Our economy depends on affordable and reliable transit.

George Latimer is making sure Westchester is on the right track.

On November 6, vote George Latimer for State Senate.

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We need George Latimer in the State Senate fighting for transit riders — because transit keeps Westchester County working.
Westchester families depend on our transit system. This is never clearer than when the MTA isn’t working. George Latimer knows we need to fix the MTA – and that means making smart investments, NOT adding an undue tax burden on families, schools and businesses. We need George Latimer in the State Senate, using his experience balancing budgets and lowering taxes to ensure we have affordable and reliable public transit – helping get Westchester back to work.

Bob Cohen’s MTA fix?

We all remember the bad old days of the MTA: outdated equipment and dirty and unsafe stations. Maybe Bob Cohen wants to go back there. Rather than work for fair and equitable funding for the MTA, he thinks we should double monthly fares1 — without improving service! That’s not the way to fix the MTA. Westchester can’t afford Cohen’s ‘tunnel vision’ when our region’s economy is so dependent on reliable, affordable transit.
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Vote George Latimer for State Senate on November 6
Putting Westchester on the wrong track.