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SAHANA Episode - 1 Sahana, some might feel that it is the name of my lover.

Some might feel it‟s the name of my sister. Some might feel it‟s the name of my mother. Who is she? She is one of the most important persons in my life. She is a person who gave a twist in my life. I am a guy who takes everything seriously in life. Right from the dress I wear, food I eat and the people I choose to be friends with, I take my decisions very carefully. But of course there are always exceptions in life. Those exceptions are my three best friends in my life. When I am with them, I seriously forget all the seriousness in my life. I enjoy my life to the fullest. We are totally four in number and we are all law college students in Chennai. The combination of Chennai and law college student itself is a great way of enjoying life. The way we bunk classes, going to movies and shopping malls, plazas nearby. The whole college always envied us for our friendship and the fact that however we bunk classes we get good grades and have a good rapport with our professors. My name is Srikkanth. My three friends are Raghav, Moulee and Shiva. Thanks to our college seniors we became friends right on the first day of our college lives. It‟s mainly because of the extensive ragging in our law colleges.

We had a regular practice of going out on weekends, especially every Friday we go to the Marina beach at 10:00pm and we get food from outside a place called “MAATAS” near my place and of course we also get other soft drinks. We spend time till midnight and then we all sleep at my place. We started this practice right from our third semester. At times, we go to symposiums conducted by Engineering college students just for the sake of seeing girls. We have gone to almost all engineering colleges in Chennai. It‟s the best time to see girls as generally they come in saree on that day. That‟s how I met the girl of my life. The most important coincidence is that even my friends met their girls of their lives. FLASHBACK I still remember the day, 20th June 2009 when I went to the symposium of Meenakshi Sunderrajan College of Engineering. It is a private engineering college in Kodambakkam in Chennai. The important aspect of this college is that, there is woman‟s college very much adjacent to it. The woman‟s college is Meenakshi college for Women. The management keeps the symposium of the engineering college and the cultural of the women‟s college on the same day. One of my friends, bharani studied there. He is a year elder to me. He had invited me for the symposium. Symposiums in

chennai‟s engineering colleges have technical events like paper presentation, project display, etc. Apart from this they conduct events like adzap, quiz, Treasure hunt for which we used to go and take part. So we entered the college premises at 11:00am. Once we parked our bikes, we four of us entered the building. Outside the building of the engineering college, Bharani was waiting for us. He welcomed us and we started moving towards the registration counter. “What da? It‟s too crowded at the registration itself.” I asked. “Yes, today is the symposium for us and the cultural for the woman‟s college.” Bharani said. “Then we can go to the woman‟s college cultural right?” Raghav asked. “I am in for sure.” Shiva said. “Hey stop it guys, their events are boring just singing and dancing that too only after 4pm. We have interesting...” Bharani was talking but I was looking at the registration counter and there was a girl. There was a striking feature about her that attracted me instantly. She was wearing a green saree, silver bangles in both her hands, lip gloss. She was very simple and no makeup at all. I like girls who don‟t apply makeup. I started walking

towards her. “Dai, I am talking da.” Bharani said. “Yes go on. I am listening.” I said. “Fine. So treasure hunt event will be exciting that we can pair up teams...” Bharani was talking on and on. I walked over to the registration counter. She was writing something on a paper. I went near her as the other guys followed me. She lifted her face and saw me coming. “Hi, Welcome to our college symposium & culturals. I would like to have your name and college name.” She said. She had a tag with a badge and I badly wanted to see her name. I tried hard and could see only “S” before which she turned her ID card. “Hi, my name is Srikkanth and I am from law college.” I said. “Okay, Which event do you want to participate?” She asked. “Actually I heard that we can pair up with girls for the treasure hunt event. Would you be interested in getting paired up with me?” I asked with a smile. She stared at me, stood up and shouted “Hey Sindhu, can you please help me out here?” “Yes sure.” She said. “Hey, excuse me.” I said to her. She started walking away. „Mannn she‟s awesome!!‟ I thought. Then Sindhu came there. “Yes, tell me.” Sindhu said.

“No actually I was kidding with her as to whether she would pair up with me for treasure hunt.” I said. “She‟s not that type of a girl. She is sensitive.” Sindhu said. “Okay. Can I just know her name?” I asked. “Sudha” Sindhu said. “Okay fine. We want to register for the treasure hunt and adzap event.” I said. “Sure.” She said and noted our names and gave us our lunch tokens. We started walking towards the auditorium for the inauguration talk when Raghav ran back and spoke to Sindhu. “Uhh, Excuse me!” Raghav said. “Yes?” Sindhu asked. “We‟ll go to lunch at 1pm. The time of the event is not mentioned. Who is organizing the event?” He asked. “Me and my friend.” She said. “Okay fine. Uhh... Ahem... Can I have your number please? So that I can call you and ask about the timings.” Raghav asked with a hesitation. She smiled and gave him her number. He then started walking towards us with a smile that said „Yes, I have done it.‟ All five of us entered the auditorium and we were waiting for the program to start. We sat in a continuous row. Raghav was messaging Sindhu. There were girls everywhere. Many of them were with their mates. There were many gorgeous looking girls

but my mind was thinking only about her. The function started with a song. Three girls were singing a traditional song. Moulee is a song addict. He is crazy about carnatic music and people who sing carnatic songs too. I was sitting near moulee. Moulee asked “Hey machi, how is the girl who is singing?” “How can I see from this long distance da? Why are you asking?” I asked. “Her voice is mesmerising. I would love to speak to her.” He said. “Okay, don‟t worry we have Bharani with us.” I said winking at Bharani who was sitting beside Moulee. “Dai this is too much da. Anyways her name is Deepika! She sings for all the college events. She hates boys though!” Bharani said. “Oh I see. Sounds interesting.” Moulee said. The song was over and the programs started. Bharani, Moulee, Shiva and I were talking aimlessly and gossiping while Raghav was busy frying nuts with Sindhu. After the paper presentation and the project display event got over, we went for lunch to the canteen. Buffet was arranged for all the participants. We started eating when Deepika passed by us. Moulee went behind her and said, “Hey, I am Moulee from law college. You sing really well. Your voice is truly mesmerising.” “Thanks.” She said bluntly and walked away.

“See I told you, she doesn‟t react properly to guys da machi.” Bharani said. Moulee became upset. It was 2:00pm when lunch was over. We proceeded to the ad-zap event. The topic that was given to us was toothpaste. We got our turn and we broke the crowd into wrecking laughter. We got the first place in ad-zap. We went to the cafeteria. I bought a coke. Just when I turned, she was standing there. “Hi, what‟s up?” I asked. “You were amazing on stage. You have talents.” She said. “Haaa thank you, thank you Pooja.” I said. “My name is Sudha not Pooja.” She said. “Yep I know, but just wanted you to tell out your name.” I said with a smile. “You‟re smart.” She said. “I know. Have a nice day. Bye.” I said and started to leave. “Hey.” She called. I turned and said “Yes?” “I was wondering if we could team up for treasure hunt.” She said with a smile. „That smile, I can never ever forget it. Her teeth when she

smiles make her pulchritudinous.‟ I thought.
“Sure. I would love you.” I said. She looked at me in shock. “Oops sorry I would love to.” I smiled.

She smiled and we went to the place where the event was about to take place. We didn‟t win the treasure hunt, but I surely won a big treasure – her heart. It was just half hour of playing treasure hunt together, running around, searching for clues, etc. But I seriously wished the game never ended. It was 4:00pm. Shiva, Bharani and Moulee were having tea at the canteen. Me, Sudha, Sindhu and Raghav were walking in the ground. “So when does the dance program and all start?” Raghav asked Sindhu. “Well, it should start in an hour. Why asking?” Sindhu asked. “No, just want to see the girls dance.” He said showing his teeth. “I will kill you.” She said and that‟s it a love story blossomed there. Sudha and me were talking about a range of things. I got to know about her hobbies and also about her family. I loved it when she talked, looking at her cute expressions made me skip many heartbeats. We managed to pass one hour and we went to the auditorium. This time the women‟s college auditorium. The women‟s college was very strict. There was a solo singing competition as well as group singing competition. The first singer was Deepika. She came over to the dias. Just as she was walking on the stage

Moulee got up and shouted and clapped. The entire audience turned back and saw Moulee and so did Deepika. Moulee turned to me and said, “I was just encouraging her.” “Well, this is enough for her to be mad on you for this century.” I said. Moulee sank down to his seat. After Deepika finished singing he ran to the backstage. In fifteen minutes, he came smiling. “Machi I became friends with her.” “What? I can‟t believe it. How?” Bharani said. “Haha, Nothing I just told her about myself and she became comfortable being friends.” Moulee said. “All were lies right.” Shiva said winking. We all laughed but I felt happy for Moulee. „Such a nice guy

he is‟ I thought.
The dance competition was over and then came the choreo night. It was a wonderful four hour event. In between we had a break. We all wanted something to eat. Shiva wasn‟t hungry. So we all went to the canteen. When we came back, Shiva wasn‟t there. We called his mobile but there was no answer. We started watching the dance shows and all the women were rocking the dance floor. After an hour, Shiva came with a girl. The girl ran to the stage and the next dance was performed by her team. I asked him “What happened da? Where were you all along?”

“That girl you saw now, she left the karoke for the dance at her place. She had neither time nor vehicle to pick it up. So I took her to her place and brought the karoke.” He said. “That‟s some timely help I guess.” Raghav said. “Yes, that‟s nice of you.” I said. The choreo night was over. All the students started to leave. The buses were ready to leave. Just as we went to the parking lot, the girl who Shiva helped came running. “Hey shiva, Thanks for your timely help. Without you the dance would have been a flop.” “Hey no problem.” Shiva said. “Hey guys this is Lavanya.” Shiva said . “And Lavanya this is Srikkanth, Raghav, Moulee and of course you must be knowing Bharani. They are my best friends.” Just as he was introducing the buses started. “Nice to meet you guys” She said. “Oh my god... My bus left.” She said in a sad tone. “That‟s okay. Shiva can drop you. We can catch an auto.” I said. “Okay with me.” Shiva said with a glee. “Fine bye guys. See you sometime later.” Lavanya said. “Hey machi...” Raghav called. “Yes da. Tell.” I said. “Can you drive my bike with Moulee? Me and Bharani will come by auto.” He said.

“Fine. But why?” I asked. “I have to message Sindhu.” He said smiling. “Machi I have to also message Deepi. So I will come with Raghav. You and Baha go in the bike.” Moulee said. “Well, Okay. No problem.” I said. Me and Bharani went to the parking lot and the other two guys caught an auto to my place. Shiva was in my place an hour later. By the time I reached home, I had received four messages from Sudha. I replied her but she slept off. I sent her the message „Had an awesome day with you. You

looked very beautiful in the green saree. Was driving that‟s why couldn‟t reply. Catch you tomo. Take care. Good night and sweet dreams.‟
PRESENT Now all the four of us are committed. Myself and Sudha, Raghav and Sindhu, Shiva and Lavanya, Moulee and Deepika. We were happy till disaster struck.

What happens Next?

Episode - 2 There was no problem with two pairs in our gang. Sudha and I; Shiva and Lavanya had no problems in their love life with respect to our parent‟s acceptance. On the other hand, Raghav and Sindhu; Moulee and Deepika had certain problems. It was 25th October 2009, that‟s when the disaster occurred. Sindhu‟s parents had been searching for a groom right from the age she turned 21. They had finally decided on the groom and called them to see the girl. Sindhu was madly in love with Raghav and she couldn‟t tell it straight to her parents or neither could Raghav tell it to his parents. He wanted to finish his studies and then confess to his parents. There was nothing Raghav or anyone of us could do except to pray. The guy‟s family came over and they liked Sindhu a lot. The horoscopes also matched. We couldn‟t do anything but to console both of them. That night I spoke to Sindhu. I got all the details of the groom and his family. Me and Shiva were thinking what to do. Then Shiva gave me an idea. The next day morning at 10:00am Shiva and I went to the groom‟s place. We decided to go to the groom‟s place. Just when we were about to enter their house, we heard some arguments. “I can‟t marry this girl just for you, dad. I told u I love nidhi. How can I marry this girl when I am in love with someone else?” The guy was shouting.

As soon as we heard this, Shiva and myself looked at each other with a glee in our faces. “I can‟t do anything now, I have already informed the girl‟s parents.” The dad said. “That‟s okay. I will go and inform them now itself.” The guy said. “I won‟t allow you for that.” Dad said. I stormed in and said, “There‟ll be no need for you to inform. We are coming on behalf of the girl‟s place.” “Who are you?” The dad asked. “Sorry to interrupt. I am a friend of Sindhu‟s. More like her brother. I just want to talk something personal to you.” I said. “Yes please. Sit down.” They said. “This is my friend shiva.” I said. They acknowledged him also. I told them regarding Raghav and Sindhu, their sincere love for each other. “The only way we can stop this is by confessing everything sir. Please don‟t separate them. True love should never fail.” I said in a pleading tone. “Yes sir please. They mean a lot to us.” Shiva said. “Yes dad. Please it‟s my life as well as her‟s at stake. Please.” The guy pleaded. “Okay fine. I will call them now and tell.” He said. In ten minutes he called them and confesses about his son‟s love affair. Though Sindhu‟s father was perplexed, he had no

other choice but to cancel it. Then shiva and myself met Raghav and told him everything. He got his life back. We asked him to call Sindhu‟s father and arrange a meeting. He called her father and arranged a meeting outside a temple. Sindhu‟s dad knew that Raghav and his daughter were friends. Her dad came after he worshipped the temple. He acknowledged Raghav and they walked towards the back of the temple. Raghav then confessed everything to her dad. He remained calm and listened patiently. He was okay with the love marriage but he said that first Raghav had to confess to his parents and get an approval. Raghav asked for a time of six months. That became a temporary solution to their problem. Things were again back in full swing, classes which we bunked, marina beach meetings, night stays, going out as a gang, etc. We successfully completed another year in our law career. Raghav had confessed his love at his place. To his surprise, they accepted without any hesitations. There were absolutely no problems at all. We were now in final year of our law career. In the final year all we had to do is, compile a case study. That is, take a case, study it and display the pros and cons of the case. This was the most important aspect of the law course. We had to practice under a lawyer. While shiva and Moulee wanted to practice under a lawyer who fights for women rights, Raghav and I were interested to practice under a criminal lawyer.

We were in dire search of a lawyer. Shiva and Moulee found Mr. Anantha Narayanan a famous women‟s rights advocate and we found out Mr. Bharadwaj Sunder a famous criminal lawyer. The day we went to meet them, we got selected for the case study. Both the advocates asked us to research for a case study in a month and get back to them. So we had a month‟s time before we could search for a case. We went to the public library in Chennai. It had archives of many newspapers which had lot of information regarding murders, suicides, etc. We also visited our college library which contained archives of the case studies done by our seniors. We borrowed some of them for reference. We also went to Connimera Library which is one of the ancient libraries in Chennai. Though we couldn‟t find anything for the case, I borrowed couple of books like “Life after death” by Deepak Chopra and another book titled “Spirit Rescue” by Wilma Davidson. I had a special interest and belief in these kinds of paranormal books. I believed in one of the most controversial statements that „Ghosts and spirits existed.‟ We were working round the clock to find a case. But we had no luck. One day, we went to Anna University cultural symposium named „Kurukshethra‟10‟. We enjoyed the day over there. The canteen at Anna University is simply superb. One can come there at least for tasting the food. Raghav and I were in a

hurry to meet Sindhu and Sudha respectively. So we informed Shiva and Moulee that we are starting. They wanted to drink juice and they said they will follow us. Just as we started towards the exit, a car came very swiftly. The door of the car opened and a girl was pushed outside the university. We were shocked to see it. The girl fell down. Raghav and I immediately parked our bikes on the spot and ran towards her. Just as she fell down, I lifted her and asked, “Are you all right?” She stood up and took her hand from mine forcibly and said “Fine thanks.” “What happened? Who pushed you outside the car?” I asked. “No one pushed me. I fell down accidentally.” She said. She was lying and I could find that from her eyes. But I had no choice but to believe her. There was some pain in her eyes. “Okay fine.” I said and she started moving towards the entrance. She took her cell phone and made a call. Raghav took something which had fallen on the ground and gave it to me. I looked at it. It was an Anna University ID card. Student name was SAHANA S, Final year ECE. She was walking swiftly when Raghav called out “Sahana...” She turned back. We could see some tears in her eyes. We both walked over and gave the ID card to her. She said “Thanks.”

