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People Soft FAQ's

People Soft FAQ's

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1.Can we insert sub record into another subrecord?

Ans:Yes,we can insert a Sub-record into another Sub-record.When a Sub-record definition is opened goto Insert and Sub-record. 2.Difference between Save Prechange & Save Postchange? Ans: In Save Prechange we can get the data from Component Buffer for that particular Component where as in SavePost change Component Buffer is cleared we have to get data from Database and this is used to update values outside the database. 3.What is naming convention of SQR program? Ans:The program must End with ‘.SQR’ extension and the length of name must be <=8 characters. 4.Can we run SQR program through a push button from a page? Ans: Yes we can run using properties of Push Button. That are Specifying Destination = Process Process Type = SQR Report and Name = SQR report name. 5.Order of Execution of Deferred processing? Ans: This is similar to Interactive Processing where as in this Field Change, Field Edit Peoplecode events & System edits will be differed until we press the Save Button. 6.What are Data Buffer Classes in Peoplesoft? Ans: There are totally 4 Data Buffer Classes in Peoplesoft. They are 1.Row Class 3.Field Class 2.Rowset Class 4.Record Class. 7.Define Signon Process? When a user with a valid user id and password wants to login to the PS application then he will undergo an intended process which involves Connect ID/ PWD à Symbolic ID/ PWD à Access ID/ PWD This connects ID /PWD makes a initiate to connect to database. The symbolic ID/ PWD acts as an intermediate which decrypts the Access ID/ PWD Access ID/PWD will make a persistent connection to the database. These ID’s /PWD during their initial process checks for validity and authentication by checking the information In PSOPRDEFN and PSACESSPRFL tables. If the ID / PWD matches in the tables then the user will sign on to PS application 8.What are Different Functions in PeopleCode? Ans: There Are Totally 4 types of Functions in Peoplecode. They are 1.BuiltinFunctions 2.Internal Peoplecode Functions 3.External Peoplecode Functions & 4.External Non-Peoplecode functions

9.Does Save Edit & Save Prechange Are in Component Level or Comp[onent Record Level? Ans: These are available in Component Level. 10.What are Heading And Footing SQC’s? Ans: These SQC’s are useful for Heading & Footing Sections of an Report. One of the important Footing SQC is ‘RESET.SQC’ . Some of Heading SQC’s are some “PATxxHDG.SQC’. 11.What is Application Messaging? Ans: This is mainly used to publish or subscribe Messages to other Systems . This is kind of communication as per my knowledge. 12.Where and when do we use SQR? Ans: 1.Where the Programing logic is more. 2.If We need to Generate different kinds of reports. 3.Background SQL processing. 4.File Interfacing. Etc… 13.People Code Event sequence Execution Ans: 1.Search Init 2.Search Save 3.Row Select 4.Prebuild 5.Field Default 6.Field Formula 7.Row Init 8.Postbuild 9.Activate 10.Field Edit 11.Field Change 12.Row Insert 13.Row Delete 14.Save Edit 15.SavePrechange 16.Work Flow 17.SavePostchange 14.Steps for Running SQR in PeopleSoft Environment? Ans: There are mailnly 3 steps for running SQR in PeopleSoft Environment. 1. Making our SQR program API aware. 2. Creating Run Control Table and Run Control Page (Using PRCSRUNCNTL_SBP subpage). 3. 3.Scheduling our program in Process Scheduler. (PATH: Peopletools -> Process Scheduler -> Processes).

15.How to change the prompt table Dynamically? Ans: Using PeopleCode function “%Edit Table”. 16. How do you perform People Code Debugging? Ans:1.First we have to set the Debugger mode by selecting “Enter Debugger Mode” in “Debugg” menu in the ApplicationDesigner. 2.Next we have find which variables we need to Debugg,this we can do by selecting local,component or Global variables from the “Debugg ” menu. 3.Next we have to set the BreakPoints using “Toggle Break at Cursor” or “Break Point at Start” from the menu items of the “Debug” menu 17.How do you conect to Client Database? Ans: Using VPN (Virtual Protocol Network) Protocol. In our company we use ‘Cytrix’ or ‘Terminal Software’ Softwares. 18. What is PS Enterprize Portal? 19.What is Effective Date? Ans: This is an important Concept for an ERP using this we can enter more than one values to row for the same key fields depending on date. Here we can maintain History, Current & future rows. We can also maintain more number of rows for same effective date using Effective Sequence. This concept is minly used in most of the Control Tables. Select A.ENPLID FROM PS_JOB A Where A. EMPLID ='12345'AND A.EFFDT = (Select MAX(B.EFFDT) From PS_JOB B Where A.EMPLID = B.EMPLID And A.EMPL_RCD = B.EMPL_RCD And B.EFFDT <= GetDate()) 20.What is SETID & BUSINESSUNIT? Ans: These are two high level key fields for Control tables & Transaction Tables respectively. These fields play a vital role in Peoplesioft. 21.How to build customer indexes? Ans; By using Key fields & Alternate search key we can create system indexes. Where as we can create User defined indexes using App. Designer. Path is: In menus Tools -> Data Administration -> create indexes. 22.What are types of instances in which you are working? Ans: In our company we have Development & Tesing Instances of databases. I worked on Development Instance. 23.How do you interact with client and how do you deliver output to client? Ans: 24.Current Version working? Ans; I am presently working on Tools 8.42 & HRMS Application 8.8 .

