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The Definitive Guide to Social Marketing

The Definitive Guide to Social Marketing

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Published by Nuno Fraga Coelho

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Published by: Nuno Fraga Coelho on Oct 26, 2012
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The social marketing landscape can
feel unstructured. That’s why it pays
to have a social marketing policy to
guide the actions of everyone in your
organization that will participate in
social media. It’s also essential to
monitor what’s being said and provide
guidelines on how to respond
appropriately (without making your
employees feel like they’re being

A formalized document will help protect
your company in a legal sense, while
ensuring that you’re acting consistently
across all social marketing sites, and
reinforcing your brand and value in the
marketplace (a bit like a corporate style
guide). Check out Marketo’s Social Media
Policy as an example.

Here are some suggestions:

• Defne what social marketing means for
your company. Determine and call out
what social networks you will be
participating in. Use your social
marketing policy to defne what the term
means for your entire organization so
there’s no confusion as to when the
social media guidelines apply and when
they don’t.
• Set up a basic set of ground rules.
Consider some basic tenets that you’d
like your company to follow when it
comes to participation. Don’t assume
that your employees know how to
participate – make sure that your guide
is clear, concise, and easy to fnd. You
can even include social training during
the employee onboarding process.
• Decide how your organization will
want to engage as a social marketing
participant and contributor. Will your
company’s social media conversations
come from a single person or will
everyone in your company participate?
Will social marketing be used as a
customer service function, marketing

tool or for product marketing research?
Be as explicit as possible, and consider
all the possible ways that people could
go wrong, without being overly dramatic.
Remember, your policy is an opportunity
to get your company excited about
contributing to social media sites.
• Stress the importance of confdentiality.
Encourage your company’s
contributors to remember the
importance of confdential information,
and to manage their social marketing
contributions just as they would
conversations taking place in public.

“by creating compelling content,
you can become a celebrity.”

paul Gillin

social Media expert and Author


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