Introduction Indian rural market is the largest potential market in the world.

Rural consumer is buying healthy hygienic packed food products. Consumer durable & personal grooming & household items mainly due to enhanced incomes yet it is untapped by established companies. The current paper identifies the reason for this avoidance or the inhabiting factors that have left this sector of India still unorganized. It is apparent that the Indian rural structure is very heterogeneous. Each area depicts new & different picture & each with its distinctive demand pattern. Consequently any study at an all India level is not only difficult but inappropriate as well it is essential to break up the rural market based on groups classified on area attributes. Cultural diversity, language, distances from urban centres on the basis of these differences an area wise profile of rural consumers can be drawn. & also need to understand the reach & grab of E-marketing in rural sector. Also we studied the consumer behaviour based on the literacy level, size of household & distance from urban township. The current paper has profiled on village near to Noida (khora, hoshiyarpur, sarfabad, bhangel) chosen specifically.

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