She walked away. It took us sometime to remember her. Raghav said “Hey you remember her?” “No I don‟t.” I said. “This was the girl we met in Sri Vemkateswara College of Engineering. You remember the cultural programme that took part in that college right? Last year.” Raghav exclaimed. FLASHBACK The four of us went to Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering in Sriperumbudur. It‟s one of the famous engineering college in Tamil Nadu situated in the National highway of Chennai – Bangalore. It was a cultural fest. In the cultural fest, they had a singing competition and as usual Moulee was on his toes. At that time one girl from Anna University sang. She sang the song „Cheeni Kum hai‟ from the movie cheeni kum. The most impressive aspect of her singing was that, she sang one stanza in hindi and the other stanza in tamil and her voice strongly resembled Shreya Goshal‟s voice. Quite undoubtedly, she got the first prize. As soon as she got the first prize, we wanted to congratulate her as she was stupendous on stage. When we went outside, we saw her running into the arms of a guy. She hugged him tight. “You were great on stage dear. Congrats.” He said with a smile “Thanks da.” She said and held his hands tightly.

It was like witnessing two lovers with extreme love and affection at its pinnacles. We approached them. “Yes?” The guy asked. “Hi, I am Moulee and these are my friends. You were simply great on stage.” Moulee exclaimed. “Thanks a lot.” She said. We just smiled at her. “She‟s trying for a chance to sing in movies.” The guy said. “Oh that‟s great. We wish you all the very best.” I said. “We have become great fan of yours. Your voice was simply superb.” Raghav said. “Espcially the way u mixed Hindi and Tamil was too good.” Shiva said with a smile. “Thanks guys. Thanks a lot.” She said. “Can we get your autograph please?” I asked. “Guys, I... This is too much...” She said. “Honey, someday you would surely come across these situations.” “Yes. That day we‟ll tell that we were the first ones to get Autograph from you.” Raghav said with excitement. “Okay fine.” She said. We gave her a paper. She signed her name with the date and gave it to me. “One more thing, can I get your Autograph too?” I asked the guy.

“Mine?” He asked with a shock. “Yes, You form a great couple. Please my request.” “Okay thanks.” He said and signed the paper. “We‟ll keep it for life.” Raghav said. “That‟s cool. Can I know your names as well?” The guy said. “I am Srikkanth. This is Raghav and this is Shiva.” I said. “Okay. Cool. I am Krishna and this is Sahana.” He said. “Fine. Thanks for your autograph. We need to get going. All the best for your love and career.” I said. We all said bye and departed from the college. PRESENT “Yes, She is that girl. Sahana. I think she is depressed. Shall we go and talk to her?” I asked. “No machi. I don‟t think it‟s a good idea. We can surely meet her some other day.” Raghav said. “Okay fine.” I said. “Now let‟s hurry up. We need to meet our girls.” Raghav said. “Oops, yes.” I said and we started from Anna University and went to their college. From there we went to our favourite couple hangout spot „BLUE-BERRIES‟. It‟s an eat-out in T.Nagar. It has all ice-creams and of course junk food. It‟s our favourite hangout spot. We spent around couple of hours there. Then we dropped

them at their places and we went to my place. Moulee and Shiva were waiting there. That night we played carom and saw few videos of „SAM ANDERSON‟ in you tube and slept off. The next day morning, I woke up first to put coffee for myself and my friends. My parents had gone out of station and my brother worked abroad. So I had to manage things by myself. I opened the main door, washed the floor and put „KOLAM‟. It might sound silly for a guy to do such things but as far as I am concerned, it‟s not necessary only for a woman to do such works. I took the paper and milk packets and went inside. I switched on the stove and boiled the milk. I went to the hall and opened the newspaper. I just browsed through the pages. Something caught my eye. I was startled and petrified. “Oh my god!” I exclaimed. I ran and woke up the guys. Raghav was sleeping soundly. No one could wake up Moulee when he‟s asleep and Shiva got up immediately. “What happened da? Why waking us so early?” Shiva asked. I showed him the newspaper and he read the headlines and his eyes widened up. He was shocked. “Raghav, please get up da. You need to take a look at this.” Shiva said. Moulee and Raghav woke up and saw the paper. “What the hell?” Moulee said.

“Oh god. This can‟t be true.” Raghav said. “No da. That‟s it. Yesterday itself the situation was abnormal. SAHANA IS DEAD.” I said. “She was such a nice girl.” Raghav said. “She had a great voice.” Moulee said. Shiva was dumbstruck. He remained silent.

The newspaper read: Young Girl Dies in an accident. A girl aged 21 died in an accident when she was driving back from her college at Anna University in her scooty. Police later identified her as Sahana and the police informed her parents. A resident of Saidapet, 3rd cross main road was returning home from college when a TATA Winger dashed her accidentally. It was a hit and run accident. None of the Witnesses noted the car number. Police are investigating the case. I looked and Raghav and sank my head.

„We can surely meet her some other day, Raghav said and the next day SHE‟S DEAD.‟ I thought. What happens Next? Wait and Watch... The plot begins :-)

Episode - 3 It took me some time to get out from the shock. „She was in

some problem. I could see it in her eyes. I could have consoled her if not solving her prob.‟ I thought.
„She was young, talented and had a great love. Poor guy I

wonder how her guy Krishna will bear this.‟ I thought.
I couldn‟t bear it. I called Sudha and explained everything to her. “Okay sri, don‟t worry. It is all destined. You can‟t change it.” She said. “I know da. But I could have at least spoken to her.” I said. “That is what I am telling you. Everything is destined. The actions that happen in our life are all destined. Don‟t feel for it. It all happens for the good.” She said. “Okay Sudha. I will just talk to you in sometime.” I said. “That‟s okay da. But no hard feelings. Just relax your mind. Take care sri.” She said. “Okay fine.” “Okay bye.” She said. “Hey...” I said. “Yeah tell da.” She said. “You won‟t know how much this consoling meant to me. You mean to me much more than what my words could possibly express. I love you.” I said. “You mean the world to me darling. Anything for you. Take

care. Love you too. Bye.” She said. “Bye Sudha.” I said and hung up the call. I looked at the newspaper for some time. „I could have done

something.‟ I thought.
Then I started my daily routine. The guys got up and went to their homes. We planned to meet at 11:00am and start to the college. Going to college was only for the sake of meeting the guys and plan for an outing. Just as I was about to leave, I got a call from advocate Bharadwaj Sunder‟s office. “Hello.” I said. “Hi is this Srikkanth? I am calling from advocate‟s office. I am his PA. My name is Janani.” She said. “Oh, Hi Janani. I am Srikkanth. Please tell.” I said. “The advocate wanted to meet you at 11:00am. You and your friend Raghav right?” She asked. “Yes mam.” I said. “You can call me Janani itself. No formalities.” She said. “Okay fine. We ll be there.” I said. “Okay bye.” She said and hung up the call. I called Raghav and told him regarding the meeting. “What the...? He gave us one month time right? Now what‟s his problem? Cha I hate this.” Raghav said. “So do I da machi. But maximum say half hour only meeting will be. Then we can come and meet our guys for sure.” I assured him.

“Okay fine.” He said with a sigh. “Tea shop at 10:30. Be ready.” I said. “Okay. Bye.” He said. “Bye da.” I said and hung up the call. I reached the tea shop at 10:30am, picked up Raghav and we drove to the advocate‟s office. We reached by 10:55am. “Hi, I am Srikkanth. We have an appointment with the advocate.” I said. “Hi, I am his PA.” She said. “Oh Janani right? Hi. This is my friend Raghav.” I said. “Oh Hi.” She said to Raghav. “Hi.” He said. “You have to wait for some time. You can sit there.” She said. “Okay fine.”Raghav said. She smiled at me and I smiled back. “Dai what da smiling and all? I will report to Sudha madam.” Raghav threatened me with a wink. “Hey just a casual smile da. You know about me.” I said. “Yes, of course I do. Just kidding.” Raghav said with a pat on my shoulders. We were waiting in the lobby. The PA called the advocate and informed him but still he didn‟t call us in. One hour passed by and Raghav started to feel frustrated. “Why the hell did he call us soon if he‟s not going to meet us at 11:00am. It‟s so frustrating.” Raghav said.

“Yes I know. But maybe he got some urgent work.” I said. “Yeah maybe he got diarrhoea. Haha.” Raghav laughed. “You may go in now.” Janani said. Raghav stumbled and then we got up and went inside. “Excuse me. May I come in Sir.” Raghav asked. “Yes please.” The advocate said. This was the first time we had met him. We had just spoke to him over phone asking for doing a case study under his guidance. He was a young man nearing his mid 30‟s, very charming. His office room was full of books. His records spoke of his name and fame. Raghav and I felt belittled as we went further inside his room. We approached the seat. “Sit down please.” He said. Raghav and I sat down. “What would you like to have anything hold or cold?” He asked. “Well any cold drinks.” Raghav said with a glee. “Okay fine.” He said. He called his PA and ordered for 3 Limca‟s. It was brought quite immediately. “Please gentlemen.” He said. We started drinking. While Raghav was decent enough to use a straw, I took out the straw and made myself comfortable. “My name is Bharadwaj Sunder. People call me an expert in criminal cases, a Mozart in court who argues with extreme politeness and wit. But according to me, I see myself just like

a junior willing to practice under an advocate. I see every new case like my first case. I work towards it with extreme attention to even the minute details. That‟s the important reason for my success. You understand guys?” He asked. “Yes Sir.” We said in chorus. “That‟s good. Now what is the progress of the case study?” He asked. “We are desperately searching for a case. But till now no success.” Raghav said. “Oh... I see. I think I gave you guys a month‟s time right?” He asked. “Yes Sir.” Raghav said and I nodded my head. “Ok fine. Take your time and get back to me. I have a case this week which I will be busy with so will get in touch with you after that.” He said. “Okay Sir fine.” We said. “Meanwhile, I have some work for you guys. My last month case files documentation is pending; if you can help me with the documentation it would be greatly appreciated.” He said. We had no other choice but to accept. We accepted to help him and Janani led us to the way of the documentation room. She had segregated every month‟s case files in a very systematic manner. There were totally 32 cases last month and we had to do the documentation for all of them. It took us over 7 hours to finish it and at the end we were totally

exhausted. Raghav then called Moulee. “Hey machi, it‟s me da.” Raghav said. “Dai sollu da.” Moulee said. (MEANING – Yeah

“Dai Bessi beach ku vanthudu. Maatas and beer. Shiva va yum kootindu vaa.” Raghav said. (MEANING – Come to Bessi beach. Food from maatas and get

beer. Bring shiva too.)
“Seri da. Time?” Moulee asked. (MEANING – Okay sure. Time?) “10. Usual time. We are starting from here now.” Raghav said. “Okay then see u tada!” Moulee said. “Bye.” Raghav said and ended the call. Both of us started to Bessi beach. We reached in half hour, parked the bike and started walking. Marina beach has balloon shooting, ice creams, corn in cups, etc. But the famous item is

Bajji. Whenever we went there, we got Bajji from Ramu anna kadai (Ramu‟s shop).
We got Bajji from there and started walking towards the water. Raghav and I sat down. We hadn‟t spoken to our girls from the morning. So we thought of speaking to them. It was almost 10:00pm. Raghav called Sindhu and they were talking. I called Sudha but there was no answer at all.

„Guess she slept off.‟ I thought.

I sent her message – Sorry honey was very busy with work so

couldn‟t call you. Take care. Hope my angel is sleeping like a cute baby. Good night Srikk dreams.
„I seriously wish I could spend more time with her. Well

definitely till such time she will understand.‟ I thought.
I suddenly felt a strange feeling. A feeling of being uncomfortable. Sometimes when ur alone you feel your surrounded by someone or something. When you sleep late night you get that creepy feeling. I looked around. Raghav was talking at a distance. The beach was very lonely and deserted. I felt something walking at my back. I was too hesitant to turn back. I was watching the waves. Many of them would have sensed this feeling of seeing someone over the back of your shoulders especially during nights. I have a special interest in reading about spirits and communicating with them. Not all of them can feel spirits around them. There are only a sect of people in the three cadres of human beings who can feel spirits. Just as I was thinking about this something hit hard on my shoulders. I was petrified. I turned to see and it was Shiva. “Dai, neeya?” I said with a great sigh of relief. (MEANING

– Oh, it‟s you.)
“Yes of course it‟s me. You look as though you‟ve seen a ghost!” Shiva laughed. “I am just tired.” I said.

“Okay. Don‟t worry Maatas and Kingfisher will help you.” Shiva said. “I hope so.” I said. Moulee came and showed the bags containing the food and drinks. “That‟s cool. You got Schezwan Gobi Fried Rice for me right?” I asked. “Yep, as always.” Moulee said. “Okay cool. Let‟s start.” I said. “Dai Raghav, come da. Let‟s eat.” Moulee shouted. Raghav came in five minutes and we started eating. By the time we finished eating, it was 11pm. Then we opened Mr. Kingfisher with all due respect. It was almost midnight when the whistle blew. It is a practice of the Chennai police not to allow anyone stay in the beach after midnight. The whistle was blowing and we were asked to leave immediately. We went to the parking lot and started our bikes. Raghav and I were on my bike and Shiva and Moulee were on Shiva‟s bike. I and Moulee were driving the two bikes. We started from Besant nagar and went through Adayar. In around ten minutes we were nearing Anna University. I felt a cold shrill making me remember SAHANA and her accident. I shook my body. Near Anna University there is a signal. It was blinking ORANGE. So I proceeded through the signal. Moulee and Shiva were behind us by a distance. I saw a scooty in front of

us. A girl was riding the scooty. She had her hair loose, pink chudidhar with white dhupatta and she was driving a pink scooty. She didn‟t wear any helmet. “Hey machi, girls have become really bold da.” I said. “Why da? What happened?” Raghav asked. “Look at the girl in front of us. She is riding her scooty without helmet at midnight. Wow she must be really brave.” I said. “Yeah that‟s true da. Okay go in front we shall see her face.” Raghav said. „TN-09-BF-4090‟ I memorised the registration number “Okay fine.” I said and increased my throttle. As we went near also she didn‟t increase her speed. She was going in a constant throttle. She was covering her face with her dhupatta probably to protect herself from the chill breeze. Raghav said to her, “Hello madam.” No reply from her. She neither did turn her head also. “Hello, excuse me.” He said again. No reply nor did she turn her head also. “What da? She is not at all responding.” Raghav asked me. “Hey leave it da.” I said. Suddenly she stopped in a signal and we proceeded. The signal was just blinking ORANGE but still she stopped. “Why did she stop? It was Orange only right?” Raghav asked. “I hope so. Anyways free da.” I said,

We crossed Saidapet bus stand and took the 2nd left to East Jones Road. In the beginning of the road there is a y-shaped road. On the left side of the Y-shaped road there is a temple. The right side of the Y-shaped road is a shortcut. Once we entered the East Jones Road, I took the left side of the Y-shaped road. Just as I took the left, I was shocked and petrified. The same girl with the same scooty, was standing there just beside the temple and was staring at a house diagonally opposite to the temple. I patted Raghav and asked him to look at her too. She was dumbstruck. She had never overtaken us to reach before us. Besides she stopped at the signal. There was no chance that she would have crossed us as there was no other shortcut. She was standing there beside the temple. The entire road stretch was damn silent. I raised the throttle to make some sound but still she didn‟t turn back. “Let‟s get out of here da.” Raghav said. “Yes sure.” I said and we accelerated. As we proceeded towards the end of the road I remembered, “Dai Shiva and Moulee da.” I said. “Oh yes. We have to wait for them.” Raghav said. Both of us didn‟t have guts to turn back. In a minute I heard a bike near us. “Machi...” Shiva said. We turned back and she was gone. We couldn‟t see any signs of her and the bike. I was totally petrified.

“Let‟s leave soon.” I said. We reached my place in another 10 minutes and my heart was pounding very hard. Raghav was saying everything that happened to Moulee and Shiva. While Moulee believed, Shiva was laughing hard and said that it was the effect of Mr.Kingfisher. “Raghav, stop I have an idea. I know the vehicle number. If we go to the RTO and find her address then we can decide as to whether we really saw a spirit or a human.” I said. “Yes, that‟s a good idea.” Raghav said. We all hit the bed, I was thinking „we can decide as to

whether we really saw a spirit or a human.‟ and I gulped. „TN-09-BF-4090. Here I come tomorrow.‟ I thought and
closed my eyes.

