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Word 1: incessantly Page 9 Paragraph 5 Definition: Continuing without interruption, unending Word 2: rockaway Page 4 Paragraph 4 Definition: a light, low fourwheeled carriage with a standing top, open at the sides; named because it was originally manufactured in Rockaway, New York. Word 3: encumbrance Page 16 Paragraph 2 Definition: something that encumbers, burdensome, usless, superfluous, a burden; hinderous Word 4: Quadroon Page 16 Paragraph 2 Definition: a person of one-quarter black origin Word 5: Effusive Page 31 Paragraph 1 Definition: Expressing feelings of gratitude, pleasure, or approval in an unrestrained or heartfelt manner Word 6: Propensity Page 31 Paragragh 2 Definition: An inclination or natural tendency to behave in a particular way; leaning Word 7: Serio-comic Page 21 Paragraph 5 Definition: Mixture of seriousness and comedy Word 8: Remonstrate Page 22 Paragraph 4 Definition: Make a forcefully reproachful proest, object Word 9: Befurbelowed Page 23 Paragraph 1 Definition: adored with trimmings or pleated borders

Word 10: Languorous Page 23 Paragraph 1 Definition: dreamy, lazy mood or quality

Familiar words we discussed/commented on in Literature Circles! 1. Banter- to mock/joke with

~ between Robert and Edna: this word, we think, describes their relationship, a kind of flirtacious association. 2. Supercilious- haughty/arrogant ~ this was used to show that Edna isn't like the rest of the Creole wives and how she wasn't above doing simplistic things such as laying in a hammock.