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Find out something Myths and opinions What I know, fats What I would like to

about SPAIN about: about: now:

The people Wealthy, enlightened, No. We would like to now

rational. if you are fan fuckers.
We want to know if
they enjoy practising
The capital Copenhagen Have you got a
• weather:cold Mild through all the proffesional football
• population:3,5 year. team?
million Population: 3,7 What is the most
• history: History: fortifield in visited place in
fortifield in 1167 Copenhagen.

Economy and business Small open and What kind of indrusty

flexible. Relies almost do you have?
entirely on human What goods do you
resources export and import?

Geography We thought more 5.475.791 people Are there a lot of old

people live in Denmark people?
• Population

It seems to have a lot of Very versatile with Do you usually go to

• Nature forests and pines and beech and pineforest, the mountain or you
also sandy beaches dune plantations, prefer going to
beautiful moor areas, beaches?
perserved nature areas,
bird sanca

• Borders to Germany in the south. Germany in the Does going to other

which country? south.The Baltic in the cities take very long?
north and the North Sea
are the borders.
Things, food,etc. You Biscuits, good fish and Coffee, soups, What do danish people
connect with this beer. vegetables, but the best usually have for
country. food is served at breakfast?
Christmas lunch.