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Region X Newsletter of the Year 2011

Volume 2, Issue 2

October 2012

September Meeting Notes
By Michael Adams We looked at various choices for cuisine for the Christmas party and it came down to BBQ/ Italian/Mexican. Jeff Brown is investigating options and prices and we'll make a decision next meeting. The concept was raised to allow the ladies to have a separate Kitchen Item white elephant draw so they'd have something to do while we're brawling over kits. Members were supposed to check with their Significant Others to get buy in. Results of the request are to be reported at the next meeting. We had a decent turn-out for the show & tell, with entries from Scott, Gary, Chris, Randy, Dave and Thomasz, with Gary winning the night with his M1070 of a gazillion parts.

“Is that toilet paper stuck to his foot?”

Inside this issue:
September Meeting Notes Contest Recap

High Plains Con XXIII Final Report
“I was explaining to my wife last night that when you die you get reincarnated but must come back as a different creature. She said she would like to come back as a cow. I said, You obviously haven’t been listening.” By Tony Wallace, Jeff Brown, Michael Adams and George Slack Four authors? Well, yes, each of us has something to contribute. George provided the contest photos, Tony provided the entry count and winners list, and Michael provided other general info on the contest. It was my job to put it all together and wrap it up with a big red bow. We had a great turn out this year, and had a ton of entries.
Total Entrants 61 57 adult 4 Junior Total Models 284 273 Senior 11 junior Judging went a lot more smoothly than last year, which was partially my fault for promising sponsors they can have a special award for sponsoring. The list of winners appears on pages 8-12 and the photos of the Best Of’s is on page 13. Hopefully we have as good a turn out next year. If we stick to tradition and hold the contest in October, it will be two months after the IPMS National contest which is literally across the parking lot from where our contest is held. We have not allowed previous IPMS winners in our local contest to keep it fair, but I was thinking about a special category where we can have a table and award for those who win at the National contest. That way we still get to show our best work, and the public will be in awe of our skills. Ha ha! Anyway, thank you all for making this a great contest!

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The Carpet Monster IPMS National Update Book Review by Pablo November Calendar IPMS Membership App

What’s New This Month:
 Kit Collecting Support Group  October Model Gallery  Contest Report  IPMS National Update  Photos, Photos and More Photos  List of Winners from High Plains Con XXIII

Volume 2, Issue 2

The Carpet Monster: Editor’s Opinion
By Jeff Brown (Editor) I was speaking with Terry Tuytschaevers at our recent contest about collecting versus building. I think it is a general conclusion that about 90 percent of model builders have more kits than we know what to do with.
Why do we buy so many kits? Do we all suffer from ADD? Are we all schizophrenic? At what point did we become “collector’s” as opposed to “builder’s”? My friend Pat is convinced that we have split modeling personalities that show up on occasion to build something we normally don’t build but have 10 of lying around. Heck, one of the best car modelers I know has a bunch of airplane kits that are sitting in his stash. Dr. T I’m looking in your direction. Why do we risk our wives anger to buy another kit? Well, I for one “plan” to build all the kits I have. Of course I now would have to live to be 106 and keep my wits until then to accomplish my feat. Honestly, I do have a reason for each kit I own, well, maybe not each kit, some were just too good of a deal to pass up. I mean do I need a M48A3 Patton ? I have no interest in modern armor, yet I bought it on eBay for 10 bucks. I am not sure I will ever get to building that one. When I started building models as a kid most of my kits were airplanes. My pops wouldn’t buy another kit until I finished the one I was working on. Now I have hundreds of kits from all genres. mess up, and put in my “finish you later” pile; of course I have had some models in the pile for 8 years, and have yet to finish them. The sad thing is as many kits as I have there are others out there with more. In fact at our recent contest I had the pleasure to buy a book from one of them.

The reason wives secretly hate model building.

“If collecting kits is a crime then let me be guilty.”

Let’s see, if I build one a month for the next...

Well, in my defense I am a huge Formula One fan!

