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eBook of Philippine Mats

eBook of Philippine Mats

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Published by Hans Gommans

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Published by: Hans Gommans on Oct 27, 2012
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Many of the colors used in Philippine mats are very brilliant. Alittle brilliantly colored straw, properly
combined with subdued colorssuch as gray or one of the natural colors of Philippine straws, ispleasing, but
the abundant use of brilliant straws, such as aresometimes seen in mats of solid color, is to be discouraged.

All brilliant colors may be subdued by adding to them theircomplementary color. Thus a brilliant red may be
subdued by adding toit a small amount of green and in the same way brilliant green may betoned down by
mixing with it a small portion of red. If too much of thecomplementary color is added the result will be gray.
As will be seen,all complementary colors will subdue one another. In Plate III the principal colors have been
so arranged thatthe complementary colors are directly opposite each other and areconnected by lines. Any
two colors connected by lines on this chartwill tone down each other and, if mixed in proper proportions,
willresult in gray.

It is probable that any straw which has been dyed too brilliant, canbe closely matched to one of the colors
given on PlateIII. Consequently its complement can be determined and, byexperimentation, the brilliant
color toned down. Usually only anexceedingly small amount of its complement is needed to tone down
agiven color. [14]


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