25 Purpose of Upgrade Tab? Ans: This is mainly used for version upgradation. 26.How do you send project to client and How do you test the project?

27.How to Debug AE program and Ways of running AE Program? Application Engine Trace file-You can track the step execution of your application execution Application Engine Interactive Debugger – First click on the trace tab and turn off the statement timings Select Profile -> Edit Profile-> Process Scheduler Tab -> Application section Select Debug check box. (You ca modify the state record run application engine step by step People Code Debugger for the Application Engine.) AE Trace files: - AE__.AET Without the process instance: - AE__.AET 28.Which Server do you use & What are the views purposes and different between Search Views & Fast Views? 29.How do you solve Bugs? Ans: Using Debugging Techniques and Messaging in that particular area. 30.Difference between Query Views & Dynamic Views? 1.Query Views are designed using Query Manager Tool where as we write SQL in Dynamic Views. 2.Query View is Built and Exists in the Database where as Dynamic View can’t be build so it doesnot exists in Database. 31.How work will be assigned in Production Envoronment? Ans: Actually I don’t know because I am in Development Environment. 32.How do you assign Search Record to Component? Ans: By going to the component properties , Use Tab and Specifying the search record in that particular area ie; ‘Add Search Record’ Property. 33.How do you move data from legacy system to Peoplesoft? Ans: We can use some Integration Tools such as Component Interface, File Layout & Integration Broker and alse using Flat files in SQR. We have some specific commands in Flat files handking in SQR such as OPEN, CLOSE, FOR WRITING, FOR READNG & FOR APPENDING, WRITE and Finally READ commands. 34. Interaction with client? 35. What is your Team size? 36.Say about your team? 37.What is your Role in the Current Project?

38.How will be the interaction with the Team Leader? 39.How do you open a file? Ans: In SQR the Syntax is OPEN ‘filepath’ AS number FOR READING/FORWRITING/FOR-APPENDING… 40.Can we use multiple printers in SQR? Ans: Yes we can use. In SETUP section By Defining printers what we need . we have some SQC’s. 41.What are the variables used in peoplecode? Ans: System Variables, User Defined Variables. & Derived Work record Fields 42.How can we Know whether we are in a particular mode? Ans: Using ‘%Mode’ Built in function. 43.How to Execute App.Engine Program? 44.What are Record Types? Ans: There are totally 7 Record Types. They are 1.SQL Table. 5.Query View 2.SQL View 6.Subrecord 3.Derived/work Record 7.Temporary Table. 4.Dynamic View 45.Difference between Interface, Report & Process? Ans: Interface: This is used to interact with other system may be PS or Legacy Syatem Report: This has an user interaction to execute or generate. Process: This is Scheduled in Batch Server so ther is no need for the user to especially run it. It Automatically Executes. 46.What is State Record? Ans: These are Used in Application Engine Programs to pass values between Actions & Sections. 47.How many actions are there in App. Engine? Ans: There are Totally 9 Actions. They are 1.Do When 4.Do Select 7.SQL 2.Do While 5.People Code 8.Log Messages 3.Do Untill 6.Call Section 9.XLAT 48.Difference between Do Select & Do When? Ans: Do Select is like FOR Loop in C. How many rows it retrives that many times it performs the Do When & SQl actions below it. Where as Do When is like a condition operator such as IF statement in C.

