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Election Toolkit

Election Toolkit

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Published by: meghan_neal4760 on Oct 26, 2012
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Even if you’re not one of the estimated 9% of the electorate who is undecided on the presidential race, you are probably one of the roughly 100% (we made that up, but it feels right) of people who are undecided on the other state and local races and ballot measures you could be struggling to decode on November 6... All of us could probably use a little help, and understanding the facts is more fun with friends, especially if you have a drink or two. So, we’ve built this toolkit to encourage more informed and confident voting this election.


America is lucky to have citizens like you.

We hope you enjoy your Who & What the F--- Are We Voting For party. Please play and vote responsibly.


ASAP: The dAy of:

Find a location, set a date and time
• • Sign this event up on our MeetUp Everywhere page, and make sure to note your Congressional district in your title Get a projector, stage, a/v setup, whiteboard or the like, they’ll be nice to have

Get some drinks and/or eats Print out the DIY Voter Guide for as many attendees as you will have - downloadable here
during The evenT:

Build your list of all the different things that you need to vote on for your area
• Here is a great place to find all that

Hand out the DIY Voter Guide, explain the drinking game, and do a quick rundown of the night
• We suggest starting with one of the propositions on the ballot, but it’s up to you

Invite friends that live in the area
• • Assign different ballot measures and races to attendees Have them prepare for a 2-minute briefing on the ballot measure/race they’re assigned Resources: Ballot measures - vote.good.is Voter guides from your local newspaper theballot.org

The first presenter has 2 minutes to explain one topic
• Allow 1 minute for questions and people to fill out their DIY Voter Guide More questions? Stop stressing out and consult the internet or your friends.

Repeat, then go home, then vote tomorrow What if I don’t have enough people to cover the topics?
People can present more than one proposition. Just try to divide them up so one person isn’t presenting for a long time – keep it movin’...

oPTionAl drinking gAme
On each of the DIY Voting Guides, you will find a list of cues for taking a swig of the available spirits.

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