I also blame contests for my stash backing up. When I started building models again in the latter part of last century I slapped them together and put them on a shelf. I had a book from Model Master so I did some weathering, and some dry -brushing, and they looked good enough to my friends who came over and looked at them. Of course none of these friends were in a model club.. Now it is rare to finish a kit with flaws. Sure there are some I

Well, I for one became a collector by working for a Hobby store and being offered a discount on kits. Back then I was single and had extra money. Now, I only buy kits that I can get on eBay super cheap, or a rare new kit to keep certain collections going. For example I have 1 of each Tamiya 1/48 scale armor and vehicle series. I have duplicates of many of those that I want to build. I also trade kits with other collectors. For example I have two 1/32 Trumpeter

Too much stuff.

F4F-3 Wildcats, and I only need one. Does someone want to trade so it can collect dust in your house instead?

Page 2

Review: Kevin Dallimore's Painting and Modelling Guide Master Class
By Pablo Bauleo Kevin Dallimore’s book might be the one-stop shop for the figure painter. It briefly covers the basics of figure preparation and painting (showing step by step pictures of the 3-color method) on the first 30 pages and then dives into different painting styles and projects. Some of the techniques described in the book includes: 5-color method, dry-brushing; diluted washes; non-metalic paint for metallic looking finishes; textured leather; ancient shield painting; skeletons and more. applied to a wide range of subjects, from Napoleonic figures, to Ancient Romans, Sci-Fi, Fantasy figures (orcs of all kinds and colors), WW2 paratroopers, Old West characters and animals. Step-by-Step pictures clearly explain and show how to achieve realistic finishes by methodically applying the techniques described in the book. effects. The book also includes some special sections on making bases, vehicles, diorama and figure conversion by showing how to re-positioning arms and legs if needed. One highlight of the special sections is the scratch-build construction of a 30-inch long African river steamer with space for 75 28-mm figures! Foundry color paint names are used thoroughly in this book, but it does not limit the value of the book, as the color names are descriptive and the shade/highlight method can be made from your own paints by mixing them as needed. The book has a series of appendixes that include the paint color range, brushes and modeling equipment from the Foundry Line. This book is recommended to the intermediate and advanced figure painter. I would like to thank Foundry Publications and Casemate Publishing for the review copy.

High Plains Gazette

Painting and Modelling Guide Master Class

“The above techniques are applied to a wide range of subjects…”

Painting and Modelling Horses and Riders

The above techniques are

The author has invited writers in different sections of the book that highlight particular techniques and finishing details. I really like the style of including other writers in the book. It allows for a more complete and comprehensive approach to figure painting by having different people to explain how to apply different techniques and achieve different

“The book has a series of appendixes that include the paint color range, brushes and modeling equipment from the Foundry Line.”

IPMS 2013 National Contest Update
By Jeff Brown The website for the 2013 IPMS National Convention and Contest is up and running. The hotel has started taking reservations, and there are other area hotels as overflow when the Embassy Suites fills up. (Of course us local builders don’t have to worry about a hotel room!) The contest website also includes info about some of the tours and points out that the vendor room is already 75 percent sold! That is great news for us collectors. In the months to come we will have more updates and some more info on what is going on.
IPMS Golden Anniversary

The IPMS National contest is going to be held in our back yard!

By the way, yours truly has offered to put together the convention magazine. Hopefully they like my idea.

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High Plains Gazette

Photo of the Month for October

The Calm Before the Storm (Photo By Cody East)

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Volume 2, Issue 2

Model of the Month for October

The Best of Show Model Went to Matt Q. for his Nashorn

Page 6

High Plains Gazette

October Model Gallery
Photos by George Slack

High Plains Con Photos

High Plains Con Photos

High Plains Con Photos

High Plains Con Photos

High Plains Con Photos

High Plains Con Photos

High Plains Con Photos

High Plains Con Photos

High Plains Con Photos

High Plains Con Photos

High Plains Con Photos

High Plains Con Photos

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Volume 2, Issue 2

High Plains Con XXIII Awards List
Dallas L. Jon C. John T. Dave D. Cameren L. Larry H. Christian A. Ayrton B. Hans P. Steve N. Terry T. Chuck H. Cameren L. Chuck H. John T. David A. Bill B. Terry T. Steve N. Terry T. Steve O. Dallas L. Thomasz M. Steve O. Cameren L. Matt Q. Matt Q.