What happens Next? :-) wait and Watch...
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Episode - 4 The next day morning, I woke up at 8:00am. I woke up the guys and said “Hey Raghav, we surely saw that same girl right?” “Yes sure shot. The same girl only.” Raghav said. “Okay fine. Let‟s get ready and start to the RTO.” I said. “Okay fine. Hey guys you‟re coming right?” Raghav asked Moulee and Shiva. “No da. I Am going out with Lavanya for a movie.” Shiva said. “I‟m also not coming da. Have to meet Mr.Ananth and discuss about the case study.” Moulee said. “Okay fine.”Raghav said. Raghav and I started at 9:00am. We went to the RTO office in Jafferkhanpet. We reached by 9:30am. It was very crowded and many people were waiting in queues. Many people

were waiting for their driving license, for driving, for getting forms, etc. I was wondering how and whom to contact, when Raghav said “Hey come with me machi.” I went with him. He was approaching a man. “Hello sir. Epdi irukeenga?” Raghav asked. Hello sir. How are you?) “Uh. Yaaru paa nee?” He asked. you?) “Sir, enna nyabagam illaya? Naa than Raghav.” Raghav said with an excitement. (MEANING – Sir, Don‟t you remember me? I am Raghav.) “Illaye paa.” He said. “Ada enna Sir?” Raghav asked. (MEANING – What sir?) Raghav then turned to me and said, “Dai machi, I told you know. He is our man. Very simple man. Till he is there we needn‟t worry.” Without knowing what to say, I just smiled and nodded my head. The man was smiling proud and at the same time he was confused as to whom we were. I felt like a dumb – ass. Raghav then turned to that man and asked “Aprom sir, madam, paiyan lam epdi irukaanga?” (MEANING – Then Sir? How are people at home? Son? Wife?) (MEANING – I don‟t.) (MEANING – Who are (MEANING –

This was more than enough for the man. “Ellam nalla irukaanga paa.” He said with a glee. said. sir.) “Sollu paa.” The man said. tell.) “Illa sir, oru vandi number iruku. Atha vechu address ah vaanganum.” Raghav said. (MEANING – I have a vehicle number. I want the address of the vehicle.) “Avlo thane. Number ah kudunga.” The person asked and I handed a piece of paper to him. He started walking away to his office. (MEANING – That‟s it. Okay give the number.) “Hey machi, who‟s that guy?” I asked. “If I knew it I would have told his name right.” He said with a wink. “What?” I asked. “You only said you didn‟t know whom to contact or approach so only I used this trick. “ he said. “Wow, you are quite spontaneous da mama.” I said. (MEANING – Yes (MEANING – All are fine.) (MEANING – I need a small favour “Super sir. Oru china help venum.” Raghav

“All talent da.” He said with a wink. We waited for the man to get the details. I was anxiously expecting that everything was an illusion. The man came out with an A4 paper. He came near us and handed over the paper. “Here it is, the address of the vehicle number and the owner of the vehicle.” Raghav got the paper from the man and saw it. He was struck with awe. He was holding the paper with absolute shock. I took the paper from him and saw it. I couldn‟t believe my eyes. It was written: RTO DATABASE SEARCH Vehicle Number TN – 09 – BF – 4090 Vehicle Owner SAHANA S Father‟s Name SATHISH KUMAR.P Address : 3rd Cross, No.27, East Jones Road, : : :



„Vehicle Owner : Sahana? Address : East Jones Road. She died

three days ago? The newspaper read her address, her pink scooty, no helmet, etc. And everything was the same when me and Raghav saw her near the temple. What‟s all this?‟ I
thought. “What happened?” The man asked. Raghav suddenly shook his body and said “Nothing sir, I will never forget this help. Take this sir.” He kept a hundred rupee note and pulled me towards the exit. “Machi, we saw her. I mean saw it. I mean...” Raghav said. “I can understand Raghav, don‟t get tensed.” I said. “What the hell? Why? I can‟t understand anything.” He said. “Relax, don‟t panic.” I said. “What do we do now?” He asked. “You know what I am thinking machi.” I said. “Fine. Let‟s go.” He said. We started towards the address mentioned by the RTO. We reached the place in half hour. The residence was diagonally opposite the temple. Just as I parked the bike, I could visualize the girl standing outside the temple yesterday night. The very thought of it created ripples in my body. The residence was locked. The moment I touched the gate I felt something strange. Something like in the horror movies. There

was a garland merchant outside the temple on the opposite of the house. Raghav and I went over to him. (CONVERSATION IN ENGLISH ALSO, FOR READER‟s CONVENIENCE) “Hi akka, antha veetla yaarum illaya?” I asked the lady. (MEANING – Excuse me, is there no one in that house?) “Avangellam gaali pannitaanga pa. Rendu naal munnadi.” She said. (MEANING – They left the house 2 days back.) “Enna akka solreenga? Enna thidernu?” I asked. (MEANING – What are you telling? Why suddenly?) “Ungalukku Vishayame theriyatha? Naalu naal munnadi intha veetu ponnu accident la sethuduchu. Intha veedu raasi illa josiyar sollitaaru. Adutha naale veeda gaali pannitanga.” The lady said. (MEANING – You don‟t know the issue? Four days ago, the girl in the house died in an accident. The astrologer told this house is inauspicious. So the next day itself they left the house.) “Oh apdiya? Avanga enga ponanga nu theriyuma ka?” I asked. (MEANING – Oh is it? Do you know where they went?) “Edho velacherry la oru company pinnadi edho flat sonnanga. Dai kanna athu enna peru da?” She asked a boy near her. (MEANING – They went to a flat behind some company in velacherry. Hey what‟s that company‟s name?)

“Sootherland ma” The small boy said. “Oh Sutherland huh?” Raghav asked the lady. “Haa athan. Antha perae vaaila nozhaya maatengarthu.” The lady said. (MEANING – Yes exactly, I am not ablt to pronounce that word properly.) “Oh seri ka thanks.” I said and turned to Raghav. “Machi we need to go to velacherry.” I said. “We‟ll go but I want to ask you something.” Raghav said. “Yes da. Ask.” I said. “Why are we probing a lot in this?” Raghav asked. “I have all the answers for you machi. But not now, trust me. We have to move fast.” I said and started the bike. Velacherry was one of the fastest developing areas in Chennai. If you had seen the area a decade back and now, one would be amazed. Sutherland was situated near the Vijayanagar Bus

stand. There was a huge apartment called “Green Paradise” at
the back of Sutherland. We reached Sutherland and parked my bike at the back of the company, i.e. entrance of the flat. Raghav and I went towards the security office. “Hello, excuse me.” Raghav said. “Yes?” The security said. “I want to meet Mr.Sathish Kumar who shifted here a couple

of days back.” Raghav said. “Okay fine. Sign this register.” The security said. “Okay. May I know the apartment number?” I asked. “D-803.” The security said. “Okay thanks.” I said. The register had six columns. It had details like Name, Address, Phone Number, House of Visit, Person of visit, In time. First Raghav entered his details and then I entered my details. We walked inside the huge flat in search of Block –D. The entire flat was filled with kids. All kids were playing, running, cycling, etc. It was a joyful sight to look at innocent children laugh and smile. It makes you to forget the heaviest problem in your heart. We crossed Block-A and Block-B. There was a small underground passage probable for parking. BlockC & D were adjacent to each other. We entered Block-D and opened the lift. We pressed 8th floor button. Both Raghav and I were very silent. We were tensed and we could see it in each other‟s face. The lift reached 8th floor. Raghav gulped. We got out from the lift. D-803 was on the right. We went and stood near the door. Quite confused on what to do next, Raghav and I looked at each other. I decided to ring the door bell. I rang the bell. In around 10 seconds the door opened slowly.

“Uh Hi, I am Srikkanth and this is Raghav. We have to come meet Mr. Sathish.” I said. On the other side was a lady weary in looks probably nearing her 40‟s. Her eyes were swollen and she was wearing a brown colour saree. “Okay. May I know who you are?” She asked. “We are... (gulped) Sahana‟s friends aunty.” I said. “Oh. Please come In.” She said. Her face lighted up as she heard the word Sahana. She opened the door fully and let us in. We started moving inside when we saw a huge portrait of Sahana smiling. „SAHANA‟ I thought. I felt something chill on the ground. The entire flooring was of granite and extremely lavishly furnished. On the walls, there were calendars with names Sahana Constructions, Sahana Diamonds, Sahana Granites. „No wonder they are damn rich but Sahana was a simple girl.‟ I thought. We were seated in the sofa. The lady said, “Happy to see you friends here, she was our sweet angel. Next month she was to get married. But...” She started weeping. Raghav stood up and said, “Please ma, Don‟t cry. I know this is an irreparable loss.” I didn‟t talk. I couldn‟t see the pain in her eyes. Mr. Sathish came over. He was a man looking young for his

age. He must be nearing his mid 40‟s. He was stiff and tall man. He was wearing a think frame glass. “Yes, I am Sathish.” He said. “Hello uncle, I am Srikkanth and this is Raghav. We are Sahana‟s friends. I am sorry for what happened.” I said. I could see a small curve of smile on his face when he heard the name Sahana. “Oh. Yeah we are the most unlucky parents. She was an amazing daughter. Having all riches, we have lost our precious treasure.” He said and removed his glasses. Tears rolled down his eyes. “I am sorry uncle. No doubt she was an amazing girl.” Raghav assured. “By the way, did you study in the same college? Never seen you guys before.” Mr.Sathish asked. I hurriedly said, “Yes uncle.” Raghav looked at me with surprise. I just gave a plain look. “Oh that‟s good.” Mr.Sathish said. “Uncle, why did you leave the saidapet house?” Raghav asked. “Once our daughter left us, servant maids told that they saw her spirit roaming in the house doing daily routines, etc. Though I didn‟t believe it Vijay and his astrologer forced me out of the house for our safety.” Mr.Sathish. “Oh fine. Who is Vijay uncle?” I asked. “He was supposed to marry Sahana next month. He is my close

friend‟s son. Didn‟t she tell you?” Mr.Sathish asked. „Then what happened to Krishna?‟ I thought. Raghav was expecting some lock. But I said, “Sorry uncle, she has referred him as Viju only. We are unaware of his fullname.” “Okay very well. We were all happy and excited about her marriage but before that...” His voice sank down. “I understand uncle. I am sorry.” I said. “So what are you guys planning to do after engineering?” Mr.Sathish asked. Raghav gave me a „We are finished look.‟ But thanks to Bharani who has already mentioned his plans after engineering, I said “Both of us are planning to study further uncle. Master‟s in US.” “That‟s good. Sahana too wanted to study further. But she accepted for marriage just for our happiness.” Mr. Sathish said. We remained silent. “Uncle...” I said. “Yes?” Mr.Sathish asked. “If you don‟t mind, Can we have a photo of Sahana?” I asked. “Sure.” Mr.Sathish said and went inside his room. After two minutes he came with two photos. “This photo was taken during her engagement. This is Vijay.” Mr.Sathish said pointing to a man standing near Sahana.

Raghav and I looked at each other. “This photo...” Mr.Sathish started. “Is her college ID card photo.” Raghav said. “Yes.” Mr.Sathish said. “Uncle...” Raghav said. “Yes?” Mr.Sathish asked. “Can I have your phone number too?” Raghav asked. “Yes, sure.” He wrote his number in a paper and gave it to us. “Okay uncle, we will take leave.” I said. “Okay. Thanks for coming.” Mrs.Sathish said. There was enormous pain and at the same time extreme satisfaction on her voice. “Sure ma.” I tore a piece of paper and wrote my number on it and gave it to her. “Please consider me as your son ma. You can call me whenever you feel like.” I said. “God bless you both.” Mr.Sathish said. We started and came to the exit of the apartment. “Raghav, there is something fishy here.” I said. “Yes I too feel the same. They are rich, she was in love with Krishna and how can she marry this Vijay?” Raghav asked. “When her parents can do so much for her, they will surely accept her love also. Besides, look at this engagement photo. Sahana is looking sad and tensed.” I said. “Yes and look at Vijay too. He looks at least 10 - 15 years

elder than her. There is something very fishy here.” Raghav said. “We have only one choice.” Raghav continued. “Yes, I understand da. Call the guys. Tonight midnight. Before that we need to get the materials.” I said. “Yes, we shall go now.” Raghav said. We started our bike and we drove towards Parry‟s

Corner. Raghav called Shiva and Moulee and told them the
entire story. I believe in spirits. I have studied many books and online material and I have also spoken to spirits. I stopped it because of my parent‟s fears and advice. Speaking with spirits is a myth according to many people. But to me it‟s the art of communicating with your beloved ones who are no more. Spirits are not visible to everyone; they will be visible only to the people who were associated with them before their death. Raghav asked, “Machi, what is the basis of our plan?” “See machi, first Sahana is rich. She loved Krishna but she was about to get married to Vijay next month. I am damn sure that Vijay is at least 10 years elder to her. Though if we believe that Sahana‟s spirit roamed in her place there is no chance that she could harm her parents. Then why should Vijay and the astrologer drive her parents from the place? Sahana‟s spirit stopped before the temple because, there is neem tree in front of the temple. Spirits never pass the neem

tree. Neem is the most sacred and powerful of all leaves and spirits never surpass the neem leaves. She was visible only to our eyes and vanished when Shiva and Moulee came. Right?” I asked. “Yes.” Raghav said. “Yeah that‟s because she saw us last at Anna University before her death. Remember she got dropped down by that car. She was in some problem.” I said. “Yes, I remember.” Raghav said. “Exactly so at that time Shiva and Moulee weren‟t there with us. That‟s why she was not visible when all the four of us were there. You understand?” I asked, “Yes da. There is something really fishy and we have to find it out. Poor girl.” Raghav said. I just nodded my head.

“It‟s been three years and I am going to do it again. First I
have to get the ouija board.” I said. “Yes da. We should find out what happened.” Raghav said strongly.

„ Sahana, I am sorry that we lied to your parents. I‟m coming to help you.‟ I thought. What happens next?? Wait and Read :-)

Episde - 5 It took us about a couple of hours to reach Parry‟s Corner. It is a place where you get anything at a low cost. Ouija board right from the ancient times has been under constant criticism of various religions. It is believed that Ouija boards were found by the ancient Chinese people and it was used as a medium to talk to their dead beloved ones. In Parry‟s corner, Ouija boards are sold by Muslims. Muslims have always been seen as protector of mankind from spirits. Three years ago, one of my friends referred to Salim‟s shop. I still remember that day, I was in college 1st year I came to get my first Ouija board. I had the experience of talking with 5 spirits until one day I was caught by my parents. They warned and blackmailed me not to try it out again. But this time I had to do it. My parents were out of station too which gave me a great chance. Salim‟s shop was almost at the end of Flower Bazaar. I reached the shop and said “Assalamu alaikum Salim bhai.” “Hey Sri, walaikum as salaam. Walaikum as salaam. Epdi iruke?” (MEANING – May Peace be on you. How are you?) “Super ah iruken. Neenga?” I asked. (MEANING – I am doing great. How about you?) “Allah puniyathula nalla irukom.” He said. (MEANING - With Allah‟s grace, All are fine.)

I smiled at him and said, “Ithu namma dosth, peru raghav.” (MEANING – This is our friend, name is Raghav.) Raghav said,” Assalamu alaikum.” “Walaikum as salaam.” He said and smiled. “Sollunga enna venum?” He asked. (MEANING – Tell me. What do you want?) “Ouija Board. A strong one.” I said. “Okay two minutes.” He said and went inside a room and brought a box. He opened the box and said, “This is a good board. Use this for constructing a sphere.” He said pointing to a packet of holy ash. I paid the money and left the place. I was too tired to drive the bike so I asked Raghav to drive. I asked him to drive through Besant Nagar again through the same area. Though it was a circuitous route, I wanted to analyze certain things. Raghav started. During the entire journey of an hour, we were talking about Sudha and Sindhu only. The wonderful feeling of love makes you forget all problems and worries in life. We reached Besant Nagar in an hour and we drove through the same route as we did that night. We saw SAHANA from the Anna University signal. “Machi...” I said. “Yes da. Tell.” Raghav said. “We saw her out of the blue after this signal. She was wearing the same dress she wore on the day she died.” I said.

“Yeah, I still remember the day when she fell down from the car.” Raghav said as we passed Anna University signal. “Fell down? I seriously doubt that machi. I think she would have been pushed.” I said. “Pushed?” Raghav asked with a shock. “Yes but we will get to know some more information tonight.” I said. “I just don‟t understand one thing da. How did she stop that day in this signal when it was blinking orange?” Raghav asked. “Machi as far as I know, spirits follow a definite routine which they followed before they die. Like if someone sells vegetables and dies while selling them to me, then there is a great chance that I can see his spirit selling vegetables. You understand what I am trying to tell?” I asked. “Okay fine. So you mean to say someone would have intervened when she was about to cross the signal?” Raghav asked. “High possibility.” I said. “I think we are looking for something very fishy. What do you suspect?” Raghav asked. “You‟re my best friend da and you‟re still asking me this question. I suspect...” I said. “MURDER...” Raghav said. “Yes. We‟ll get answers today.” I said. “You mean she will tell who murdered her?” Raghav asked. “Machi, spirits are not like how they portray in movies. Once

people die, they are given three choices – First one is for them to diminish, second is to take another form and the third is to roam on earth. The choice is completely left to the spirit. Many of them have the myth belief that spirits get to know all truth once they die. I strongly oppose that. They can only doubt. In our case, if she suspects she was murdered she can‟t tell us who murdered her as she doesn‟t know. But she can surely guide us through the process of finding the murderer. You understand?” I asked. “Yes, I am just afraid of this entire Ouija thing.” Raghav said. “Don‟t worry. Everything has a procedure and protocol. If we follow the steps nothing will harm us.” I said in an assuring tone. “Fine da. I trust you more than anyone else.” Raghav said. I smiled and patted on his shoulder.