49.Pupose of App. Engine? Ans: 1.Backgroung SQL processing. 2.To pass data between Modules. 3.To pass data between Databases. 4.To populate Reporting tables using data in Transaction Tables. 5.For integration purpose. 6.Validation of data 7.Data Manipulations. 8.For Version Up gradation. 9.Archive Data .Etc…. 50.Performance Tuning in SQR? Ans: 1.Using LOAD-LOOKUP & LOOKUP. 2.Using ARRAYS. 3.Multiple Reports. 4.Using –S & -Bnn. 5.Using SQT file. 6.Running on Batch Server. 7.Using Proper programming logic in sQR such as BREAK statement in Evaluate. 8.Using proper SQL Statements. 51.File types in SQR? Ans:1. “.SQR”=This is nothing but the SQR source file. 2. “.SQC”=This is a used as functional Libraries. 3. “.Lis”=This is Line Printer Output file. 4. “.SPF”=This is a Portable format file. 5. “.SQT”=This is Complied time file. 6. “.INI”=These files are used to set the default Environment for our SQR Report. 7. “.MAX”=These are used to increase the memory size. 8. “.ERR,.LOG,.DAT”=These are used for Error Handling purpose. 52.List Out some CommandLine Flags in SQR? Ans:-S,-A,-KEEP,-ZIV,-XMB,-ZMF,-E,-O,-Debug,-RS,-RT etc… 53.Purpose of the Arguments in the LOAD-LOOKUP? Ans:To Create a Load-Lookup array as per requirement in the arguments. It's like an array, used to simplify the joins. It contains keys, names, return vlaue, 54.Commands in the File-Handling? Ans:1.Open for-Reading For-Writing For-Appeding. 2.Close 3.Read

4.Write 55.Diff between ASK & INPUT Commands? Ans:”ASK” 1.This is used in the Setup section i.e . Compile Time Variable. 2.This prompts for the values during the compilation time. 3.This does not have the datatype and length. “INPUT” 1.This can be used in other than the Setup section i.e. Run tTime Variable 2.This prompts for the values during the Execution Time. 3.Here,we can specify the datatype and the length. 56.Debugging in SQR? Ans: Using Debugging commands we can do debugging in SQR.They are 1.Display(to display only one variable) ` 2.Show(to display more than one variable) 3.#IF Debug #END-IF 57.Effdt and EffSeq Quries? Ans:Select * from Table1 A where A.EffDt= (Select Max (B.EffDt) from Table1 B where A.keys B.keys AND A.EffDt<= as of Date) Select * from Table1 A where A.EffDt= (Select Max (B.EffDt from Table1 B where A.keys B.keys AND A.EffDt<= as of Date AND B.EffSeq=(Select Max(C.EffSeq from Table1 C where B.keys=C.keys AND B.EffDt=C.EffDt AND B.EffSeq=C.EffSeq) 58What is SQC , List out some of them? Ans: SQC is used as Functional Library mainly used to re-use code and get some predefined functionalities used for our SQR programs. Some of the Important SQC are STDAPI.SQC,SETENV.SQC,RESET.SQC,SETUPxx.SQC,NUMBER.SQC,STRING.SQ C,DATETIME.SQC etc.. 59.What is ProcessScheduler? Ans: This is a Peopletool used to Schedule and monitor the Execution of any Process or Report or Program in Peoplesoft Environment. 62.What is Scroll Area ? How many can we keep on a Page? Ans: Scroll Area is a Page Control which contains Child Records’-Fields which is used to maintain the Parent-Child Relationship between Tables. We can place any number of scroll areas on a page. 63.Duration of the Project?

64.What is DataMover? Ans: DataMover is a Peopletool which is used to move Data between different DataBases. 65.Diff between Migration , Import and Export? 66.What are Upgrade Instances of Databases?. 67.To Whom you will Report ? Who Will give Specification to you? 68.Why you are Leaving Current Organization? 69.Where is the Location of the Current Organization? 70.Can we send SQR Output to Ms-Word or Crystal Reports? Ans: Yes. 71.How do we refer Component Buffer in the Object-Based or Procedural-Based PeopleCode? Ans:In Procedural Based Peoplecode by using scrollpath we can refer. In Object-Oriented Peoplecode by Instantiating Objects to Record , Row , Row Set ,Field we can refer the Component Buffer. 72.Limitaion of SQL Exec function in Peoplecode? Ans:1.Used in only SavePrechange , WorkFlow , SavePostchange, and for DML commands and for Select statements used other Event types. 2.Results only one Single row of data. 73.What is the StateRecord? Ans: State Record is used to pass values between Sections. 74.What are the Actions available in the AE Program? 75.How will you read Data from the CSV file or Excel file and Upload it into the Database using AE Progrm? Ans: Using File Layout Integration Tool. 76.Why are SQC files used in SQR? 77.Which SQC is used to read Data from the Translate table? Ans: ReadXlat.SQC 79.How will get the SystemDate in Oracle? Ans: 80.Effective Date Event in SQR?