AIRCRAFT: CIVIL SPORT RACING COMMERCIAL 1st Scratchbuild Bellanca Cruisemaster 2nd 3rd AIRCRAFT: MILITARY SINGLE ENGINE PROP 1/72 and smaller 1st 2nd 3rd AIRCRAFT: JUNIOR 1st 2nd AIRCRAFT: MILITARY MULTI ENGINE JET 1/48 and Larger 1st 2nd 3rd AIRCRAFT:MILITARY MULTI ENGINE JET 1/72 and smaller 1st 2nd 3rd AIRCRAFT:MILITARY MULTI ENGINE PROP 1/48 and Larger 1st 2nd 3rd AIRCRAFT:MILITARY MULTI ENGINE PROP 1/72 and Smaller 1st PITTS Biplane (WHITE) P-39 Racer 190 D A6M2 B110-149 ME 109 G10 F-4B Phantom II F-15 Revel F/A -18F F-4B Yakolev Yak-38 U AT-37 F4F Phantom II Skynight (EF-10) Ki 46 B-29 KI-46III Dinah DHC-4 Caribou P-47D

AIRCRAFT:MILITARY SINGLE ENGINE PROP 1/32 and Larger Allied 1st 2nd 3rd

Supermarine Spitfire Mk V Hurricane IIc (Pacific Coast/Grey Matters) Albatros DV

AIRCRAFT:MILITARY SINGLE ENGINE PROP 1/32 and Larger Axis 1st 2nd 3rd AIRCRAFT:MILITARY SINGLE ENGINE PROP 1/48 to 1/50 Inline 1st 2nd 3rd AIRCRAFT:MILITARY SINGLE ENGINE PROP 1/48 to 1/50 Radials 1st 2nd 3rd

BF-109E Tropical TA-152 H Spitfire XII SpitFire P-51D F4U-4 Corsair Fokker DR I FW 190 A3

Cameren L. Cameren L. Larry H.

Page 8

High Plains Con XXIII Awards List
AIRCRAFT:MILITARY SINGLE JET 1/48 and Larger 1st 2nd 3rd AIRCRAFT:MILITARY SINGLE JET 1/72 and Smaller 1st 2nd AIRCRAFT:ROTARY WING (ALL SCALES) 1st 2nd 3rd CIVILIAN VEHICLES: CARS IMPORT 1st 2nd 3rd CIVILIAN VEHICLES: CARS Post 1950 1st 2nd 3rd CIVILIAN VEHICLES: CARS Pre 1950 1st 2nd 3rd CIVILIAN VEHICLES:CARS STOCK 1st 2nd 3rd F-104 C A-4C SAAB DRAKEN U-2F F9F Panther Wessex HV.4 OH-13 Hughes MD 500 Fort GT 90 Lexus LFA Lexus LFA 1969 Plymount GTX Pro Street Baha Beast 1949 Merc 1937 Ford Street Rod 1932 Ford Rat Rod 1941 Willys coupe 1957 Ford Fairlane 1950 Ford conv 1955 Chevy Bel Air Conv

High Plains Gazette

Matt Q. Steve N. Hans P. Chuck H. Larry H. Pablo B. Wayne C. Chris N. Yvonne C. Mark T. Aaron T. Marty K. Marty K. David B. Jimmie H. Jimmie H. Jimmie H. Marty K. David B. Terry T. Tony W. Jimmie H. Jimmie H. Aaron T. Marty K. Marty K. Jimmie H. Randy R. Fred B. Codi P. Codi P. Codi P.

