Isilon Systems creates clustered storage systems and software for file-based data for customers throughout

the world. Laura Schaps, staff accountant, deals with all sales and use tax concerns.

Laura Schaps

Accountant at Isilon Systems, LLC
We’ve just implemented the AvaTax Returns process and they’ve been filing our tax returns, which has saved a lot of time for us. I used to have to go onto every single state’s website, have different ID numbers, work with all their different processes. Now Avalara takes care of everything. I go onto the dashboard and I look at the worksheet and I just basically do a little reconciliation between each of the states, validate that it’s okay, click “okay” and that’s as simple as it is. On a day-to-day basis, if there’s something that looks not right, I’m able to go right on the chat support and talk to people and they help me figure it out. Not only do I go onto the chat support – because that’s just easiest for me to have them over in a separate window – but if there’s anything extra that needs to happen or we need to have a conference call or they need to tap into my screen and look at what I’m seeing to figure it out and help me with it, we’re able to do that too. Avalara is extremely user-friendly. Their dashboard is easy to use and they have trainings in local areas for everybody to use. Use your brainpower to help your company grow versus taking care of the petty sales and use tax – let AvaTax do it for you. I really, really, really like Avalara. They’ve made my life a lot easier.

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