Risk Assessment
Producer: Charlotte Brown

Production Details:
Locations: Ruislip woods, Haydon’s drama studio, Northolt hills. Equipment: Camera, tripod, flash, spotlight

Types of Risk: Personal Injury / Health & Safety / Damage to equipment / Halting Production
Risk Type Personal Injury Details of Risk Dehydration, someone suffering from an illness, twisting ankle whilst running, family emergencies. Tripping over wires, crossing busy roads, tripping over tree roots (in woods). Tripods holding cameras getting knocked over, water damage to any electrical equipment. Extreme weather conditions, lack of rain (as I need some shots to be filmed in the rain), unable to get transport to or from a location, actresses or crew being unavailable. Ways to minimise risk Make sure to bring food and drink to each location, take emergency contact details for everyone involved, make sure everyone has their phones. Tape all wires to the ground, don’t film during rush hour, film in an area of even ground. Have one person in charge of each piece of equipment, waterproof all equipment. Check the weather forecast in advance, plan a backup method of transport, check for any traffic disruptions on the day, plan the shoot well in advance to make sure everyone is available. Person(s) Responsible Myself, actors, crew

Myself, actors, crew

Health & Safety

Myself, actors, crew

Damage to Equipment

Halting Production

Myself, actors, crew