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Rubik's Clock

Rubik's Clock

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Published by Leonardo Lopez

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Published by: Leonardo Lopez on Oct 25, 2012
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My solution Equalize the cross.

The first goal is not to bring each clock to 12, but to make them all show the same hour. The middle clock is our reference. Connect the four adjacent clocks to it, first the upper, then the left, then the bottom then the right one. The picture always shows the relevant clocks after the turn.

Turn the cross clocks to 12. You can use either of the upper wheels.

Flip the clock. Flip the whole toy, we'll now solve the back side. Turn it around the y-axis, so that afterwards you hold it correctly oriented (12 is on top). You don't expect a picture for this, do you? Equalize the cross. Yes, this is indeed the exact same thing you did with the first side. Notice that you don't even have to change the buttons at all for the first turn (I optimized it to be this way).

Equalize cross with corners. Similar to the previous step. Remember to not turn the corner clock itself, but instead the other clocks!

Turn all clocks to 12.

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