81.What is a Sub-Query? Why it is used? 82.Why is Load-Lookup used in SQR? Ans: Used to increase the performance mainly in the case of Master Detail Reports. 83.Why are Field Edit and Field Change Events Used? Ans: 84.Why is Save Edit Event Used? 85.Why is SQLExec function is used and how many rows you can retrive using it? Ans:This is mainly used to Directly access the Database by-passing the ComponentBuffer. 86.What is a Sub-Page? Why it is used? Ans:Sub-Page is a Page control which is mainly used to insert Sub-Records. 87.Why is Derived Work record used? Ans:DerivedWork record is mainly used for the Online page calculations and also used as Functional Libraries in PeopleCode. 91.How will you delete the button [Add,Update/Display,Update/DisplayAll and Correction] from a Page on the Browser? Ans:By going to the Internet tab of the Component properties in the App.Designer and disabling the checkboxes as per our requirements. 93.Diff between the User-Profiles,Roles and the Permission Lists? Ans: 94.What is the Diff between the Prompt Table and the Translate Table? Ans: 95.What is the Purpose of the State-Record? 96.What is the diff between the Local and the Component Variables in the PeopleCode? Ans:Local variable scope is upto that particular program where as the Component variable scope is upto the particular Component. 97.What are the Steps in the Implementation? 98.What are the types of the Table Joins? Ans:1.Self Join 2.Cartesian Join 3.EquiJoin 4.OuterJoin 5.Inner Join

99.How many Objects are there in the PeopleSoft 7.5, 8.1.2 & 8.4.2? 100.How many Events are there in the PeopleCode,When do they get Fired? 101.What is the Architecture of the PIA? What are its Components? 102. How will you read Data from the CSV file or Excel file and Upload it into the Database using SQR? Ans:Using File-Handling and Unstring Commands. 103.Why is On-Break used? Ans:1.To reduce the Redundancy of Printing the data. 2.For Group-Footing and Group-Headings. 104.Why is the Process Definition in Process Scheduler used and What are the options available in it? 105.What are the Object Classes available in the PeopleCode? Ans:1.Field Class 2.Row Class 3.Record Class 4.Rowset Class 5.File Class 6.Array Class 7.SQL Class 8.Page Class 9.AE Class 10.Application Class 11.Component Interface Class 12.Bussiness Interlink Class 13.Grid Class 14.Query Class 15.Java Class 107.Diff between Update/Display,UpdateAll and the Correction modes? Ans: 108.How will you display an Image in SQR? Ans:Using Declare-Image Command. 109.Which Sql Commands can be used in the SQL-Paragraph? Ans:Except Select command We can use DDL,DMLand DCL. 110.In which section Select Paragrarph Statement be used? Ans:In the Setup,Program and the Procedure sections we can use the Select Paragraphs. 111.What is Effdt and the EffSeq? 112.SQR Debugging? 113.How will perform Error-Handling in SQR? Ans:Using the command line flags –O,-L,-ZMF and –XMB Using SQR commands ON-ERROR=Skip/Warn/Stop, ON-ERROR=Procedure_name

114.How are Multiple-Reports Generated in SQR? 115.What are the ways of Performance Tuning in PeopleCode? Ans: Using Object-Oriented programming and Proper programming logic. 116.Why is ‘SETENV.SQC’ is used? Ans: To set the default Environment for the SQR Report. 117.Why is Process Monitor used and in What is that Which Updates the Status of the Process Monitor? 118.What are the Key-Fields in the PS_JOB and the PS_EMPLOYMENT? 119.In Which record is the Status of the Employee Stored? Ans: PS_JOB. 120.How will you draw a Line of Hyphens in SQR? Ans: Using Fill argument in the Print Command. 121.When an incorrect value is entered in a Field and the Field turned Red then what is the action to be taken? Ans: To Enter the Appropriate value which does not Violate the Field Edit & System Edits of that perticula Fields. 122.Can u Declare Multiple Heading sections in one SQR Program? Ans: Yes, In Multiple Reports we can do that. 123.What are the Compile-Time Variables ? How to refer them? 124.What are the Run-Time Variables? 125.What is Dynamic Query Variable ? How to refer? 126.What is SQC ? Purpose of the ‘STDAPI.SQC’? Ans: SQC is nothing but a Piece of REusabler code, just like a External function. STQAPI.sqc is used to make the SQR Program API aware. 127.What are the Debugging Commands in the SQR ? Ans: -DEBUG xxx & #IF-DEBUG 128.What is Load-Lookup?In Which situation you use this Technique? Ans: Load Look up is nothing but an Array, a temporary location for storing the data. This is used if we are retrieving data from more than one table. 129.What are the File-Manipulation Commands in the SQR? Ans: Open, Close, Write & Read.