„I am so lucky enough to get a friend like this priceless gem of a guy‟ I thought.
We reached home at 9:00pm after having dinner at a fast food centre called Bakya‟s. Raghav and I were waiting for Shiva and Moulee. Once they arrived we had a chat in the hall. “Hey guys, how was your day?” I asked Shiva and Moulee. “Shiva would have enjoyed as usual.” Raghav said with a wink and Moulee said giggling. “Dai stop teasing. I enjoy every day with her company.” Shiva said proudly.

“That‟s a great retort. Mine was okay. How was your day?” Moulee asked us. Raghav narrated everything that happened right from the RTO, visiting SAHANA‟s parents and till purchasing Ouija board and their suspects. “Have you lost your mind? Talking with spirits?”Shiva asked. “Seems to be a bad idea.” Moulee said. “You have a better idea, Sir?” Raghav asked. “Guys, please. I just want to know what happened. What if she got murdered? If you had seen the pain in her parent‟s face you wouldn‟t have spoken like this.” I said. “Hmmm fine. But what makes you suspect a murder?” Moulee probed. “What else you need? A very rich girl, she truly loved Krishna but decided to marry Vijay. Vijay is elder at least by a decade. She accepted the marriage for what? After her death, why should Vijay and the astrologer drive Sahana‟s parents outside their house? These are the loose knots.” Raghav said. “Well, maybe Krishna and Sahana had a mutual break up and then she decided to marry the other guy for her parent‟s happiness.” Shiva explained. “That is very much possible but not confirmed. We can always make assumptions. But if we can get some information by talking with SAHANA then we can decide what we should do.” I said.

“Then, I guess we have to talk to her after all.” Shiva said. “Guys, it‟s very risky. I have heard many stories about talking with spirits. If anything adverse happens it will not only affect us but also our families.” Moulee said. “I understand da but don‟t worry I am not forcing you guys into this. It‟s completely your wish. I am going to try this out for sure.” I said. “I am always with him.” Raghav said smiling at me. “So Am I.” Shiva said. “Anything for you guys. Tag me in.” Moulee said. “That‟s great guys.” Raghav said. “Okay cool. Now I want to explain certain aspects of this entire talking to spirit episode. Before we start, I want everyone to believe in spirits. Even if you don‟t believe, keep telling „I believe in spirits‟ in your mind. Once I put the sphere, you all have to believe that all of us are protected. Even if you are not convinced just keep telling „I am protected‟ in your mind. At no point of time you should ask any question without respect. These are the most important aspects guys. Understand?” I asked. “Cool machi. I‟m excited.” Raghav said. Shiva didn‟t say anything but just nodded his head. “Okay.” Moulee gulped. “By the way guys, I forgot to tell something. Sudha has a friend in Anna University ECE department. Her name is Ganga.

She is somewhat close to SAHANA. Ganga told Sudha that SAHANA didn‟t come for the tour their department went.” I said. “Oh when was that?” Raghav asked. “Remember the day she fell down from the car. That time only the students were to return to Chennai. It‟s seems SAHANA told that she would come for the tour but then she missed it.” I said. “It seems like this will also help us out.” Raghav said. “Exactly, now we shall start to the terrace. Raghav bring that board carefully. Shiva bring a glass of water. Moulee get two candles from the kitchen. I will go with Raghav and make the setup.” I said and all of us started. In around five minutes, we reached the terrace. I laid the mat on the ground. I opened the box which we bought from Salim‟s shop and took the Ouija board and kept it on the mat. There was a small wooden shell with a hole. I kept the candles on the two sides of the board and kept the glass of water in front of me. “Yes so that‟s it. Guys let me get this straight. I will explain the process. But before that, Raghav please give me that solo photo of SAHANA.” I asked. Raghav gave me that photo. “Now for the process, the glass of water is kept for appeasing the spirit. It is not necessary that only SAHANA would come

and interact with us. Once I construct the sphere, anyone can interact with us. You have to remain silent throughout the process. The candles are lit for brightness. Spirits generally remain calm in brightness. Look at this wooden shell like thing.” I showed it to them and they observed carefully. “The hole is here right? Once the spirit comes, it will move this shell on the board. Once we start the introduction, the glass will vibrate and the shell will move to either HI or BYE written here on the board. After that it will tell whether it is interested in interacting with us by moving the shell to YES or NO. If it‟s NO, then shell will move to BYE. If it‟s YES we can start asking questions with due respect. For any answer, it will move the shell to the letters or the alphabets in the board. Spirits never lie so we should not probe in much. Everything clear right?” I asked. There was just a silent nod. Everybody was tensed. It was pitch dark and I took the matchbox and lit a stick and lit the candles. I kept SAHANA‟s photo on the board. I took out the holy ash, said few mantras and created an imaginary sphere around myself and my friends. I looked at her photo and focussed and said gently,“ Please SAHANA, we wish to talk to you. Please come down. Please come down. Please come down.” And I prayed with opened eyes. My friends were terrified. They were looking at me anxiously. In around 30 seconds, the glass of water vibrated strongly.

My friends were petrified. I could see the fear in their faces and eyes. “Hi.” I said. After ten seconds, the shell slowly moved to HI.

„First step success.‟ I thought.
“Are you the SAHANA in the photo?” I questioned. After a few seconds, the shell slowly moved to YES. “We would like to talk to you. You remember us?” I asked. The shell remained in YES for quite some time and then I asked “We want to ask you about your death.” The shell immediately moved to NO and then to BYE. The glass vibrated and fell down and broke. “Oh my god.” I said. “What happened?” Moulee asked. “She broke the water of glass. She became angry I guess.” “I was damn scared.”Shiva said. “But...” I started but stopped. “Look da, this and all won‟t work out. When she is not ready to speak about her death, then how can we help her? Let‟s just drop this.” Shiva said. “He has a point.” Moulee agreed. Raghav didn‟t speak anything. “Okay guys. I am sorry.” I said. “It‟s okay. Now let‟s hit the bed. It‟s been a long day.” Shiva said.

Moulee and Shiva left the terrace first. I followed them with Raghav. I left the set up there. Just as I was about to leave, Raghav stopped and turned back. “What da?” I asked. He just nodded and we went down and hit the bed. Shiva and Moulee slept on the bed and Raghav and I slept on the mat. I was almost asleep when Raghav called out gently, “Machi...” “Yes da, what?” I asked in a tired tone. “Shall we try it again?” Raghav asked. “Try what?” I asked. “Speaking with SAHANA.” Raghav said. “We can try but why?” I asked. “Machi remember you told me that spirits relate themselves or appear only in front of people who were associated with them at the time of death right?” Raghav asked. “Yes.” I said. “Maybe she got angry because Moulee and Shiva were there with us. We should give it a try alone. That is only we two.” Raghav said. „Even I forgot about that. He has a point.‟ I thought. “Right, let‟s go.” I said. In five minutes we were again on the terrace. I brought a new glass of water and kept it in front of the board. Raghav lit the candles. I constructed the sphere around me and Raghav and I focussed on the photo. I said “I am sorry for last time

SAHANA. Please come down one more time. Please come down.” The glass of water vibrated but not as fierce like the previous time. Raghav and I looked at each other. “Hi SAHANA.” I said. The shell moved to HI quite slowly. “I am sorry.” I said. The shell first moved to O and then it moved to K. It said “OK”. “We would like to talk to you again. Would you be interested? Please.” I asked. In around five seconds, the shell moved to YES. “Why you didn‟t go to the college tour?” I asked. There was no reply from SAHANA for almost a minute. Then the shell slowly moved to O... then R... then I... then S... then remained in S for sometime... then A. It meant “ORISSA.” „Orissa? What is there?‟ I thought and looked at Raghav in a confused manner. “What happened to Krishna?” Raghav asked the question this time. The shell was stationery for some time. It then moved to L... then I... then V... then E. “Live??” Raghav asked looking at me. I thought for a second. “No da, it says ALIVE. After ORISSA it remained in A itself

for sometime right. So it‟s ALIVE not LIVE.” I said. “Oh yes.” Raghav said. “Why you went to ORISSA?” Raghav asked. The shell moved to V... then I... then J... then A... then Y. It meant VIJAY. “Why did he take you?” I asked. The shell moved to R... then A... then P... then E... Raghav and I looked shocked. „RAPE???‟ I gulped. “I am sorry. Would you like to answer more questions please?” I asked. The shell immediately went to NO and then to BYE. We immediately went down and woke up Shiva and Moulee. We told them that we tried it again and told what had happened. “What?” Moulee asked in a shock. “Sex assault? Vijay?” Shiva asked. “Yes, that too in Orissa. Now why would he have to take a girl to Orissa and rape? He could have done it in Chennai itself. There is some connection between Vijay, SAHANA and Orissa.” Raghav said. “There would have been only one possibility.” I said. “What‟s that?” Moulee asked. “Well, Vijay could have kidnapped her to Orissa and that‟s why she would have missed the college tour.” I said. “Hmmm maybe. Should we inform the police?” Shiva asked. “No Shiva, police won‟t believe Ouija boards. We need to crack

this ourselves.” Moulee said. “Ourselves? I don‟t get you.” Shiva said. “We need to investigate expecting no help from others.” Raghav said. “The investigation list would start from Vijay, SAHANA‟s parents and Ganga till now.” I said. “Should we inform to Mr.Bharadwaj & Mr.Ananth that we would be taking this as case study?” Moulee asked. “No da, it‟s too early for that. We‟ll see what happens.” Raghav said. “Fine plan is okay. But how do we do the investigation? If we go and ask do you think they will answer properly?” Moulee asked. “He has a point da.” Shiva said. “Yeah.” Raghav agreed. I thought for some time and smiled at them. “What?” Moulee asked. “Why fear when Anandhi is with us?” I said and smiled. “I know where you‟re getting!” Raghav exclaimed. “Yes, we‟ll meet her tomorrow.” Shiva said. “Cool. Now I am feeling sleepy. Good night guys!” Moulee said. “Good night.” I said. We all went back to the bedroom when I pulled Raghav‟s hand. “What da?” Raghav asked. “Thanks da. We are getting closer.” I said and hugged him.

“Anything for you machi. Now sleep well. Good night.” Raghav said. “Good night da.” I said and all of us slept.

Who is Anandhi?? What happens Next??
SAHANA Episode - 6 The next day morning I woke up at 8:00am. I put my cell phone in charge. I woke up the guys one by one. I saw my cell phone. I had two missed calls from Sudha. I called her back. “Hello. Dai enna da nethiki call eh pannala?” She asked and that‟s when I remembered that I hadn‟t called her at all yesterday. (MEANING – Why didn‟t you call me yesterday?) “Sorry da was busy yesterday.” I said apologetically. “You‟re always busy. That‟s the problem. You don‟t spend time with me much. Srikk is bad boy.” She said in cute sad tone. “Yes I know, I will surely improve on that.” I said. “You did better improve before I kick you.” She said with a giggle. “Sure. I just hope this understanding remains forever.” I said.

“Sure don‟t worry. So what did you do yesterday?” “Well, you shouldn‟t get mad on me. Okay?” I asked. “I am already mad on you sweetheart.” She said. “So am I. Okay listen up.” I said. “Yep tell me.” She said. I said everything that happened, right from getting the Ouija board and our attempts to talk to SAHANA. Then I said about her responses and my suspicions. “So what do you say Sudha? Do I proceed?” I asked. “Of course you have to.” She said. “That‟s great. If I hear from you it gives me more confidence.” I said. “If you need any help, give me first preference. I would like join and help my hubby.” She said. “You‟re very sweet. I will surely ask you.” I said. “Okay fine. Are you free in the morning?” She said. “Yes, have to meet Anandhi that‟s it.” I said. “Can you spare half an hour for your wife?” She asked. “Sure anything for you. Tell me.” I said. “I am missing you like hell. We‟ll meet up and then drop me in college. Okay?” She asked. “Would I ever miss that?” I asked, “I am sure you won‟t honey.” She said. “Cool. Give me half an hour. I will pick you up in Indian Bank bus stand.” I said.

“That‟s cool.” She said. “Okay sweety, Love you. See you soon. Bye.” I said. “Love you too. Bye.” She said. The guys were about to leave. “Hey guys.” I said. “Yes.” They said together. “Today‟s plan - I will drop Sudha in college and I will meet Anandhi at her place. Meanwhile you guys go home, get ready and come there too.” I said. “Fine with me.” Raghav said. “Okay sure. I have some bank work will finish that and join you guys.” Shiva said. “Hey machi, whom are you texting all the time?” I asked Moulee. “Uh. No one. Just checking old messages.” He said. “Hmmm. Okay! So what are you going to do?” I asked Moulee. “Uh. I have some work. I will join you guys later in the night.” He said. “What work da?” Raghav asked. “It‟s a bit personal.” Moulee said. “Fine.” Raghav said. Moulee started from my house. “He‟s acting a bit strange today.” Shiva said. “Hmmm... fine leave it.” I said. “Okay da. See you soon.” Shiva said and left.

Raghav was standing with me. I took the phone and called Anandhi. “Hello.” She said. “Hi Andus, How are you?” I asked. “At last you remember me is it?” She asked. “I never forget to remember you. I was just a bit busy.” I said. “Ok I am in a conference meeting due five minutes. I will call you later. Okay?” She asked. “Not Okay. This is very important and I need your help.” I said. “Missing this meeting would cost me my job.” She said. “Coming with me would make you quite famous. Trust me Andus.” “Okay fine. Can you pick me up at Kamaraj Memorial? Where do we meet?” She asked. “I have asked the guys to come to your place. So I will ask Raghav to pick you up and we‟ll meet at your place.” I said. “Sounds fine.” She said. “Okay take care see you soon. Bye.” I said. “Yeah bye.” She said and ended the call. “Machi pick her up and come da. I will drop Sudha in college and come. Okay with you?” I questioned Raghav. “Yep okay.” He said and started.

I locked the house and picked up Sudha at Indian Bank bus stand. Sudha was looking gorgeous. She used to take bath twice a week and leave her hair loose on that day. She wore a simple pink chudidhar, silver twinkling bangles. I don‟t know how my face lightens up when I see her. She smiled at me and waved her hand. Looking at her smile is more than enough to forget everything in this world. It was around 10am. There was a „Baskin & Robbins Ice cream parlour‟ where we had an ice cream. The joy of sharing one ice cream with your girl is one of the best feelings in the world, especially when you have money only to buy one ice-cream. We had a casual chat about her college and my activities, etc. I dropped her at college at 10:45am. Then I went to Anandhi‟s place. Anandhi is a news reporter in JAYA TV. She is my friend over the past seven years. I call her Andus and consider her as my sister. I went to her place at around 11:00am. It‟s been over six months since we met each other though we are in the same area. Andus lives in T.Nagar and in the six months she had gone pale. “Hey da.” She greeted me. Raghav was sitting beside her. “Hi Andus. How are you?” I asked. “I‟m fine bro. It‟s been so days since I heard the name Andus.” She said with a smile. “Yeah seriously.” I said. “Tell me why so much hurry?” She asked.

