The Great Campaign

Innovation & Green technology

The UK have been the world’s greatest innovators in recent times ranging from science, medicine and technology to green sciences and their application. They truly are innovators and pioneers, there accomplishments are many but now we shall list a few of the more important ones. Great Britain was the leader in the Human Genome project that revolutionized the way we and scientists look at biology and medicine. With it’s over 750 medical biotechnology companies and 2,750 medical technology firms it is easy to say that they have had a significant impact on today’s pharmaceutical and biomedical industry. No wonder they attract 10% of the world’s pharmaceutical R&D funding. They have won 76 Nobel prizes in science and technology , have developed some of the words most important technologies like the World Wide Web to the cell phone with GSM services, General Packet Radio Services (GPRS) and dual-mode 3G. Even the foundations of computer sciences came from Britain with Alan Turing’s algorithms which would become the foundations of programming and computer science. Another thing I mention in the title Is green technology, and by that I mean that they have had an significant impact on green technology. They are the first to build an economically successful green energy market with its estimated worth to expected to be worth £1 billion by 2020. Not only is it the leader in renewable energy produced by wind turbines, it is also the very few country to use underwater turbines to achieve its energy needs. Apart from this they also have the biggest steel recycling plant in the world and they recycle nearly half or their steel which is of great ecological and economical benefit. Is safe to assume that Great Britain is a land of innovation

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