130.Is there any Limitations to Opening a File? Ans:To Open a file we have to specify the mode of file, Path and the file must exists. 131.What are the Before and the After Procedures?How is the Execution Sequence? Ans:Before Procedure Level Execution is from 1 to n Level and the After Procedure Level Execution is from n to 1 level. 132.I want the Previous value of the On-Break ? Which is the Command Used? Ans: ‘SAVE=Variable’ 133.How to Identify the Document Variables? Ans:By @. 134.What is the SPF File?What are the Flags required to make a file to SPF? Ans:SPF is a PortableFormatFile and the command line flag used is –KEEP. 135.How to refer a Global Variables in the Local Procedures? Ans.By prefixing the “_” underscore for the Variablename. 136.How the Output variables denote in the Local Procedures? Ans: 137.What is –Bnn,--Tnn,--RS & --Rt Flags? Ans: --Bnn for specifying default number rows to retrive from the database. --Tnn used for Testing Which specifies the number of pages we want to test. --RS is used to create an .SQT file. --RT is used to run .SQT file. 139.What is Debug Command Line Flag? Ans: -DEBUGxx. 140.How to Place and Appropiate Logo in SQR? Ans: Using ‘Declare Image’ Command. 141.Diff between SavePreChange and the SavePostChange? 142.How to get the Most Current EffDt Row and the EffSeq Row? Ans: select * from PS_ACTUAL_TBL A Where A.EFFDT = ( select max(B.EFFDT) from PS_ACTUAL_TBL b Where A.KEY1 = B.KEY1 ….(Upt o all Keys Above EFFDT field) and B.EFFDT <= sysdate) AND A.EFFSEQ = (select max(C.EFFSEQ) from PS_ACTUAL_TBL C Where A.KEY1 = C.KEY1 ….(Upt o all Keys Above EFFDT field including EFFDT)) 143.When the Work-Flow Events fires?

Ans: After the successful Execution of the SavePrechange. 144.What are the DataBuffer Classes? Ans: 1.Field Class 2.Record Class. 3.Row Class. 4.Rowset Class. 145.How to refer a SecondLevel Field value? 146.What is the Component Buffer? Ans: Tempory memory area to Store data related to ‘Current Active Component’. 147.Can you write Error-Messaging in the FieldChange event? 148.What is the FieldFormula and the FieldDefault events? 149.What is the MessageGetFunction?What is the diff between MessageGet and the MessageGetText functions? Ans: 150.What are the Meta-Sql Commands? 151.How many SQR’s you modified Explain? 152.Why do we use SQR ? Explain them? Ans: 1.Where ever Programming Logic is more. 2.For BackGroung SQL Processing. 3.For Interfacing. 4.Mainly it is a Powerful Reporting Tool. 153.What is the diff between Including the SQC’s at the Page-Header and the PageFooter? 154.How can we use DML and the DDL Commands in the SQR? Ans: Directly writing those commands in ‘Begin-SQL’ Paragraph. 155.How can you know the Status of the SQR Report?For that any SQC is needed or not? Ans: We can Know by verifying in Process Monitor the SQC needed for it is ‘STDAPI.SQC’. 156.How can you Export or Import the Data in the Flat File to PSDatabase? Ans: Using File Layout & Using File Handling Commands in SQR. 157.Diff between Load-Lookup and Arrays 158.Diff between ASK and the INPUT Command?

159.What is PIA?Explain each part?Functions of the AppServer? 160.Diff between Search-Record and the AddSearch-Record? 161.What are the events associated with the other events? Ans: 162.How can you define Global variables and impact of it ? 163.Diff types of Functions in the PeopleCode? Ans: 1.Built in Functions 2.Internal People Code Functions. 3.External People Code Functions 4.External Non-Peoplecode Functions -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Real Time Interview Questions (IBM) 1. Tell me about your professional experience? 2. How can you do migration? 3. Tell me the process steps of migration? 4. What is client workstation? ( 5. How can you setup client workstation? 6. What is search record? 7. What is add search record? 8. How can we display particular fields on search page? What need to be done get this? 9. How can we skip the search page? 10. What is FieldEdit? 11. What is SaveEdit? 12. Among the FieldEdit and SaveEdit events, which will fire first? 13. When we click the save button, which order of events will fire? 14. What is Application Engine? 15. Why we use the Application Engine? 16. What is the State Record? 17. How many types of State Records are there? 18. Explain the creation process of state record and how can we use it in Application Engine program? 19. How many program types you have used in Application Engine? 20. What is the difference between DO WHEN and DO SELECT actions? 21. If I give one data file, how can you insert this file data into database through App Engine? Explain the code in detail? 22. What is Component Interface? 23. Explain Component Interface with real time example? 24. What are the sections in the SQR programming? 25. What is ON-BREAK () command? 26. What is implicit and explicit printing in SQR? 27. What is Load Lookup ()?