“Listen carefully Andus. I want you to believe what I say. Only if you trust it will be easy for all of us.” I said and narrated the entire story about SAHANA. She listened with absolute attention. “So you guys suspect a murder?” Andus asked. “Yes andus and we want you to interrogate the people Srikk mentioned.” Raghav said. “Can you tell me their names again?” She asked. “Ganga – She is SAHANA‟s friend. Vijay is SAHANA‟s fiancée. Krishna – He is SAHANA‟s boyfriend. Then Sahana‟s parents. These are the people till now.” Raghav said. “We might get more names involved, but that depends on your ability to investigate sis.” I said with a wink. “Haha.. Okay sure. But I need some help guys.” She said. “Yes, what help?” Raghav asked. “I need few people to come with me as in like news coverage.” She said. “Hmmm... sounds fair enough. Guys or Girls?” Raghav asked. “Definitely I need three girls and one Guy.” She said. Shiva entered. “Well you can take him for sure.” I said. “Who me? For what? Where?” Shiva looked confused. “I will explain everything.” Raghav said and took Shiva to the side. I thought for a second as to whom we can arrange then it

struck. “Okay I will call Sudha, Sindhu and Lavanya. Fine?” I asked. “Sure even I was thinking about that.” She said. “Andus I want you to be very careful while interrogating. We might be dealing with dangerous criminals.” I said. Shiva and Raghav came out. “Okay guys, I am ready for it.” I asked Raghav and Shiva to call Sindhu and Lavanya respectively and I called Sudha. They were all in same college so it was easy for them to bunk and reach Andus‟s place. They reached around 11:45am. We all spoke for about an hour as to re-organize our plan properly. The five of them (Shiva, Lavanya, Sindhu, Sudha and Anandhi) started. Then Raghav and I started to our place. When I was about to start the bike, I saw a pamphlet in the bike. I was about to throw it when I saw something that caught my eye. I folded and kept it inside my pocket. Raghav drove his bike and I drove mine. Just as we reached the end of the road I observed a beggar staring at Raghav. I wondered who he could be. It was evening 7:00pm when Shiva and the girls came back. They were all looking tired. I had bought soft drinks for them. All of them refreshed themselves and then we started talking. “So how did it go?” I asked with excitement. “All the girls are cool in investigation.” Andus said.

I smiled proudly at Sudha. “Okay, let me come to the point. First we went to SAHANA‟s house in Velacherry. But her parents weren‟t available. The security said that they had gone to the court. It seems they themselves suspected murder. So they had filed a case. So I sent Sudha and Sindhu to interact with them at the court itself. Then we met Ganga at Anna University.” Andus paused for breath. “Ganga was innocent looking and she was initially afraid of the idea of interacting in front of the camera. We just asked her whether SAHANA had any personal problems or enemies. I have taped her answer, listen to it.” She said and switched on the tape. The tape played and we listened, ”No, she didn‟t have enemies. Everyone liked SAHANA. She did have some personal problems I believe. Personal problems in the sense, her mother died when she was young and her father married another woman. SAHANA‟s stepmom did not show any affection on her and ill-treated her I guess. But before a week she died she said that she and her stepmom talked things over and now everything was fine. Though she had some problems, she always used to give that cute smile. She was my best friend and unfortunately she is no more.” The tape stopped. “That was Ganga‟s voice. Then we asked about Krishna and

Vijay and this was her reply.” Andus played the tape again. “I don‟t know why Krishna and SAHANA broke up. Krishna was telling his friends that SAHANA cheated on him and accepted to marry Vijay. But I‟m sure SAHANA would never do such a thing. I don‟t how and why she agreed to marry Vijay. She was looking very dull right after her engagement.” The tape stopped. “Then I asked her about the college tour. This was her reply.” She switched on the tape. “I don‟t know what happened to SAHANA. She was all set to come for the tour. We had all assembled at college and were waiting for her. She called and told that she started. But suddenly she called and told she‟s not coming. When asked the reason she cut the call. Then on her cell phone was switched off.” The tape stopped. “Finally I asked where she saw SAHANA the last time and I will play it now.” Andus said. “I heard that SAHANA was in the canteen the evening she died, she was with Krishna and she was crying. But before I could see her it seems Krishna asked her to go home.” She stopped the tape. “So this is what Ganga said.” Andus said. “Then Andus, Lavanya and I tried to meet Krishna.” Shiva continued. “But it seems he left to his native for studying for his

semester exams. His native is Orissa. It seems he suffered from jaundice and he didn‟t come for quite some time to college. He missed the college tour also. He returned to college only on the day all the students returned from the tour. Now that‟s a coincidence.” Shiva said with an inquisitive doubt. “Hmmm...” I said. “Sindhu and I met SAHANA‟s parents in the court. Vijay was also with them. It seems Vijay filed a case suspecting murder. The break wire in SAHANA‟s vehicle had been cut it seems. They got to know it only after they examined the vehicle. The police had investigated and the court had decided that it was an accident. SAHANA‟s dad looked depressed and defeated and Vijay consoled both of them.” Sudha said. “Then I was not able to talk to her father. Her mother didn‟t respond to my questions. Vijay took us aside and it was he who answered the questions.” She played the tape. “I loved SAHANA very much and was looking forward to marry her. But before that this happened. I am sure it was a murder. Uncle (Mr.Sathish) has a lot of enemies in his business. This would have been done by one of them. But the court has declared it as an accident. I will fight for justice for my SAHANA.” The tape stopped. “Then I asked as where SAHANA went without going to the college tour. His response was...” Sudha played the tape.

“She wanted to go badly to the tour. She also started to the college. I was going to drop her at college when she got a call from home that her father was not feeling well. So she had to go home. When she told her friends about her not coming, they tried to convince and kept calling her again and again. So she switched off her mobile.” Sudha paused the tape. “Before asking anymore questions, he just went away.” Sindhu said. “Okay guys, Thanks a lot.” I said. “So what do we do next?” Lavanya asked. “I just need some time to think. We will meet tomorrow. Now you can all leave. It‟s getting late.” I said. “Okay fine.” They said and they all started to leave. Just as we were about to leave, Moulee entered and said “Hope I didn‟t miss anything important.” “Yes you...” Andus said. “No you didn‟t.” I interrupted and everyone looked at me in a confused manner. “Moulee just do me a favour. Drop Anandhi at her place.” I said. “Okey dokey” He said. “Guys we‟ll drop our girls soon.” Raghav said. We all started. While Sudha and Sindhu lived in T.Nagar, Lavanya lived in Triplicane. Once Raghav and I started, Sudha asked me, “Why didn‟t you tell what happened to Moulee?”

„I don‟t know why, but something tells me I shouldn‟t.‟ I
thought. “Well, I will tell him once I go home dear. Thanks for your help.” I said. “Anything for you sweetheart.” She came near and told it in my ears. My heart was pounding hard. I dropped her at home and waited at a juice shop near by her place for Raghav. Raghav came in two minutes. He parked his bike and came near me and said, “What happened to you da? I know you have something in mind. You have a plan but why not disclosing it?” I remained silent for some time and then took out the pamphlet and showed it to him. He looked at it and exclaimed, “HDFC BANK PERSONAL LOAN! What about this?” I turned the pamphlet and asked him to look at it. He was shocked.

What was written in the pamphlet?? What happens Next?? Guesses are welcome.. Comment and Rate :-) Wait till Monday!!!
Episode - 7 The pamphlet read: Don‟t probe in more. Your friends will perish. “What the hell is this? Where did you get it?” Raghav asked.

“I got it this morning when we started from Anandhi‟s place. This is why I didn‟t reveal the plan. I don‟t want anyone to be in danger.” I said. “That‟s fine. But what are we to do now?” Raghav asked. “We have to think.” I said. “It‟s all about tying the loose ends.” Raghav said. “Okay first let‟s go home.” I said. Raghav and I went home. We were too tired to think of anything. We dozed off. One hour later, someone ringed the bell. I was half asleep when I opened the door, there was no one at the door. „Am I dreaming or something? Someone ringed the bell right?‟ I asked myself. Just as I was about to close the door, a paper floated slowly in the air. My heart fastened and I was shocked. The paper came and fell on my feet. I took the paper with maximum hesitation. There was something written in an illegible handwriting. I could just make out one thing, it was a clue. “YADA RAGA” „It was a clue all right. For what? From whom? Who rang the

bell? Who wrote this clue?‟ I thought. These questions began
to haunt me. I woke up Raghav and showed it to him. He was awe struck. He couldn‟t believe it. It was 10.30pm when the bell rang again.

This time, both of us were afraid to go near the door. We gathered courage to open the door. This time it was Shiva. We gave a big sigh of relief. “What happened? Why are you guys looking so tensed?” Shiva asked. “First come in. We‟ll explain.” Raghav said. Shiva came in and we explained everything, the pamphlet at Anandhi‟s place and the paper which flew now. Shiva was listening carefully to everything. “What happened?” I asked Shiva. “No da. This is getting fishy every second. We are surely being watched but by whom? Why?” Shiva asked. “That‟s the million dollar question. Hey by the way where is Moulee?” Raghav asked. “I am not sure. Wait I will call him.” Shiva said. He called Moulee and said “He‟s cutting the call.” “Try again.” Raghav said. Shiva tried again and said, ”He switched it off.” “What the hell? He‟s acting very strange nowadays. Don‟t know what‟s got into him?” Raghav asked. “He must be in some problem da. He‟ll tell us. Leave him. Now let‟s hit the bed and we‟ll see what we should do tomorrow.” I said. We all went to bed. „YADA RAGA. What‟s that?‟ I wondered. The next day morning, Raghav woke me up and said, “Dai

machi, fast da. Get up, you really need to have a look at this.” I woke up and wondered „What this time?‟ I saw the newspaper he gave me and it read, “Business Tycoon Sathish Kumar dead. Wife also killed.” “What‟s happening here?” I asked. “Everything is going crazy da.” Raghav said and woke up Shiva also. Shiva read the news and asked, “What if we are also in danger as the pamphlet showed?” “There‟s no doubt Shiva, unless we crack this soon even our photos will be in the paper soon.” Raghav said. “Oh my god! So what do we do?” Shiva asked. “Give me that newspaper.” I asked Shiva. I read the newspaper carefully. It read as follows: Business Tycoon Sathish Kumar is dead. Yesterday after the court declared his daughter‟s case as an accident, Mr.Sathish suffered from a big heart attack and died. His wife committed suicide soon after he died. Police are waiting for the post mortem report from Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Hospital (SRMC), Chennai. The case was put forward suspecting an accident of Mr.Sathish‟s daughter Sahana. The case was prosecuted by the great criminal lawyer Bharadwaj Sunder and the claim was supported by Anantha Narayanan. The case was finally won by Bharadwaj Sunder.

I kept the newspaper in the side and took the pamphlet and the paper which flew side by side. I merely remembered what all happened over the past couple of days. “Raghav, why should two great lawyers argue for a case which is so simple?” I asked. “You‟re right.” Raghav said. “No maybe, it could have been because Sahana is rich.” Shiva said. “Fine, quite agreeable. But still a criminal lawyer and a women‟s right lawyer fighting for an accident case is something very strange.” Raghav said. “Hmmm... true. Fine what shall we do now?” Shiva asked. “Yes, I have an idea.” I said. “What?” Raghav and Shiva asked. “Shiva you come with me to SRMC Hospital. Raghav you go to Bharadwaj‟s office and tell Janani that you want to finish the documentation of the remaining files too. Just search whether you find any files related to Sahana or Vijay or Mr.Sathish. Okay?” I asked. “Okay buddy. I will get it done. What‟s your plan?” Raghav asked. “Shiva and I need to go and investigate about the post mortem thing.” I said. “But how?” Shiva asked. “Every problem has a solution.” I said and took my cell phone

and dialled a number. “Hi da baha. How are you?” I asked. (Bharani on the other side.) “Hey wait da. Guys are here will put it on speaker.” I said. (Bharani on the other side.) “Yes, da tell now.” I said. “Now only you remembered me ah?” Bharani asked. “No da macha, I was busy with some work.” I said. “Hey baha, hi da.” Raghav exclaimed and so did Shiva. “Hi, hi... Sollunga da vetti pasangala.” Bharani said. (MEANING – Tell me you jobless fellows.) “I want to speak to Preethi. I want her number now.” I said. Raghav and Shiva now understood the plan and shook their heads as a sign of understanding. “Actually, we both fought da. We haven‟t spoke to each other for a couple of days now.” Bharani said. “That‟s okay da. I want to speak to her badly. This is regarding a case.” I said. “Case? What case?” Bharani asked. “Machi, things can be explained later in detail. We have no time. Message her number. Okay bye.” I said and ended the call. “Guys, as you all know Preethi – Baha‟s girlfriend, is a doctor in SRMC. She‟s been practising for the past six months. So she can help us in seeing doctors and enquiring about this. So

that‟s how we proceed. Now Raghav, you start.” I said. “Okay da. Take care. Bye.” Raghav said and started. In another 2 minutes I got Preethi‟s number. It‟s been months since neither I nor our gang talked to her. She became angry and never even gave her new number to us. Though we become doctors, engineers, etc at times our anger and childishness never fades. Shiva and I started to SRMC. I was driving the vehicle. I asked Shiva to call Preethi. He called and spoke for about 2-3 minutes. “What did she tell?” I asked. “After picking up the phone as usual „Oh u remember me?‟ and so on. I said that we are coming to her hospital and asked her to make herself free. I didn‟t tell her any details and asked her to wait in the cafeteria.” Shiva said. “That‟s fine da.” I said. “Machi I think we need to be careful da.” He said. “Yes da.” I said and thought about „YADA RAGA‟ It took us about half hour to reach SRMC. We went straight to the cafeteria. Preethi was waiting for us. She was wearing a white coat. She was tensed and she seemed to have lost weight. She was very pale. “Hi Preethi.” I said. “Hi pre.” Shiva said. “Hi guys, thanks for sparing some time besides your busy

appointments.” She said. “Hey preethi, listen I am sorry that we weren‟t in contact with you. Though we are not in contact you know that we guys are always there for you.” I said. “Yes, I know. But...”She said. “That‟s good.” Shiva interrupted. “We are on to something really serious. We need your help.” I said. “Tell me, I will see what I can do.” She said. It took Shiva ten minutes to narrate everything right from top to bottom. Preethi was dumfounded. “Hello, Preethi?” I asked. “I think you guys are risking a lot in this. Why don‟t you inform the Police?” She asked. “Preethi it‟s not possible. We don‟t have any evidence. You think police or court will believe Ouija boards?” Shiva asked. “Hmmm. That‟s a point.” She said. “Now, you have to guide us to the doctor who is doing the post mortem of Mr.Sathish.” I said. “Well, that‟s not a problem. I know her very well. She‟s very close with me.” She said. “Okay cool. What‟s her name?” I asked. “Her name is Dr.Anusha. She is a plastic surgery specialist and a great expert general surgeon too. Only one problem guys. You can‟t interact with her.” She said.

“Why?” Shiva asked. “She doesn‟t encourage interaction with people other than her patients.” Preethi said. “Okay fine. Just try probing how they died. When can you talk to her?” I asked Preethi. “I can talk to her now. You wait in the parking lot I will talk to her and meet you guys.” She said. “How long will it take?” Shiva asked. “Maximum two hours.” She said. “Fair enough.” I said. “Fair? That‟s totally unfair. What will we do in the parking lot for two hours?” Shiva asked. “Fry nuts with Lavanya.” Preethi said with a giggle. “Sounds like a good idea.” Shiva said with a naughty smile. “Okay Preethi, be careful. See you soon.” I said. “Fine. Bye guys.” She said and walked away. Shiva straight away called Lavanya. We were walking towards the parking lot, when a small boy came running behind me. He pulled my jean and I turned back. “Hey cute guy, what‟s up?” I said. “One Lady told to give this to you.” He said and handed over a tissue paper to me. I took the tissue paper and saw it. I became suspicious instead of becoming afraid. „I have seen this handwriting somewhere.‟ I thought.

“Who gave it da?” I asked the small boy. He turned back and pointed his finger but there was no one. The small boy ran away. I ran to the point where the small boy pointed but I couldn‟t find anyone suspicious. The tissue read, „Please stop everything. You‟re in

danger. Be careful.‟
„It was a warning. Someone is trying to help me from

danger. But who?‟ I thought.
I got a call from Raghav. “Hi da. What happened?” I asked. “Machi where are you? It‟s getting bigger.” He said. “I am in SRMC. What happened?” I asked. “Machi, I checked his files over the last five years. Bharadwaj and Anantha Narayanan were partners before which Bharadwaj started practising separately. They have seen more than five hundred cases together.” He said. “Oh that‟s a shock indeed. What about Vijay? Any info on him?” I asked. “Yes, Vijay is a client of Bharadwaj. I found it in the hard way. His full name was B.Vijay Krishnan and he owns majority of the mills in Orissa.” He said. „ORISSA came in the Ouija board.‟ It struck me. “ Okay fine. Raghav even I have some things to confess, you come to SRMC.” I said.

