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Le rapport de l'ONU sur "l'utilisation d'internet à des fins terroristes"

Le rapport de l'ONU sur "l'utilisation d'internet à des fins terroristes"

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360. Issues related to international cooperation have already been dealt with in chapter
VI above and need not be restated here. Specifc issues of relevance to prosecutors,
raised by experts at the expert group meeting, in cases involving elements of interna-
tional cooperation relate to the mediation and resolution of issues related to the mode
of cooperation, jurisdictional issues, dual-criminality requirements and the admissibility
of foreign evidence, which experience shows presents an ongoing challenge. Given the
common interest of all States in the successful prosecution of crimes related to terror-
ism, it is important not only that States have in place the legislative frameworks to
facilitate this cooperation but also that prosecutors deal with the resolution of these
issues in a proactive and collaborative manner.

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