28. Can u tell me some SQCs you have used in SQR program? 29. Can we get the records in PSQUERY which are newly created? 30. How can we give the Row Level security? 31. Do you know about security? 32. Do you know workflow? 33. Through which company you came for Interview. 34. Tell me the challenging issue you have worked on. 35. How can you restrict the user to access the custom record in Applications Designer? 36. What is query access groups? 37. What is permission list, Roles and User profiles. 38. In your supporting project do you worked on application engine , and did you write any code. 39. What code you have write and, in which action you have write code. 40. What is the difference between do-select and do-while in application engine. 41. What is the difference between do-while and do-until in application engine 42. What is difference between do-select and SQL action. 43. I have four fields on search page and I have entered partial value in one filed and hit the Enter key, it showing error why.? 44. ation for search fields.? 45. What is Save processiong.? 46. In Save processing Save Edit, Save Prechange and Workflow Event executed successfully in work flow event we send a email to the user , and in Save posthchange event error occurs then email will send or not. 47. Event Firing sequence order.? 48. Tell me the code for retrieving Level two field. 49. In which sequence and where Field formula event will fire. 50. In page I have two fields in level one ,If I select level zero filed in search page these two fields should populate the value how can you do that. 51. In page I have grid then, how can you disable the ‘+’ and ‘–‘symbols in a grid? 52. What is component interface and do you work on that. 53. What is a Get History Items and Edit History item? 54. How can you edit the history data in component through C.I? 55. How can you edit the Level zero data in component through C.I 56. How can you save the component Interface? 57. I have to update the data in scroll level two how can you do that through C.I? 58. Do you worked on Data Mover? 59. Do you worked on Integration Broker? 60. Do you worked on Work flow. 61. What is TriggerBussinessEvent? 62. Do you Know SQL? 63. Select * from A, B then how data will retrieved? 64. What is Cartesian product in SQL? 65. What is sub-query? 66. What is case statement in sql?

67. I have table A with 5 row of data and table B with 3 rows of data I need both matching rows and Extra rows of data tell me query? If I changed the position of A and B then tell me the query? 68. What is Left Outer Join and Right outer join? 69. Did you write any complex quires? 70. Tell me about your PS exp in detail ? 71. What did you do in the current project? 72. Did you develop AEs? How did you do that? What were the AEs requirement ? 73. Did you use state records? What was the purpose of the state records? 74. In AE instead of using the delivered functions like DoSelect if you use the PeopleCode how will it effect the working of the progran ? 75. Tell me about the SQRs you did from the scratch ? 76. what is the use and how do you use Load Lookup , Array, and On-Break in SQR ? 77. How do you debug SQR? 78. If error occurs in SavePostChange PC will that commit in the database? 79. what type of code do you use in SavePreChange and SavePostChange ? 80. 2-3 questions on peoplecode? 81. Tell ne in detail all the functional task you carried out in the project? 82. Why do you use SQCs? 83. What is Set Processing? How do u implement Set Processing ? 84. What are Temp Tables? What are its usage? 85. when you add a row in a scroll level for Job record how do you distinguish the new added row. 86. how do you interact two different multiple AEs? 87. what are the nodes of a components? What are the use of each? 88. Do you have questions? 89. Tell me about your till now PeopleSoft experience along with the educational details. 90. What are the People Tools you have worked on? 91. What is Set ID, Business unit, Table set sharing? 92. Explain more briefly Set ID, Business Unit with your point of view. 93. What are the different types of records and the records you have worked with? 94. Difference between a Query view and a Dynamic view. 95. Where exactly you have used dynamic views and what was the purpose? 96. Scope of variables in PeopleCode. 97. Difference between the Fieldedit and Fieldchange events. 98. Asked a scenario, where there is a page with three levels (level 0, 1, 2) and wants to get data for the level 2 fields based on the higher levels data. Briefly explain with code to achieve it. 99. Sequence of firing events. 100. Have you worked with AE’s from scratch? 101. What is a state record? 102. How does the restart property effects at run time with Do Select action, if suspended in the middle of the Do Select action. 103. Different types of AE programs you have worked leaving standard only type.

