Introducing the

V2 Adjustable Keyboard
NEW Convenient Hot Keys are natively supported by your operating system and don’t require additional driver


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Our signature adjustability allows for 0-30o adjustment on the horizontal and vertical planes to put users in their ideal comfort typing position.

NEW Added space between keyboard and home row reduces the risk of mis-keying.

NEW Sleeker modern design.

Easy to use Plug and Play technology that connects with a USB or PS2 port.

Soft key touch, low activation force and full key travel distance provides keying comfort and reduces the risk of “bottoming out.”

NEW adjustable feet on the back of the keyboard offer typists the option of positioning the keyboard in a negative sloping angle.

NEW Half keys for Caps Lock, Shift, and Ctrl reduce typing errors.

NEW increased height of dimples on home keys: F, J, I.

Part Number GTN-0099

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