Harder Words

Spring 2012
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abetting abnormal abrash absentee absolutize abstractive academia accessible accreditation accrual acme adamantine adeptly adhesional adjudicate adjunct admeasure admirable adoptable adsmith agonic aisle alcove alder aldermanic alienation alimony allayment allergic alliteration almond alphabetize altimetry aluminous amicable amnesia amputee analogy anecdote anniversary anonymous anterior anthology anticipation antipathy

antisocially antonym aperture appendant aptitude arbiter arbor architect archive arcing armistice articulacy artistry aspirin assuage asthmatic astringe asunder athwart atonement attenuate auburn audacity auditor auger autumnal avalance avocado balladist bandicoot barbaric barnacle beret berouged bewail bilingual blackthorn blarney bleakness blitz blondism bloodshed bloviate boing booklore

bratling breadwinner breaststroke breviary brigadier brochure bulbously bulliform bursitis cabal calcium calvary camouflaged campaign carboy caress carnation cartwright castigate catapult cathole cauliflower cellist century cessation challenging characterize charitable charitarian charwoman chauffeur chieftain chimpanzee cholesterol chortling chutney cinderella cinnamon ciruitous clamor clinically cloistered clumsy coalesce coalition

coax cockatoo coerce collegial cologne coloristic commination concoction configuration congeal conspiracy constabulary constellation consultor contagious contusion convulsion coordinate cornerstone counselee countenance craftsman cronyism cuticle dabblingly dailiness dawdler decibel decorum decumbent deducibility deficiency degerminate deltoidal deluge delusion demerit demobilize denominator deplorable descendible desperado detriment developer diapered

Harder Words Spring 2012 Page 2 of 4 dietetic diminutive diploma disadvantage discerp discoloration dissuade divisible dockhand doctrinal doleful dollarwise dolphin domain doombook dormitories dottiness doubletone drakelet drudgery earlobe ebullience echelon ecstatic edgily editorial efficiency eland electrify elegy elicitor elopement emigrant eminent emissary empirical emulate emulator enamelware engagingly engrossed enumerate epitomize equatable equitable especially estrange ethnology evolvable exaggerate exchequer explicit exploit explosible expropriate eyewitness facultative fainthearted familiarity fancywork fastish feigned femur feral fervently fibrous fiduciary fifer filly finespun fishmonger fizzwater flamethrower flapdoodle flaxen fleeciness flippancy flotilla folklorist foraminate forbearance foreignness foreordain forgetfulness fossilize fourplex frolicsome fundamentally gaggle gallbladder galling galoot galvanic gamester genes gleanings global glucose goatherd goggles goldenrod gorgon gourmet gracility gradeability grapnel gravitation gremlin grouchiness guardian gunrunning haberdasher habitual hacienda halibut handiwork heathenness herbalist hiatus hippopotamus hoarseness howel humidor hurtle hypocrisy hypodermic immaterial impeach impenetrable imponderable impressionable imprudent inauguration incarcerate incense incompetent inconsiderate incumbent indemnify indescribable industrious inexpensiveness inlier interfluve interpolate irreducible jackroller jacquard jadeite jaleo jeopardous jingly jittery judiciary juggernaut kaiser kamikaze keepable kempt kerchoo kerflop kernel knockabout knucks laconic lapidary larynx lavishly lectionary legendary leisurable leopardess licensable llano loam locale locust logistics lottery loupe .

Harder Words Spring 2012 Page 3 of 4 lovelorn lozenge luculent luminaire lunule lusterware lustrous mackinaw maco magician magmatic magnetician magnificat mahout malady maleficent mammoth masterpiece mayoralty microbial microscope migraine misshapen mistletoe mixology mollify mongoose monition moratorium mordacious mosaicist moulage murmuration mythomania nainsook nemo neology neon nepotism netherworld neurosis newfangled newscaster niche noontide novelese numb numerology nutcracker nutmeg obelisk obligatory obsolete obtrusive occasionally ogre omega omissible onionskin oolong operant oppugn ordinance osmosis overt oyez palmetto palpitant palsy pamzootic panbroil paradise parasoled parody parse participle pasteurize pentagonal percolate persevere petroleum pettish pharaoh pictorialism piquancy pirouette pithy placard planish platelet plauditory plover plumage poisonous politico pollution polyvinyl ponderance porpoise portfolio positron poultice praline preaudit precarious preconceive predestine predicament preeminent preliminary premonition prenuptial prestigious priggish primero priory profiteer prohibition propensity prophetic prosaic prosody protervity psalmist psychedelic ptosis puffin pulpiterring pyramid quaint quaintness quartz quash quasi quest quid quitclaim quotient rabies raconteur radius rapacious rapport rasher rationale rattail rattletrap raunchy reactionary reactor realty recantation recapitulate receptacle recessive recipe reciprocity rectitude redeeming redoubtable regressive remonstrate replenish reprobate repudiate residential resistible rhubarb riffraff righteous rigidify roguishly roleo rotatable roulette routinize rubify rumormonger ryegrass saboteur .

Harder Words Spring 2012 Page 4 of 4 sacristy saddlebow salvo sangaree sardine saucerless sauna savory scabbard scabby scalepan scattered schizoid scoff secondariness sedentary seductive selectivity semsitometer septuplet sequence serpentile serried servile servitor shekel shigellosis shoofly sierra sigmatism silverite simpatico sixpenny skeet sketchy skinnery snood sociable soilage solace solidify solitaire soothsaying soprano sorcery souvenir species spectroscope spellbinder spidery spinet spitz splendent steeved stegosaur stipule stomatitic stragglingly stratosphere strepitous strident subbasement subjectivity suet suggestible suint sukiyaki sulcus sultana summa summarily sumptuous superfluous superjacent supervene surrey swather sweltering swill synopsis syringe tabard tableau tabulable taciturn tactful tailory talisman talkathon tamale technician telepathist tensible tepidity testate tether tetraploid theosophize thermometer thew thistle thoroughfare throstle thuggery timbery tiralee toggery tonsils torus totemism trajectory trammel transistor transparency transversal trapezoid traumatize trebly tremulous trenchant trepidation tressed tributary tricolor triplicate triumphal troth tumefy tumor tundra turbine twistiness ulcerate ultimacy unabridged uncouth unforgettable unmitigated unprincipled urn uxorial vagabond valet vanilla vassal vealskin velocious vendue venerable verbatim verjuice vestigial vibrato villa vivacity voluble walkathon waybill weaponry welfarism welterweight whammy wheedle whereas whetstone whisk whist wiliness windlass wizen wok womp xenophobia xerosis yacht yammer yogism youthfully zanily zonation .

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