104. Tell me about Dynamic call section and how do you call a section dynamically. 105. How can you setup Dynamic call section? 106. Why we use CI’s? 107. What are the methods and properties in CI’s? 108. Mention the different methods in CI’s. 109. Have you worked with CI’s from scratch? 110. Have you worked with SQR’s from scratch? 111. What all the sections are there in SQR’s? 112. What are SQC’s and mention some important SQC’s? 113. How do you perform debugging in SQR’s? 114. How will you work with errors in SQR’s? 115. Asked about Application data security. 116. Explain how do you achieve Row level security? 117. Have you worked with Data mover scripts and Tree manager? 118. Have you worked on Migrations? 119. How you used to do migrations for the projects you have developed? 120. Asked a scenario, where we are migrating data from source to target and there is already some data in target related to presently migrating data. So, how can you delete the data in target which is not needed while migrating? 121. Have you worked with Workflows from scratch? 122. Explain about Workflows? 123. Briefly explain the implementation process for a workflow application along with the workflow application which you did in your present project . 124. Have you worked with PS-Query? 125. What are the different types of queries present and the queries you have worked with. 126. Given details of an effective dated table and asked to tell the query which gives the rows which are active as of today -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Tell me about yourself. 2. Explain your projects. 3. Did you write SQRs? 4. Did you write Application Engine programs and what are they. 5. In which area are you comfortable? 6. List out few People Code events. 7. I was given few scenarios and asked for the events in which to write the logic. 8. What is State Record, what’s the use of it, and what’s the key field used there. 9. List out few Functions and their functionality. 10. What’s the difference between a Function and a Procedure?

11. List the firing sequence of People Code events. 12. Did you write any interface (CI), explain. 13. Write an Effective Dated Query. 14. List the Action modes. (Add, Update/display, Update/display all, Current) 15. List the Key fields in Job table. (EMPLID, EMPL_RCD, EFFDT, EFFSEQ, COMPANY, PAYGROUP, PER_ORG, DEPTID, JOBCODE) 16. What are the Record types and list them. 17. What is the use of Field Formula event? -- functions 18. Difference between SQL View, Dynamic View and Query View. – Query view is selected to define the Record definition as a view that is constructed using the PeopleSoft Query tool. 19. SQL statement to print “X reporting Y, Y reporting Z,..”. 20. How to change the table name dynamically in the run time? – Derived record, %Edit Table field.. 21. Difference between Load Lookup and an Array. 22. What are the modules that you worked on? 23. Tell me some tables that you know in HRMS. 24. What are the Elements of Application Engine? 25. What are the mutually exclusively Actions. 26. The field EMPID has the prompt defined for it, but when we select the prompt, it is displaying the EMPNAME. What would be the problem and how to solve it? 27. Structure of an SQR. 28. Difference between SQR and SQCs. 29. Difference between SQR and App Engine. 30. If you are asked to print a report, which one do you choose (SQRs or App Engine) and why? – It depends on Time (if it is more critical then go for SQR else go for AE) and Cost issue. And also AE has certain limitations. 31. Difference between SQL View and Query View. 32. What is Temporary table? 33. What is Set Processing? (Difference between Row-by-Row and Set Processing). 34. How do you write Interfaces? 35. What all get generated when you create a CI. What are Keys and Methods, list them? 36. In SQR and App Engine, which one is better for Error Tracing, and why? 37. How do you debug in SQR and in App Engine? 38. How do you pass Parameters when you run an SQR form SQRW? – Ask, Input. 39. People code events firing sequence. 40. What events get fired when you try to save a Component? 41. When does Save post change event fire? And what kind of actions takes place in it? 42. Events for validations. 43. Difference between Prompt table with Edit and without Edit? – Prompt table with Edit will not accept values which are not defined in the Prompt table where as Prompt table without Edit will accept values (at run time) which were not defined in the Prompt table. 44. Difference between Exit0 and Exit1. – Exit0: immediate termination with no rollback. Exit1: immediate termination with rollback. 45. How many Sub Pages and how many Secondary Pages can be kept in a Page (in a level).