CIVILIAN VEHICLES:COMMERCIAL 1st 1941 Chevy Tow Truck (scratchbuild bed and boom) 2nd 3rd CIVILIAN VEHICLES: COMPETITION 1st 2nd 3rd CIVILIAN VEHICLES: HEAVY TRUCKS 1st 2nd 3rd CIVILIAN VEHICLES:JUNIOR 1st 2nd 3rd 1923 Circus Truck 1984 Falcon Interceptor Sauber-Mercedes Digger Cuda /Witch Doctor Tarantula/Blackwiddow 1930 Opel Blitz Fire Truck GRIFFIN Chevy Titan Truck and Trailer 1980 Chevy Truck International Harvester Truck 1932 Woody

Page 9

Volume 2, Issue 2

High Plains Con XXIII Awards List
1929 Farm Truck Post Apocalypse truck 1934 Ford Pick up Jimmie H. Mark T. Cody E.


CIVILIAN VEHICLES: MOTORCYCLES 1st 2nd 3rd DIORAMAS: ALL SCALES 1st 2nd 3rd DIORAMAS: JUNIOR 1st 2nd FIGURES: 120 mm and larger 1st 2nd 3rd FIGURES: smaller than 120 mm 1st 2nd 3rd

1962 Honda CR110 Honda Monkey Go Yamaha Um I think I can fit you in Thursday Animal House WWI British MKIV Tank Trench Gun German Type VII U-Boat Tiger II Battle of Bulge Diorama Tauro bull The Mummy Bigfoot Diorama Captain of Hannibal’s Army Monster Fish Athos

Rick R. Yvonne C. Aaron T. George S. Jimmie H. James W. Christian A. Christian A. Brad S. Jimmie H. Chris N. Brad S. Brad S. Brad S. Shawn G. Shawn G. Gary M. Matt Q. Shawn G. Dallas L. Thomasz M. Wayne C. Wayne C. Terry T. Shawn G. Pablo B. Larry H. Scott L. Scott L.

MILITARY VEHICLES:ARTILLERY PIECES (ALL SCALES) 1st PAK 38 50 MM A-Tgun 2nd 105 MM Howitzer 3rd 105 MM Howitzer MILITARY VEHICLES:HALF-TRACKS & ARMORED VEHICLES 1/35 Tracked 1st Nashorn 2nd 3rd M-18 Hellcat TD FAMO 18T Scratchbuild Crane

MILITARY VEHICLES:HALF-TRACKS & ARMORED VEHICLES 1/35 1st Styryker Command Vehicle 2nd 3rd Centauro TD LAV-III IFV


Sd.KFZ 251/2 Ausf. C mit Wurframon 40 Schwerer Wehrmachtschlepper

Page 10

High Plains Con XXIII Awards List
MILITARY VEHICLES:SOFT SKIN 1/35 1st 2nd 3rd MILITARY VEHICLES:SOFT SKIN 1/48 1st 2nd 3rd MILITARY VEHICLES:TANKS 1/35 1st 2nd 3rd MILITARY VEHICLES:TANKS 1/35 1st 2nd 3rd MILITARY VEHICLES:TANKS 1/48 1st 2nd 3rd MILITARY VEHICLES:TANKS 1/72 1st 2nd 3rd MISCELLANEOUS: ALL SCALES 1st 2nd 3rd NAUTICAL: 1/350 1st NAUTICAL: SMALLER THAN 1/350 1st NAUTICAL: LARGER than 1/350 1st 2nd 3rd SPACECRAFT: (JUNIOR) 1st 2nd 3rd SPACECRAFT: REAL (ALL SCALES) 1st 2nd 3rd Star wars battle Droid X-Wing Tie Advanced Gemini Titan Mercury Atlas Mercury Redstone 2.5 TON Truck M1070 Tractor Opel Blitz "Tilly" utility vehicle US Staff Car P-107 u.304 (4) artillery tractor JAGDTIGER Green Camo KV-1 Challenger I King Tiger Tan Camo Tiger I Early German Panther-G T-34 Tiger I Panzer IIc Merkava T-34/85 Challenger II Light Calvary Kitbash Cobra Have gun Will Travel Buckley Destroyer USS Johnston DD557 USA Pit Road Fletcher MAIALE MAS Roman Warship

High Plains Gazette

Shawn G. Gary M. Thomasz M. Shawn G. Pablo B. Scott L.