“Okay da, I will be there soon. Bye.” He said. In a hour Preethi called, “Hey Preethi..” I said. “Hey listen, don‟t wait in the parking lot. Wait at KFC. Okay?” She asked. “Okay fine.” I said and the call ended. I called Shiva and we both started to KFC which is almost a kilometre from SRMC. We were waiting at the first floor corner seat and messaged the same to her. She came in a hurry. “Hey what happened?? Are you alright?” Shiva asked. “Yes, I am almost fine.” She said. “Please sit down Preethi. What happened?” I asked “Have some water.” Shiva said and offered her a glass of water. “Thanks da.” She said and drank the water. “Guys, I couldn‟t any information from her. When I was with her in the cafeteria, she asked me to keep her phone, while she went to collect the juice from the counter. At that time, I received a call from an unknown number.” She paused for breath and we were expecting something. “I attended the call by mistake. A voice on the other side said „Change the post mortem report as we said and collect the cash tomorrow night at the place we told.‟ I

cut the call. After Anu came there I told her that I attended the call by mistake and that I cut it.” She again paused. We didn‟t react. “Then I went to the mortuary and bribed the man there and asked for information about the corpse of Mr. & Mrs. Sathish. He said that he didn‟t know. He was looking greedy. So I gave him 5000 bucks which I had for donation and then he told that Mrs.Sathish‟s body was brought a week ago and Mr.Sathish‟s body was brought yesterday.” Preethi said. We were startled. “But how is that possible? It was written in the paper that Mrs.Sathish died yesterday only.” Shiva asked. “Yes, even I asked that but he showed the register and I couldn‟t believe my eyes.” Preethi said. “Thanks Preethi, you better keep going. It‟s getting bigger and crazier. Shiva you drop her at home.” I said. “Okay da. How will you go?” Shiva asked. “I will go with Raghav. Once you drop her come home.” I said. “Okay da. Take care.” Shiva said. “Sure u too. Message once you reach Preethi and be careful.” I said. “Okay da. Bye.” She said and they both left.

I called Raghav and asked him to pick me up at KFC. He came in fifteen minutes and he picked me up. On the way, I explained everything that happened. “We need to act fast da.” Raghav said. I was thinking, „Ananth and Bharad were partners, Vijay

was Bharad‟s client. Then why did Bharad fight against Vijay in the case? Who‟s giving me all these warnings? What‟s YADA RAGA? Who asked Anu to change the post mortem reports? Where is she going to get the cash? Who are all in this? How come Mrs.Sathish‟s body have arrived before a week when the newspaper said she died yesterday?‟
I reached home and switched on my computer. I asked Raghav to search for „YADA RAGA‟ in google. It turned no results. Shiva entered the place and I received a sms from Preethi. “Try „Orissa Yada Raga‟ da machi.” I said. “What‟s happening guys?” Shiva asked. “We are searching for the phrase YADA RAGA da machi.” I said. “Okay fine.” He said. It returned results for Orissa. He clicked the Wikipedia link. He was scrolling up and down and he called me suddenly, “Machi, look at this.” “yes da, what?” I asked.

“Rayagada is a district in Orissa da.” He said. “Okay so?” I asked. “Machi observe carefully, RA YA GA DA. Scramble it, it becomes YA DA RA GA.” Raghav exclaimed. “It‟s a scrambled clue da.” Shiva said with an excitement. Just then I realised what he was saying. “Machan, you‟re a genius.” I shouted. “So there‟s some connection with SAHANA and RAYAGADA.” Raghav said. “Yes, if we go there we can surely crack everything.” I said. “Machi, you remember SAHANA telling that she was raped in Orissa.” Shiva asked. “yes, I remember.” I said. “So maybe SAHANA is trying to help us with what she knows?” Shiva asked. “That is a very strong possibility.” Raghav said. “Right machi” He asked me. “Yes. Guys we need to go to RAYAGADA asap. That too before tomorrow night.” I said strongly.

What happens next?? Wait and Watch :-)

SAHANA Episode - 8 “Okay but how do we get there? The timeline is too short. Where do we go? Whom do we meet?” Shiva asked. “Yes, we don‟t know anyone there da.” Raghav said. “Don‟t worry guys, we have SAHANA with us.” I said. “What? Not the Ouija thing again.” Shiva said. “We don‟t have a choice Shiva.” Raghav said. “Okay fine.” Shiva said. “Okay guys, it‟s the perfect time. Go get the necessary things, I will go and get the board and come to the terrace.” I said. “Okay.” They said and went to get the candles, glass of water, mat, etc. I took the board to the terrace, opened and placed it on the mat. I took the shell and lit the candles and placed the glass of water in front of the board. I then built the imaginary protective shield with the ash. I then prayed to god for the safety of Raghav, Shiva and myself and said, “Please SAHANA, we want to talk to you. Please come down.” There was no response. I waited for around half a minute. Raghav and Shiva were looking at me. There was no vibes at all. I tried again and said, “Please SAHANA, we need your help. Please come down.” There was no response.

We waited for one more minute and I became impatient. I shouted, “So you don‟t wish to come down and help us right? Listen your parents are killed. We just want to find justice to you and your family. If you don‟t want to help us then it‟s fine. Thanks a lot SAHANA. BYE.” I was about to get up when Shiva touched my hands, consequently I held Raghav‟s hand. “What do you want to know?” Shiva asked in a tone different to his voice. „It was her inside Shiva.‟ I thought and I knew it for sure. I looked at Raghav and held his hand tightly. Raghav looked back at me and gave a sign that said „Proceed.‟ I looked at Shiva. He was in normal self except that his lips got broadened and were straight. He was looking straight into my eyes and his eyes weren‟t blinking at all. “Hi SAHANA.” I said. “Hi.” Shiva replied bluntly.

„Yes she is inside him.‟ I thought.
“Why have you come inside my friend?” I asked. “I can‟t come if he‟s there. You know why.” SAHANA said. “We need your help.” I said. There was no reply for some time. So I proceeded asking the next question. “SAHANA, we need your help to fight for justice. Something

is wrong here. I need to know where Vijay will be.” I asked. There was no reply for some time and then the voice came out from her, “YADA RAGA.” „So she only gave that clue.‟ I thought and looked at Raghav. He was shocked. “Where do we go in RAYAGADA? I mean YADARAGA.” I asked. “Go in search of a guesthouse ten km away from Bijay Mill Factory. You will find answers for everything.” SAHANA said. “Okay thanks. I am sorry for what happened.” I said. She didn‟t reply, She just patted on my hand and then Shiva fell on the ground unconscious. Raghav and I lifted him and took him downstairs. We splashed water on his face and almost ten seconds later he gained conscience. He was terrified when we told him what happened. It took us some time to bring him back to normal. After half an hour, it was almost midnight. I asked Shiva to look for tickets to the nearest airport Bhuvaneshwar. The next big question was who were all to go. “I am definitely with you.” Raghav said. “So am I.” Shiva said. “Okay guys, but we need more people. What happened to Moulee?” I asked. “No information about him. His house was locked when I saw while returning after dropping Lavanya.” Shiva said.

“Something‟s wrong with him da.” Raghav said. Suddenly Raghav‟s cell phone ringed. “Who is it? At this time.” Shiva asked. “I don‟t know. It‟s an unknown number.” Raghav said. “Okay put it on speaker.” I said. “Okay.” Raghav said and attended the call on the speaker. “Hello.” Raghav said. “Even at this time of the night, you‟re probing in a lot. Leave everything till tonight, else your beloved friend and his girlfriend will be killed.” The voice said and the called ended. We were shocked. The voice was that of a lady‟s and it sounded like a woman aged 30 – 35. “So that explains about Moulee.” I said. “Who are these guys? Why have they captivated Moulee and Deepi? Shiva asked. “Well, we have no answer for that.” I said. Raghav was thinking hard. “What are you thinking da?” Shiva asked. “Machi, we have heard that voice somewhere. Haven‟t we?” Raghav asked. “It seems so, but not able to recollect much.” I said. “Oh guys, come on. Moulee could be in danger. We need to save him soon.” Shiva said. “Yes, I know. But we don‟t know where he and deepi will be? How do we go about this?” I asked.

“I have an idea.” Shiva said. “Yes, tell.” I said. “Why don‟t we call up Anandhi and ask her to trace the number, at least the location? Since she‟s working in the press, she will be able to trace the call right?” Shiva suggested. “Yeah sounds fine. It‟s late but we don‟t have a choice. Call her da.” I said. “Okay machi.” Shiva said and dialled her number. “Hi andus, this is Shiva. Did I disturb you?” (Anandhi on the other side.) “Okay cool. I need a favour. I want you to trace the location of the last call which came to Raghav‟s number. Can you?” Shiva asked. (Anandhi on the other side.) “Okay, please find it out and call me.” Shiva said and ended the call. Shiva showed the thumbs up symbol to me. We sat there waiting for Anandhi‟s call. Five minutes passed away. “What next?” I asked. “Hey machi, I found it out!” Raghav exclaimed. “What?” I asked in a surprising tone. Shiva‟s mobile rang. He attended the call. He was shocked and he hung up the call. “The location of the call was from...” Shiva paused.

“From?” I asked. “RAYAGADA.” Shiva said. “How did someone from RAYAGADA know that we are probing in SAHANA‟s matter?” I asked. “Hey guys, wait. I found whose voice that is.” Raghav paused. “Whose?” Shiva asked. “Janani‟s voice.” Raghav said. “Yes, it is. Now I remember.” I said. “You mean your advocate‟s personal assistant. Is she involved in this? Who else?” Shiva asked. “Many are involved in this and there‟s no doubt about it.” Raghav said. “So she‟s in RAYAGADA, but someone here is giving the information.” I said. “Who can that be?” Raghav asked. “There‟s only one way to find out.” I said. “RAYAGADA, here we come.” Shiva said. We booked tickets to Bhuvaneshwar through flight. “That‟s it guys. Tomorrow morning 12:00pm flight. Just tell the number of tickets.” Shiva said. “Just the three of us. Right Srikk?” Raghav asked. “No. Book seven tickets.” I said. “Why seven? Who all? What‟s the reason?” Shiva asked. “Anandhi, Lavanya, Sindhu and Sudha along with the three of us. The reason you will come to know soon.” I said.

“I think we are taking a risk.” Raghav said. “Yes, but a calculated risk. Trust me guys. Call the girls and ask them.” I said. “How will their parents allow?” Raghav asked. “That‟s not a problem. They are going for a tour to Munnar tomorrow afternoon, remember? We can ask them to come few hours before.” Shiva said. “That‟s great. Call them.” I said. Raghav and Shiva called Sindhu and Lavanya respectively. I called Sudha and Anandhi. Sudha didn‟t attend the call. She asked me to message. As soon as I messaged the matter, she responded:

It‟s a big risk that I am taking by lying and coming da. But I don‟t want you to go alone. I will come with you. Pick me up at 9am near the station. Love you.
I replied back to her and the called Anandhi. She was game for it being a news reporter. It was a very big risk that all had taken just because I said. „God everything should go on fine.‟ I thought. Deepika stayed in a women‟s hostel in Chennai. Her native was AP. Moulee‟s parents had gone to Singapore to his uncle‟s place. „If their parents come to know, then that‟s it. I have to save

them before something adverse happens.‟ I thought.
Raghav ended the call and came near me.

“Machi, she said okay.I don‟t know what‟s there on your mind. But whatever it is I trust you blindly and we‟ll go for it.” He assured and lifted my spirits. Shiva showed the thumbs up symbol to us. “So seven tickets, tomorrow morning 11:00am flight to Bhuvaneshwar.” Shiva said and confirmed the payment. “Cool.” I said. “ Rayagada is around 360 km from Bhuvaneshwar. We will reach Bhuvaneshwar by 2:00pm then it will take around 5 hours travel to reach RAYAGADA.” Raghav said. My cell phone rang. I expected it to be Sudha but to my surprise it was Preethi. “Hello, Preethi?” I said. “Srikk... Srikkanth it‟s me. Just now a few people broke into my house and bet me and my parents. Can you come over and help me? Bharani is not attending the call.” She said in a stumbling voice. “Right Preethi, we‟ll be there in ten minutes.” I said and cut the call. “Guys, quick. To Preethi‟s place. She‟s in trouble.” I said and we all started to her place. We reached her place and found all the things damaged. We found preethi‟s parents injured and Preethi was unconscious. We took all three of them to the hospital. „They know that Preethi helped me.‟ I gulped.

It was around 3:00am in the morning when we were allowed to see them. When we went and saw Preethi, tears rolled from her eyes. “It‟s okay Preethi. It‟s gonna be fine.” I said. “Thanks da.” She said in a struggling tone. “No problem. Anytime, anything we guys are there.” I said. “What happened?” I asked. “Dr. Anu is going to a place in Orissa. In the evening when I went to her place I overheard her conversation. She found it out and I guess this was all her plan.” She said. “Thanks Preethi. You have risked a lot. Enough. We‟ll take care from here. I will go to bharani‟s place, inform him and make sure he‟s here for you.” I said. “Okay da. Thanks again.” She said. “No formalities Preethi. Take care.” Raghav said. “Yeah see you soon. Take care of yourself and your parents Preethi.” Shiva said. We all left the hospital. We went to Bharani‟s home and informed him. It was 5:00am in the morning and all the three of us hardly slept. We were determined to finish this even if our lives were in danger. Our only aim is to save Moulee and unravel the gruesome serial murder of SAHANA and her family.

SAHANA ends in two days :-) What happens next?? :-)
SAHANA Episode - 9 We all left the hospital. We went to Bharani‟s home and informed him. It was 5:00am in the morning and all the three of us hardly slept. We were determined to finish this even if our lives were in danger. Our only aim is to save Moulee and unravel the gruesome serial murder of SAHANA and her family. We reached home at 5:30am. I asked Shiva and Raghav to go and take some rest. I stayed down and watched them get into the house. I then made a call. “Hello Salim bhai, good morning.” I said. “Sollunga enna kaalan kaathala call pannirukeenga?” He said. (MEANING – Yeah tell, you have called so early what‟s up?) “illa bhai oru chinna udhavi.” I said. (MEANING – I need a favour.) “Sollunga.”

(MEANING – yeah tell.) “Porul um DRESS um venum.” I said. (MEANING – I need “porul and its DRESS”) “Seri. Eppo venum?” He asked. (MEANING – fine. When do you want?) “evlo seekaram mudiyuma avlo seekaram bhai. Ippo mudiyuma?” I asked. (MEANING – ASAP, Is it possible now?) “Veetuku vaanga ippo, evalo venum?” He asked. (MEANING - Sure, come to my place. How many you need?) “Moonu bhai.” I said. (MEANING – three.) “Seri 3000 vaadagai.” He said. (MEANING – Okay, rent is 3000.) “Athellam prachani illa bhai. Naan ippo kelambi varen.” I said. (MEANING – That‟s not a problem. I am starting now and coming.) “Seri pa. Bye.” He said and ended the call. (MEANING – Fine, bye.) I started to Salim‟s place. His place is in interior of Sowcarpet. It‟s around fifteen minutes from my place and that too early morning, free of traffic. I was half way through when I remembered that I didn‟t have enough cash to give to Salim as rent. So I drove back home. Just at the beginning of

my street, my bike stopped because of lack of petrol. I parked the bike and started walking. I was nearing my place when I saw a guy in rags looking through the window of my house. I was shocked.

„Is he the guy who is giving the information?‟ I thought.
I called Shiva the next instant. “Hello Shiva listen carefully, there is a person watching you guys through the window. Don‟t look at the window. Just speak casually.” I said. “Sollu da machi.” He said. (MEANING – Tell da machi.) “Go to the kitchen and get chilli powder and throw it outside the window.” I said. “Seri da machan, just now going to prepare breakfast.” Shiva said. The guy quickly moved near the kitchen window. “Shiva, he‟s near the kitchen window. Throw it on count of three.” I said. “One... Two... Three.” I said and I could see chilli powder falling on the guy‟s face. He was shouting. I quickly ran up and caught him. Shiva and Raghav came outside. We took the guy inside and tied his hands. “So he‟s the guy who‟s giving the information is it?” Raghav asked. “He has to be.” Shiva said.

“Haaa... water please my eyes are burning.” He screamed. “Guys, get some water. We‟ll clean his face.” I said. They brought water and a cloth. I rinsed the cloth in the water and cleaned the chilli powder in his eyes. In around fifteen minutes he was able to open his eyes. “Who the hell are you?” Raghav fumed with anger. He remained silent. “Talk right now! Who are you?” I asked in a commanding tone. He still remained silent. “If you can tell us who you are, we can help you in some way.” Shiva said in a passionate tone. He looked at Shiva and his eyes showed a sign of „desperate help‟. “Please.” Shiva stressed. “Hmmm... I am Abhilash. I was asked to spy on you.” He said. “Why?” Raghav asked. “Who asked you to spy?” Shiva asked. “I don‟t know who. They have my sister kidnapped. If they had to leave my sister, I had to spy on your movements and actions. That was their demand.” Abhilash said. “Why choose you?” Shiva asked. “Did you write those warning notes?” I asked. “What? Warning notes? No, I didn‟t.” Abhi said. Just then a sudden gush of wind blow through the house.

„It‟s her, it‟s SAHANA. She‟s here.‟ I thought.

