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NYLCV Latimer Solar

NYLCV Latimer Solar

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Published by Jon Campbell

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Published by: Jon Campbell on Oct 26, 2012
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Solar jobs have been headed to New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

George Latimer will bring clean-energy jobs to New York.

NYLCV-2012-1002 Paid for by NYLCV PAC, www.nylcv.org/pac. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

New York needs good jobs. George Latimer is working to create them.
George Latimer is working to bring thousands of good jobs to New York through the Solar Jobs Act. The New York Solar Jobs Act would bring cleaner air and energy independence to Westchester County. It would also create thousands of jobs in our region and throughout New York State – jobs which right now are heading for neighboring states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Let’s put Westchester back to work. Create clean-energy jobs and improve our environment by electing George Latimer.

On November 6th, Elect George Latimer to the State Senate.

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