Thomasz M. Kevin D. Wayne C.

Shawn G. Shawn G. Mark P. Shawn G. Larry H. Shawn G. Matt Q. Kevin D. Matt Q. James W. Fred M. James W. Dave D. Bob N. Wayne C. Wayne C. Jon C. Christian A. Ayrton B. Ayrton B. Jon C Jon C. Jon C.

Page 11

Volume 2, Issue 2

High Plains Con XXIII Awards List
Millenium Falcon Snow Speeder Federation Starship Kitbash Jeff B. Jeff B. Chris N.


Best of Award Winners

Page 12

Best of Award Winners Photos (By George Slack)

High Plains Gazette

Made In The USA

Best of Show and Best Armor

Best Figure

Best Aircraft

Best Automotive

Best Spacecraft

Best Diorama

Best Nautical

Best Junior

Page 13

Volume 2, Issue 2

IPMS/USA is the United States Branch of the International Plastic Modelers' Society, whose roots can be traced to the startup of the first IPMS National Branch during the 1960's in Great Britain. In 1964 a US-based modeler applied for a charter to start the US Branch. In the ensuing 4 decades, IPMS/USA has become a 5,000 member, all-volunteer organization dedicated to promoting the modeling hobby while providing a venue for modelers to share their skills in a social setting, along with friendly but spirited competition in the form of local, regional, and national contests and conventions. As this is written, there are over 220 active US chapters (including groups in Canada and the Philippines as well as one "cyber-chapter" existing entirely on the internet). These chapters are organized into 13 geographically-determined Regions, overseen by Regional Coordinators. The IPMS/USA Executive Board, made up of elected and appointed members, serves as the overall governing body for IPMS/ USA. IPMS/USA produces the Modelers' Journal, an allcolor magazine supplied to our members 6 times each year. Sample copies of the Journal are available upon request, and you'll find several cover shots elsewhere in this handout. In addition, IPMS/USA maintains one of the largest and most-visited public websites in the modeling community (www.ipmsusa.org). Members and visitors can view product reviews, chapter and contest information, see examples of members' work, and view images of contest, museum walkarounds, and the like. A members-only Forum allows discussion of specific topics of interest amongst our membership. The remainder of the website is open to the modeling public and sees thousands of hits weekly. From: www.ipmsusa.org

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High Plains Gazette

High Plains Modelers
Meetings are the last Tuesday of the month at The Ranch in Loveland. They start at 7pm and end around 9pm. Editor: Jeffrey Brown jgdtiger007@yahoo.com President: Larry Hersh Vice President: Michael Adams Treasurer: Randy Robinson Secretary: Marc Lyons

Our club has plastic modelers from Northern Colorado, mainly from the Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont area. We also have a few members from Wyoming. Honestly, if you need an excuse to get away from the wife an kids a few days a month, join our club. Your skills will improve and you will have a few laughs. Stop by a meeting, the first one is free kid!

Website http://ipmshpm.blogspot.com/

Next Meeting October 30, 2012. 7pm at The Ranch.

Classifieds and other Happenings
For Sale or Trade: . *** Posting Ads are free for High Plains Modelers Members to post items for sale or trade. If you are not a member of the club it cost $2 to post an ad which goes towards our annual club contest.


Trumpeter 1/32 Wildcat F4F-3. These retail for around $75 this one is still sealed in the shrink wrap. I am asking $45 for it. (Shipping is extra for those outside of Northern Colorado.) Will trade too, just ask me for a list of wants!

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