“Who is your sister?” Shiva asked. “Her name is Janani.” Abhi said. “What? Janani?” Raghav and I were in a shock. “Yes. Why? You guys know her?” Abhi asked in a desperate surprise. “Where does she work?” Raghav asked. “She works as Personal Assistant for an advocate.” Abhi said. “Advocate Bharadwaj Sunder right?” Raghav asked. “Yes.” He said. “Damn right we know her.” Raghav said. “Then you must be knowing who kidnapped her right?” Abhi asked desperately. “I am sorry Abhi, We don‟t know.” I said. He looked disappointed. “Wait guys, I have an idea.” I said. “Abhi, if you help us in saving our friend we will help you in saving your sister.” I said. “What can I do? But I need your help.” Abhi said. “We‟ll tell you what you should do.” Raghav said. “Since you are already giving information to someone regarding us. Let it be so. We know where your sister is. We are going there today by flight. You inform this to them. They will arrange air tickets for you too. We‟ll go there and plan everything. Okay guys?” I asked. “Okay fine.” They said in chorus.

“Now can you please untie my hand?” Abhi asked. Shiva was about to untie the knot when Raghav said, “No don‟t.” “Why?” Shiva asked. “Yes, what happened?” Abhi asked. “No if his hands are untied he will rub his eyes. Then the burning sensation will be more. That‟s why.” I said with a smile. “Okay fine.” Shiva said. “Hmmm whatever.” Abhi said. “Raghav come with me. We‟ll go to the market to get vegetables for breakfast.” I said and took cash from the drawer. “Okay da. Shiva take care. We‟ll come soon.” Raghav said and we both started. I sent a message to Shiva – No matter whatever happens

don‟t untie his hands. Please don‟t. Okay?
He replied saying - Okay da don‟t worry J We started in Raghav‟s bike. “Machi...” Raghav called. “Yes da. Tell.” I said. “Abhi is...” He started before which I interrupted and said, “I know, don‟t worry we‟ll take care.” “Cool. Where are we going now?” He asked. “Go to sowcarpet.” I said. We reached Salim bhai‟s place in twenty minutes and I told

Raghav to park the vehicle at the start of the street. Then Raghav and I went inside the street. I called Salim bhai and asked him to come outside. Salim bhai gave me a cardboard box and I gave him the money. “Thanks bhai.” I said. “No problem. 5 days rent.” He said. “Okay bhai. Got to go now.” I said. “Hey wait pannu. En kitta innum onnu iruku. Atha try panriya. Podi thovum.” He said. (MEANING – I have one more. You want to try. It will spread substance inside.) “En kitta kaasu illa bhai.” I said. (MEANING - I don‟t have money bhai.) “Free, nee namba dosth la.” He said smiling. (MEANING – its free of cost for you my friend.) He took it from his pocket and gave it to me. “Thanks bhai. Intha udhavi ya naa marakave maaten.” I said. (MEANING – Thanks. I will never forget this favour.) “Haa. May allah be with you.” He said and we left. We reached home at 7:00am. I took the box inside. Shiva and Abhi were watching TV. When I went with the box, Shiva asked “Such a big box? Why?” “Mom and dad are coming in a couple of days so they asked me to buy provisions.” I said. I went into the kitchen and Raghav followed me. I called out,

”Shiva, can you please help us here?” “Yes, coming.” Shiva said and he also came into the kitchen. “Guys wear this dress and have this with you.” I said. “But why?” Shiva asked. “We‟ll surely need this baby.” Raghav said. It took us two minutes to wear the DRESS and Shiva went outside. It was around 8:00am when we asked Abhi to inform his counterparts. I was cooking breakfast and I got a message from Sudha that she‟s getting ready. Abhi got a call from his counterparts that his tickets will be arranged soon and he would have to fly in the same flight as we do. Anandhi came to our place and Sindhu and Lavanya were ready. Shiva untied Abhi and I served breakfast for all. All three of us took bath and I started to pick up Sudha at the bus stand. Sindhu and Lavanya reached my home with Anandhi. While picking up Sudha, I explained all the events that happened overnight. She was listening very patiently and then said, “It‟s a great risk we are taking that too without the consent of our parents. Nothing should go wrong Srikk.” „Nothing? I hope everything doesn‟t go wrong.‟ I thought. “Sure sweety, it won‟t.” I said in an assuring tone. We reached home at 8:45am and we were reading to start to the airport. I went to the kitchen and filled THE THING which salim bhai gave with the SUBSTANCE.

All the eight of us started to the airport. The girls didn‟t know about the DRESS and we didn‟t tell them for some reason unknown. We reached the airport at 9:40am. Shiva‟s uncle was in charge of the customs in the domestic terminal. Shiva and I took twenty minutes to explain the reason why we had to take THE THING with us. He cleared the customs for the three of us and the remaining had to come through the regular protocol. We were thankful to Shiva‟s uncle to have believed us and taking such a great risk in his carrier. He also made arrangements to take care of the customs in Bhuvaneshwar. We boarded the flight. It was the first time for all of us in flight and I should say it was an awesome experience but a bad situation. We reached airport at 2:00pm and I asked Abhi to inform it to them. “They have asked me to follow you.” Abhi said. “Who is speaking with you when you call them?” Raghav probed. “The voice is hollow. I guess they are putting it in speaker. Someone gives orders and my sister tells it to me.” Abhi said. “They are very clever I guess.” Shiva said. “Okay guys now we take a travel car. We‟ll order for a Qualis.” I said. I received a call. It was from Preethi. “Hi Preethi, how are you?” I asked.

“Dai, this is Bharani. Preethi asked me to inform you that Dr.Anu left to Orissa by flight.” He said in a hurry. “Oh is it? Okay da thanks for the info. How are Preethi and her parents?” I asked. “Yes they are doing fine. Thanks da.” Bharani said. “No issues. Machi I am in a hurry will call you in sometime.” I said. “Okay da. Take care. Bye.” He said and cut the call. We contacted the travels present in the airport and ordered for a Toyota Qualis. Only seven of us could board in it. “Abhi, I am sorry. Looks like there‟s no place. Can you come in another car?” I asked. “Sure no problem.” He said. He got into an ambassador and I kept the board and the cardboard box in the boot of the car. Abhi followed our car. “That takes care of him. Now for the plan guys.” I said. “Wait.” Shiva said. “Can you please reduce the radio volume?” Raghav asked. “Kya?” The driver asked. He was wearing a headset. “Radio volume reduce kardhiye ji. Please.” Anandhi said. The radio volume was reduced. “Reporter ji, you‟re awesome.” Raghav said. “Okay guys, listen now for the plan. We will reach there around 7:00pm. Abhi will take us to the mills. Shiva you go with Anandhi, Lavanya and Abhi to the mills. We four will go to

the guest house. Anandhi I want you to record the entire thing that happens there. With your camera. Shiva your job is to take care of them. Lavanya I have some work for you also. There will surely be cameras and other security measures. You have to make sure that you guys go through that successfully. Okay guys clear?” I asked. Everyone nodded their head. “Shiva and Raghav, seems Dr.Anu had left to Orissa by flight an hour before we started.” I informed. There was tension in the air and everybody looked tensed. There was a fear in their eyes as though they were onto something really dangerous. We had tiffin at a highway restaurant and we proceeded towards RAYAGADA. Abhi was following us closely behind. We were racing along the highways and we reached a village 5kms from RAYAGADA. It was 7:30pm. We halted the car and I got down and got Abhi‟s cell number. I asked Abhi to inform his counterparts that we will reach the mills in an hour. “One hour? We are just 5kms away from the district right?” Abhi asked pertinently. “Yes, But I have a small work to finish.” I said. “Okay fine.” He said and called them and told that we will be there in an hour. I then got into my car and we reached RAYAGADA‟s Bijay

Mills Factory. As planned I sent Shiva, Anandhi, Lavanya and Abhi inside the factory. While Sindhu and Sudha remained in the car, Raghav and I got down instructing them. We went around 200m in front with the four of them. “So guys, don‟t panic. Just do your roles properly. Shiva take care of them. Lavi security cameras and Andus get a full recording.” Raghav said. “Roger that.” She said. “Done da.” Lavanya said. “Machi take care, come fast.” Shiva said. “Sure da. Don‟t worry.” Raghav said. “Abhi, take care of them. We‟ll get your sister back.” I assured. “Sure thing. They called me sometime back and instructed me on how to tackle you guys. That will help us get into the factory. I will take care.” Abhi said. We watched all the four of them going inside the Mill factory. Abhi opened the shutter and then it closed automatically. The main aspect of the shutter was that it didn‟t create any sort of noise. We were walking back towards the car. The car was around 500m away from us. We were walking towards the car when suddenly Sindhu shouted, “Raghav, Srikkanth.” We looked at her and in no time the car accelerated. The driver had started the car and was getting away. We ran very

hard and got into the ambassador. “Driver, quick follow that car.” I said. “Bastard, he has kidnapped our girls.” Raghav said. We were behind the car by few hundred‟s of meters. “We have to inform others.” Raghav said. “No da. They will also get tensed. We have to crack this.” I said. “But not at the risk of Sindhu and Sudha.” Raghav said. “I know, this is all a mind game. We‟ll get that car.” I said. “I am scared da. Nothing should happen to Sindhu and Sudha.” Raghav said. I looked at him. I held his hands tightly as a sign of assurance. „Nothing should go wrong Srikk.‟ Sudha‟s word struck my mind. We were almost near the Qualis. The road was branching into two roads. The qualis went straight while the ambassador went on the right. “Hey driver, where are you going?” I asked. “eh shortcut hai.” He replied. “Okay. Fast.” I said. “Hey machi, he understands English but is replying in hindi. He‟s lying da.” Raghav shouted. The next second the driver hit the brakes and the car skid to a stop. The driver got down immediately and showed a gun. We were shocked. We both got down. There was sand in the ground and

as he came near, we kicked the sand into his eyes and Raghav took away the gun. “Don‟t shoot me. Please don‟t shoot.” The driver pleaded. “No don‟t shoot him.” I stopped him. “Tell where the other car is going?” Raghav asked. “I seriously don‟t know.” The driver said. “Then you‟re going to die.” Raghav said. “No wait. Where does that road lead to?” I asked. “After 10kms, there is a junction and it leads to four different districts.” The driver said panting for breath. “haaaa...” Raghav shouted and banged the gun on the driver‟s head. He fell unconscious. “Come lets‟ go.” I said and we got into the car. I started the car and put the reverse gear and we caught the same road. I took a right and I was racing at a speed of 100km/hr. “I just hope they are safe.” Raghav said. My cell phone rang, I gave it to Raghav and asked him to put it on speaker. “Hello...” I said. “Whom are you going to save? Your friends we have kidnapped? Or your girlfriends in the other car? Or yourselves? Ha ha ha.” The call ended. “Who the hell is he?” Raghav asked. I had no time to think. „Friends, Girlfriend or myself?‟ I

thought. “Srikkanth, what are you thinking??” He asked. “Do you remember me giving my number anywhere in the last week machi?” I asked. He thought for some time and said “We wrote our numbers in SAHANA‟s flat, in the security register.” “You‟re right. Somewhere else I wrote?” I asked. “Hmmm...”Raghav thought hard. “Yes, I gave it to SAHANA‟s stepmom.” I said. “But she‟s dead right?” Raghav asked. “That we need to find out machi. I doubt it.” I said. “Now what do we do? I hope nothing wrong happens.” Raghav said desperately. „Nothing should go wrong Srikk.‟ Sudha‟s word struck again in my mind. “There‟s only one person who can help us now.” I said racing in the car. “Who‟s that?” Raghav asked. I stopped the car and got down and opened Raghav‟s door. “What happened?” He asked. “Get down machi.” I said. Raghav got down and we were in front of a huge house. The name of the house was Vijay‟s Paradise. It was in no man‟s land. It was in a highway surrounded by thick forests. “Vijay‟s guest house?” Raghav asked.

“Yes...” I said and took the board on the boot. “And who‟s going to help us?” Raghav asked. “SAHANA...” I said as we marched towards the entrance of the guest house.

What happens Next?? Wait and read... :-) Sahana shows the way tomorrow :-) Tomorrow is the climax :-)
SAHANA Episode – 10 <climax> “And who‟s going to help us?” Raghav asked. “SAHANA...” I said as we marched towards the entrance of the guest house. “What are you telling?” Raghav asked. “We don‟t have a choice. This is Vijay‟s guest house where SAHANA claimed she was raped.” I said. “Yeah so?” Raghav asked. “I don‟t know machi. Just giving it a shot.” I said. “I think we are wasting time.” Raghav said in a hesitating tone. “Trust me.” I said in a assuring tone. The guest house looked deserted and there was no one like security or people to look after it. The main door was locked. We went to the back of the guest house. There was a window

which had a crack. There was a wooden stick on the ground. I asked Raghav to hold the board and took the wooden stick and broke the glass window. We both slipped into the guest house. It was very deserted. There was no furniture downstairs. There was a staircase leading to the next floor. “We have to go up.” I said and pulled Raghav upstairs. We went upstairs, the whole place was spooky and seriously lifted our nerves. The entire furniture had been broken and dumped in the first floor. It had five rooms. We opened every room until we found the bedroom. The bedroom was just the opposite of the entire guest house. There were showcases in which antiques, toys, hangers were all present. The bed room was the perfect example of paradise. It had everything a man and a woman needed. I placed the board on the ground and opened it. Took the candles and lit them. There was a glass and a water bottle. I asked Raghav to get the bottle and the glass. I observed the glass. There were some white sediment at the bottom. I placed the glass of water in front of the board. I constructed the protective shield around Raghav and myself. I called out, “SAHANA, we are in desperate need of your help. Please come down and help us.” There was no response for around twenty seconds. Suddenly the magazine‟s pages turned because of the breeze and the shell moved to HI.

“Thank you SAHANA, You know what has happened right?” I asked. The shell moved to YES. “Please help us. Where will Sindhu and Sudha be?” Raghav asked. There was no response. “Please SAHANA.” I pleaded. There was no response. “Please, I beg you.” I pleaded. Suddenly the hangers from the showcase fell down and pushed something else too. We got up and went near it. The hangers fell down and formed a symbol like a plus, a small car toy made of ceramic was broken. I was about to go back to the board when Raghav pulled my hands. “What da?” I asked. “It‟s a sign machi.” Raghav said. “What?” I asked again. “It‟s a sign” He said and bent down. He continued,”Look at the hangers, it forms a junction and this car is the car which Sudha and Sindhu are there. I guess the car broke down and that‟s why the ceramic toy has broken.” “Wow, you‟re a genius. Now come on let‟s start.” I said. We left the board there itself and hurried towards the door. Just as we neared the door, the door closed with a bang and it got locked. We were shocked. I ran to the door and tried to

open it. Suddenly the TV got switched on. We were watching very carefully. We stayed close to each other. We came out of the protective shield and it was dangerous. The TV displayed, PLEASE ENTER THE DISC. We didn‟t know what to do. There was a DVD player below the TV and the disc slot opened. Raghav quickly went near the board and asked, “Where do we get the DVD?” The shell moved to B then E then D. “The bed, the bed. Machi search on the bed.” Raghav said. I searched on the bed while Raghav searched under the bed. There was no sign of any DVD. We were desperate. Just as we got down from the bed, my pant got stuck in the bed. When I took my pant, I saw a small opening. I opened it and it was a drawer. There was a camera, batteries and DVD‟s. I took the DVD‟s out and showed it to Raghav. In each DVD there was a name. Ramya, Pooja, Priya, Shakthi, Chithra and last SAHANA. There were also DVD‟s with names like Bharad, Krishna, Ananth, Janani, Anusha and the last name shook both of us. The last name was Moulee. We took the DVD of SAHANA. We inserted the DVD. The clip played. It was the same bedroom and someone was operating on the camera. The person went back and then we realised it was Vijay. He fixed the camera and went out. In some time the door opened. In came SAHANA and Vijay, SAHANA appeared as though she was high. Vijay placed her on the bed

and took a tablet and put it in a glass and filled it with water. He gave it to SAHANA. She drank it. Thereafter it was a horrible scene. We couldn‟t watch a beast having carnal feast on a young girl. We fast forwarded the clip and then we saw someone entering the room. We were stunned, it was Krishna. He entered the room and Vijay gave him a suitcase. “That must be surely money. That lousy bastard.” Raghav fumed with anger. Krishna left the room and then Vijay came near the camera and stopped the recording. Later we saw all the other DVD‟s and we got to know what all happened. “Thanks SAHANA. We‟ll surely fight for your justice.” I promised and the shell moved to BYE. I closed the board and wrapped up everything. Raghav took all the DVD‟s and we slipped out of the house. We got into the car and we raced through the highway.

