The objective of the IBM Software center of Excellence:

 Symbiosis between Industry and Academia  Elevating the quality of technical education  Improved competency / capacity building/ employability of students  Placing DBIT in a leadership position  Creating In demand skills for on demand world

2. A glimpse of the activities from 2010 to 2012 is
Number of Teams submitted projects for the TGMC -2011 11

Number of projects registered for the TGMC-2012: Number of DB2 certified Students


53 + 55 = 108

Number of RAD certified Students

73 + 74 = 147

Number of RFT certified Students


Number of Tivoli trained students( Exams Awaited) Number of Lotus domino server certified students Number of certified Faculty




Value to Stake holders ( Don’t Add Value . Content beyond Syllabus DBIT  Brand Equity.Number of training conducted by faculty 03 Number of TGMC face to face teams shortlisted Number of IBM Technologies taught as curriculum 02 DB2.RSA. globally recognised  Platform for development of software skills for the students/ More confident developers  Free great mind challenge mentoring  Blue Chip Scholar/ Brand Ambassador / Brand Advocate Faculty:  Exposure to the cutting edge products of IBM.RFT 3. Quality Engineering Education IBM  Ready to deploy workforce . Association with IBM. Multiply) Students:  Creating IT visionaries of tomorrow  Free IBM training on selected software’s  Free Certifications.

doing a completely free certification within college hours by an international enterprise like IBM is definitely amazing.Thank you DBIT and IBM!!!! -.Sujeetkumar Sinha (BE Comps) • IBM DB2 Certification Program was well informative and nicely conducted . My whole hearted thanks to DBIT & IBM -.Pallavi Damle (BE Comps) . Student reviews • To always do things beyond the curriculum has always been my priority. And to add to it.4. We got an opportunity to get to work on DB2 and explore different aspects of it .

The way Ahead (Future / Vision) • Increased Interaction with Industry • Journey from Centre of Excellence to Incubation centre • Research Contribution • Curriculum upgrade • Self Sustainable COE model CHASE EXCELLENCE: SUCCESS WILL FOLLOW .5.

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