware of the problem Evaline escaped the ordeal but the damage to her had already begun - her humanity gradually slipping away being replaced by Robotics (which become more apparent). Peter is entirely Robotic with his only human trait being his desire for Evaline to be returned to him. Evaline has to battle her desire to return to Peter while not letting her confusion consume her humanity, her only moral compass is her trusty K9 Banner pointing her in the correct direction if she gets lost... "an easy thing to do after 10 waves in the open sea".

CG Arts & Animation | David John Vandepeer (Stitch)


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