„After 10kms, there is a junction and it leads to four different districts.‟ The driver had said.
We were speeding at 120km/hr. We reached the junction in around ten minutes. “Machi, see there.” Raghav exclaimed and pointed to car which was damaged on hitting a tree. We stopped the car and rushed to see the damaged car. It

was the same Toyota Qualis. We saw inside the car and both Sudha and Sindhu were unconscious. Raghav and I looked at each other. It was pitch dark and the time was almost 8:30pm. The driver had absconded. Raghav checked the pulse. “Pulse is there for both of them.” Raghav said. The car door had jammed because of the crash. We couldn‟t open it. Then I said, “Machi, we have to pull them out. No other way.” “Okay da fast.” He said. We pulled both of them out and took them to our car. We had just half an hour time and we had to go to the mills and treat the ladies first in the car. We got into the car. Raghav opened the dashboard and kept the DVD‟s. “Machi, what shall we do? I am very confused.” I said. “What confusion?” Raghav asked. “No do we have to go to the hospital or to the mills?” I asked. Just as I said that, Sudha gained conscience. She got up and I was damn happy to see her. “Hi sweetheart, I was afraid that I would lose you.” I said. “The driver was driving too fast and Sindhu fought with him and turned the steering wheel. We crashed into the tree. Both of us fell unconscious.” She said. “Are you alright now?” I asked. “Yes, I am. Don‟t worry.” She said. Just as she finished talking, Sindhu started panting for

breath. “Stop the car da.” Raghav shouted. We halted with a sudden brake. She became unconscious. “What happened?” I asked. “Sindhu‟s struggling for breath.” Sudha said. In no time, Raghav pushed me aside and gave breath to her. Mouth to mouth respiration was done and her pulse was getting back to normal. Sudha was rubbing her palms. In around five minutes, Sindhu regained conscience. Raghav hugged her tightly and said, “Idiot, you scared me. What would I do without you?” He asked. She just hugged him back and said, ”It‟s okay dear. I love you.” I just looked at sudha and said “I‟m sorry Sudha that I put your life in danger.” “Why are you separating your life and my life? It‟s our life. Anything for you.” She said and hugged me. I kissed her forehead we stood there hugging each other for a wonderful twenty seconds, before which Raghav called, “Ahem, guys. It‟s getting late. Remember?” Only after he called us did we realise the time factor. It was 8:45pm. Sudha‟s face in the moonlight was beautiful that I was completely mesmerised. We started towards the factory. I received a SMS. Sudha was sitting with me in the front and Raghav and Sindhu were sitting at the back. I took out my cell

phone. It was from Abhi.

Password for opening the shutter is 87432. When will you reach? Pls hurry up.
I asked Sudha to reply : Will be there within ten minutes. We raced in the highway and reached the mills. Raghav and I got down from the car. The girls also got down. “Hey please, you both stay here.” Raghav said. “Stay here and get kidnapped again? Sorry da, we are coming with you.” Sindhu said. “Sindhu...” I said. “No she‟s right. Whatever happens we will be hand in hand.” Sudha said. Raghav and I looked at each other. We didn‟t have a choice. “Okay fine. Keep this with you. It will be of help. All you need to do is press this button and throw. Okay?” I asked. “Cool. Okay.” Sudha said. Raghav went to the car, opened the dashboard and took a minute to come back. “What happened?”Sindhu asked. “It‟s a long story will explain later.” Raghav said. We marched towards the shutter. I typed the password and the shutter opened. The four of us marched inside. It was completely dark and there was no way one could see each other. We held hand together like a chain. Suddenly a flood light switched on followed by all lights in the

mill store house. There was around 500m gap between us and a person standing there. “Welcome, welcome. So you guys must be the heroes of the day. Let me introduce myself. I am Vijay.” He said. “I must appreciate the fact that you have come a long way in search of your friend and his girlfriend.” He said and started walking towards us. We remained silent. “Wow, you seem to have beautiful girlfriends with you. Hi girls, why don‟t you check on me?” He said and laughed. Raghav got pestered. “How dare you?” He said and took a step forward. “No buddy. You stay right there or else I ll blow your friend‟s head.” He said. Raghav stepped back. I looked at him and whispered, “Calm down and wait.” “So guys, any last wishes?” He asked. “Yes, leave my friends.” I said. “Leave your friends? Ha ha. That‟s a joke alright. If I leave them now, won‟t I get caught?” He asked. “You will be caught anyway.”I challenged him. “Oh we‟ll see that. Guys...” He said and clapped his hands. Then came Krishna, Anusha, advocate Bharadwaj and advocate Ananth. Krishna brought Moulee and Deepi with him. Their

hands were tied and mouths were plastered. „Good. Still four to go.‟ I thought. “Now girls, let me strike a deal. You both come here and we‟ll spare your respective guy‟s lives.” Vijay said looking at Sindhu and Sudha. Sudha looked at me. Her eyes said, „I will do this for you.‟ She started walking away from me. Sindhu said, ”I love you Raghav.” And started walking away from him. “No don‟t do it.” Raghav shouted. Sudha looked at me and blinked her eyes slowly. I understood what she said. Just as they got away from us to some distance, Vijay took out a remote and pressed a button. A shutter came thundering down blocking the passage and its height matched the ceiling. “Now, we will watch him suffocate to death.” Vijay said and pressed another button in the remote. A gas was released from an exhaust slowly. “Krishna, hold these girls for me.” Vijay ordered. Krishna came and took the girls, plastered their mouths and tied their hands. “Okay now let‟s finish it. Anusha here is your settlement.” Vijay handed over two suitcases. “Now for you advocates.” He handed over one suit case each. “Krishna, yours I will give it at the end.” Vijay said. We were all watching this. I banged the shutter and shouted,

“You won‟t get away with this.” “Oh is it? What makes you think like that?” Vijay asked. “My friends have recorded all your transactions through camera. Unless you leave us you can‟t escape.” I said in a choking tone. “Your friends? I am sorry that I forgot to introduce two important persons buddy. Abhi, Janani come out here.” Vijay called out. Abhi and Janani came out from behind a milling machine with Shiva, Lavanya and Anandhi. All of them were tied up. “Abhi is my guy buddy. We sent him to get you trapped. You guys must know Janani too. They are siblings. Janani works in Bharad‟s firm. We kidnapping Janani and blackmailing Abhi was a story for you guys to believe.” Vijay said. “You guys fell for my acting I guess.” Abhi gleamed. Raghav looked at me and said “Our suspicions were true. He was wired and these guys could hear our plans all the time.” I nodded my head. “Your friends were caught in my web. I thought you guys would also come. Didn‟t know about the split up plan. That‟s why asked the driver to take the car and asked him to drive to the junction and cause an accident. Thought you would prefer to go to the hospital than come here. Guess I was wrong.” Vijay said. “This is the camera right?” He took out the camera and the

tape and stamped it hard. “So guys any last wishes?” Vijay asked. We started choking. We were struggling to breathe. “Yes, why did you kill SAHANA?” I asked. Just as I mentioned the name, the exhaust burst. No gas came out from the exhaust anymore. Raghav whispered, “She‟s here machi.” “Instead of asking why? It would be appropriate if you ask how? Ha ha.” Vijay laughed. We remained silent. “You guys won‟t ask?” Vijay asked. He waited for an answer and then said, ”Okay , I will tell it myself. But before that, I want to introduce my accomplice. Hey baby, come here.” A lady came out. She was in her late twenties and was wearing a t-shirt and a jean. „I have seen this lady somewhere.‟ Was the reaction on both mine and Raghav‟s face. “You must be wondering where you have seen this wonderful lady. Am I right?” Vijay asked. We nodded our heads. “She is SAHANA‟s stepmom. You would have seen her while going to her place.” Vijay said. Then we recalled. She was wearing a saree that day. “She died right?” I asked.

“Ha ha. That‟s how we made it up. Actually when SAHANA wanted to go for the college tour, I thought it would be the only time to have a carnal feast of her lavishing virginity. So I mixed few tablets that would cause numbness to her body so that she can‟t move. SAHANA‟s step mom found that out somehow and she came to my place and we had a big quarrel. She didn‟t listen so I had to kill her. I called up advocate Bharadwaj and he only suggested that he would arrange for a women like SAHANA‟s stepmom. I had very limited time. So we got this lady, her name is Neeti. We performed plastic surgery on her to look like SAHANA‟s stepmom. We took the actual body of SAHANA‟s stepmom into the mortuary. On the morning of the tour, actually SAHANA‟s parents were to go to Bangalore. But I asked them to cancel their trip. SAHANA went to college in her two wheeler, just before she was to start to the tour, I went and informed SAHANA that her stepmom was admitted in the hospital in Bangalore. She began to panic. I lied that her stepmom and dad were on the way to Bangalore when her stepmom fell ill. I then took her here and drugged her and I should say she was very tasty indeed. Too bad she was numb. After finishing what I wanted, SAHANA and I flew back to Chennai after 3 days. According to SAHANA‟s parents, she had gone to the tour and I had gone to Orissa for sorting my business matters. I pushed her down in the college entrance. She went and cried to Krishna without

knowing that Krishna was already my side. It seems SAHANA wanted to go to the police and Krishna informed me that. So when she was going back home in her two wheeler, I killed her with my TATA winger and made it look like a hit and run accident. We bribed the police and the brake inspector. I am Bharadwaj‟s client. He had already saved me from a big case – my chemical factory case. If anyone else had argued opposite Bharadwaj, they would have won the case. That‟s why we approached Ananth. Special thanks to Anusha who proved that she is an expert in plastic surgery. Of course, we also need to thank Janani and Abhilash for joining the crew.” Vijay completed. “Why did you kidnap Moulee and Deepi?” Raghav asked. “We understood that Deepika was staying in a hostel away from her native. So even if she got kidnapped, it would take some time for her parents to realise it. We kept sending messages from Deepika‟s mobile to her parents on her duplicate whereabouts to prevent doubts. We informed Moulee that we had kidnapped Deepika and had asked him to meet us. We tried to blackmail Moulee to help us stop your intrusion. Seriously I should tell you he never gave up on you guys. Hats off to your friendship. Lucky that all of you are going to die together.” Vijay said. “Then why did you kill SAHANA‟s parents?” Raghav asked. “My work was done. I made Abhilash act like an astrologer and

asked them to vacate the house. I bribed the servants and asked them to tell that they saw SAHANA. To Mr.Sathish it appeared as though I was a caring, gem of a person. After shifting the house, I applied for a case to prove that I really cared for their family. Then on losing the case, I asked Neeti – who was like SAHANA‟s stepmom to convince Mr.Sathish and get all his assets. He did the same. Then why should he be alive? There was no need.” Vijay said. “A very well executed plan.” I said. “Yes. I didn‟t want to kill you guys. But you came into the lion‟s den knowingly. Now who‟s gonna die first?” Vijay asked. “Let me die first.” Said Raghav. “No machi...” I shouted. “Granted.” Vijay said. Raghav gave me a „don‟t worry‟ look. Vijay pressed the button on the remote and the shutter opened. Vijay took the gun. Sindhu ran towards Raghav. “Sindhu, No...” Raghav shouted. Abhilash pulled Sindhu back. Vijay shot Raghav and Raghav fell on the ground. “Raghav, no...” I started crying. Sindhu fell on the ground and started crying loudly.

„Just two more.‟ I thought.
“Next who is it going to be?” Vijay asked. “Ummm.. Ummm..” Shiva tried to speak.

“Oh so this young guy wants to die next.” Vijay said. “Abhilash remove the plaster.” Vijay ordered. Abhilash removed the plaster and Vijay pointed the gun at Shiva. “No stop. Look at this.” I said. I went near Raghav and took the DVD‟s from his pocket. “These are the proof of all your criminal activities.” I said. Vijay pointed the gun on me and said “So you‟re blackmailing me? I can shoot you down and take the DVD‟s. No problem.” “Stop it Vijay. No more murders. It will be tough to save you.” Bharadwaj Said. “Yes Please stop.” Mr.Ananth said. “Actually, Bharad it would be nice if you don‟t interfere in my business.” Vijay shouted and shot Bharadwaj right through his head. “You will save me for this right Ananth? He is your only competition and now you‟re number one. You must thank me for that. Right?” He asked and pointed the gun to him. “Yes, yes. Thank you.” Ananth said. “Now, it‟s time for you to go.” Vijay said looking at Shiva. „Only he‟s armed. It‟s high time.‟ I thought. He pointed the gun at Shiva before which I took my gun (PORUL in TAMIL meaning weapon) and shot Shiva. Shiva fell on the ground. Lavanya was shocked and she fell down unconscious.

Everyone was shocked including Vijay. “Thanks man. You reduced on murder count.” He said and walked near me. „Just a little closer.‟ I thought. “Now if you die, I can have a feast with all the three girls.” He said gleefully.

‟Just a little more closer.‟ I thought.
“Okay time up.” Vijay said and pointed the gun. “I should say that. Raghav and Shiva now.” I shouted. Before Vijay could understand what was going on, Raghav tripped Vijay‟s legs and took the gun with the substance and shot it in his eyes. Vijay was screaming. Shiva attacked Abhilash and did the same treatment. The substance in the gun was chilli powder. Both Abhilash and Vijay fell on the ground and were screaming. I took my gun from my socks and pointed towards Ananth. Shiva, Raghav and I were wearing the DRESS – BULLET PROOF DRESS. We untied everyone and suddenly Neeti sprang up with a remote. Krishna, Janani and Ananth joined her. “Hands up, you bastards.” She shouted. Vijay and Abhilash were still screaming. “For a second, you thought you all were escaping right? Well if you all escape we will lose our lives.” Krishna said. “Kill them Neeti.” Janani shouted.

“Yes Neeti Shoot them all.” Vijay shouted. Sudha was standing near me. I looked at her and she looked back. “Now Sudha.” I whispered. Neeti pointed the gun at me and shouted, ”You think you‟re so clever?” “Guys now jump back.” I shouted and Sudha pressed the button and threw the thing I gave her at the entrance. It fell on the ground and spread the chilli powder which I loaded on it before starting from home. (QUOTES FOR PROOF - Okay fine. Keep this with you. It will be of help. All you need to do is press this button and throw. I went to the kitchen and filled THE THING which salim bhai gave with the SUBSTANCE.) They all fell into the ground. “Shiva, call the police.” Raghav said. Shiva called the police. We tied all of them. Anandhi and Lavanya were unconscious. Sindhu hugged Raghav and I hugged Sudha. Moulee and Deepika came running to us. We were all united once again. The police came in around twenty minutes and still the chilli powder effect was there in their eyes. We explained everything to the police and the Orissa police informed that they will hand over the culprits to the Tamil

Nadu Police in another two days. “So all‟s well that ends well.” I said and hugged Sudha. “All is well.” Shiva winked and held Lavanya. “Thanks Andus.” I said. We were all happy that all of us were safe. Moulee came near us. “I am sorry da.” He apologized. “Dai machan, sorry for what?” Raghav asked. “Dai we‟re friends da.” Shiva said. “Friends for life. Thanks for trusting me blindly guys.” I said. “Anytime.” Moulee said. “Uh people, I need to get back to Chennai. I have to cover this story up. I need the evidence.” Andus said. “No andus. Just mention about the arrest. I am going to take up this case. The fight for justice is not over.” I said. “Yes, he‟s right.” Shiva agreed. “Uhh... Okay fine. Now drop me at the airport. I need to get back.” Andus said. “Yeah me too. I want to go to my hometown people. To see my parents.” Deepika said. “Oh okay fine. I will come with you sweetheart.” gleed Moulee. Deepi smiled back. “Guess we are all back to normal.” Shiva said. “Guys, what do we do with all these suitcases of money?” Raghav asked with a wink.

“Well, I was thinking. What if we all go for some tour? Still the girls have three days time for their college tour to end right?” I asked. The girls rounded. “Sounds like a great idea.” Shiva said smiling. “So girls, what have you decided?” Raghav asked. The three girls shouted, “GOA!!!!” We all started from the mills in the car. We had only one ambassador. So I drove, sudha and andus sat in the front. At the back it was the rest of them. I should mention that the girls sat on their guys laps. We had a great five hour drive and reached the airport at 3:00am. The flight to Chennai was at 6:00am. We had breakfast and Andus boarded fight to Chennai. Deepika and Moulee to Hyderabad and the rest of us to GOA. We had a great exotic time at GOA. After our short holiday, I took my first case and won it. Vijay was sentenced to death and the assets which he got illegally were given to orphanages across Chennai. Ananth was given life imprisonment for saving Vijay in the chemical factory case as well as in the serial murder case. Krishna was sentenced to death for assault, rape and murder charges. Abhilash, Janani and Neeti were imprisoned for lifetime. That night all of us sat in the terrace and I constructed the



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