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Recommendations on HCT Representative Arrangements for NGOs 28Feb12

Recommendations on HCT Representative Arrangements for NGOs 28Feb12

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Published by: InterAction on Oct 25, 2012
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HCT Representative Arrangements (28 February 2012) Background At the IASC Principals meeting in April 2011, the NGO consortia

were asked to propose how NGO participation in the Humanitarian Country Team could be enhanced through representative arrangements. Recommendation The NGO consortia fully agree with the action point that NGO participation in HCTs would be enhanced through representational arrangements. This representation must be tailored to the country context. NGO representatives may be from a consortium or umbrella organization, where they exist, but this representation must be complemented with operational national and international NGOs also participating in the HCT. It is incumbent upon all NGO participants in the HCT to ensure that they reflect and advocate for the interests of the NGO community. The selection of the NGO HCT representatives remains the responsibility of the NGO community as a whole. Humanitarian Coordinators must: Strive to ensure operational organizations are at the table, ensuring fair representation from international and national NGOs; Proactively engage the broader NGO community with regard to HCT representation, thus allowing the NGO community time to self-select their representatives; Ensure HCT meetings retain a strategic focus on the wider issues facing the response, guarding against them becoming informational sessions, whether generic or organizational-specific; Circulate agendas and minutes of previous meetings well in advance to ensure time for NGO representatives to engage with the NGO community on discussion points. Next Steps We do not recommend the development of additional guidance notes. Rather the NGO consortia request that 1 the ‘Guidance for Humanitarian Country Teams’ and the RC/HC Handbook be revised and reissued to reflect the recommendations above.
Version of 28 February 2012


Endorsed at the 75 IASC WG


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