US Bottled water revolution (Want + aggressive marketing = Need


•Farmers, fishers &others who depended on water for their livelihood, were suffering from concentrated water extraction as water table drop quickly. •Extracting more water from ground to meet the growing demand and imbalance of the ecosystem. •Transportation of bottled water resulted in consumption of 1.5 million barrels of oil annually,which can be used to fuel 10000 cars per year.

• Beverage industry`s aggressive marketing, viewed bottled water as a safer and purer choice. • BMC showed that the consumption volume of bottled water increased by 8.25 billion gallon compared to 2005. • In 2011, total bottled water sales in the U.S. hit 9.1 billion gallons — 29.2 gallons of bottled water per person, according to sales figures from Beverage Marketing Corp.

• After use bottle containers added to the municipal solid waste which released highly toxic chemicals & contaminants into the air when burned. • Acc. To FDA’s rules bottlers were required to declare the source of water but found that bottlers were not implementing strictly.

• Consumers should have right to information about bottled water. • Fundamental duties of the govt is to provide basic service to people,improve water treatment process & expand neccesaey infrastrucre to increase quality of tap water assuring safe and sustainable sources of tap water • Banning is not a solution it effect on national income.

• Rain water harvesting for every plant

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