46. How can we restrict a Record level People Code from affecting on other Components that use the same record? – If %Component = “Particular Component name”. 47. Define STDAPI.sqc – Process Scheduler interface which is used to initiate and terminate some field values like Process_Instance and RuncontrolId 48. Difference between Get and Find Methods. 49. How to call a Secondary Page through People code? – Domodel. 50. How to trace an SQR? – using ‘-S’ flag, Show, Display. 51. In a level, when you enter a value in a field, the remaining fields should get hide. – Hide, Invisible, Visible = True / False. 52. Alternate to Win Message. – Message Box. 53. Calling CI through People Code. – GetCompIntfc. (e.g., &ciJOB = &session.GetCompIntfc(CompIntfc.SHEC_CI_JOB_DATA);< br/>). 54. Difference between SQL Server and Oracle Data Base. 55. Tell me about Expressions in PS Query. – we use Expressions to define anything manually like for calculation and concatenation purpose. (Reporting Tools, PS Query, Query Manager). 56. Types of Application Engine Programs, and explain them. – (Standard: normal entrypoint program, Upgrade only: used in PeopleSoft upgrade utilities, Import only: used by PeopleSoft import utilities, Daemon only: a type of program used as a daemon process, Transform only: a program type used to support Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT)). 57. How to send a mail through an SQR and also through People Code. – SQR: need to write a Procedure with To, From, Data, … e.g., let $cmd = 'uuencode ' || $file || ' ' || $file || ' | mailx -s ' || $subject || ' ' || $email call system using $cmd #status). People code: SendMail. (SendMail(&MAIL_FLAGS, &MAIL_TO, &MAIL_CC, &MAIL_BCC, &MAIL_SUBJECT, &MAIL_TEXT, &MAIL_FILES, &MAIL_TITLES, &MAIL_SENDER);) 58. File layout restrictions. – when we use long field, it will take the length as zero. 59. How to generate excel through CI? Excel To Component Interface Utility. (http://peoplesoft-toolbox.com/resources/PeopleSoft%20Toolbox%20ExcelToCI %20Overview.pdf) 60. Functions mostly used in Save Post Change event. – SQL Execute, … 61. Difference between Do Save and Do Save now. – Do Save: saves the component after the completion of all the events. Do Save now: saves the component immediately. 62. Alternative to Field Change. – Row Init. 63. When does Field Edit event get fired and when do Field Change event? If both get fired on changing a field, then why to use Field Edit, why not Field Change for validations. – Both get fired on changing a field (i.e., on Tab). And we use only Field Edit for validations because Field Change will not fire Errors and Warnings. 64. What is Differed Processing? – If the Page/Field is in Differed processing mode, then the trips to the Data Base server will be reduced. (Allow Differed Processing Check Box: uncheck this to make the system allow the changes to take place immediately after the Tab). 65. How to bypass the Search Page. –

1. You can write the code in the Search Init People Code Event. (Suppose Employee Id is the only key, then the code will look like, EMPLID = %EmployeeId; SetSearchDialogBehavior(0); 2. There is another method of using a record with no keys as the component search record. This will also bypass the search. 66. What are the required SQCs that must be added to an SQR in order to run it through Process Scheduler? – SETENV.sqc, SETUP32.sqc, STDAPI.sqc, RESET.sqc. (Optional – DATETIME.sqc, NUMBER.sqc). 67. Difference between field edit and save edit? -- In Field edit for each field change, a transition to the application server to the database is taken place. In Save edit for all the fields, only one transition to the application server to the Database is taken place. 68. Difference between Pre build and Post build. – Pre build can be used to validate your search data, discarding rows. Post build can be used to play with the pages (hide, unhide), filling up scrolls. 69. Difference between SQLEXEC and CREATESQL? – SQL Exec means it bypasses the component buffer and it is directly contacts database to retrieve data. But it retrieves the data row by row and not possible for bulk insert. – But in the case of Create SQL we can able insert the data in bulk. 70. Difference between SQR and SQC. – we cannot place Begin-Program Section in SQC, SQR can be Compiled and Executed which cannot be in SQC, we can call one SQC from other SQC and from other SQR, we cannot call one SQR from other SQR. 71. What are Properties and Collections – Properties: field to field mapping between Component and Component Interface. Collections: it contains fields and subordinate scroll as defined in underlying component. 72. Did you worked on Workflow? 73. What are the actions in Do Select? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------what are the modules that you are comfortable with functionality Tell me abt global payroll Difference between establishment id and location ID What is regulatory region What are the employee types (manager ,Adda new instance e.t.c from the drop down box) What is job data and what its record name and number? Core HR steps (set up steps) Diff between Business unit and company? Have u worked on any transaction pages? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In which year did you complete you Engineering? Have you been working with Astute from past 2.8 yrs? has your traning been included with your experience? What is your 1st project? What is your tem size? How many tech's are there in your team? How do you connect to the client in your organization and which tool do you use?

What is FieldDefault? why do you write the code in it? Wht is SaveEdit and SavePrechange (Insert Update and delete)? Which kind of code u write in both? What is ItemSelected? What is PreBuild? Firing order sequence in Add mode and Update/Displayall mode? What is the difference between them? What is Occurence level? How many occurence levels can we have and what are they? What is ParentChild relation? explain with an example? What is runcontrol id? Real time scnerio on AE ,SQR and CI What are the keyfields in Job table? What are audit reports? What new online objects and queries you have developed? What is EFFSEQ? He asked me a real time scenario of SQR starting to printing the report? (asked to print the names of country when the user clicks on the push button) what are sections and paragraphs in SQR? what is the mandatory section ?Can you run the SQR without Setup, procedure, heading and footing? Can you use a paragraph in Program? What is an SQC?Tell me about the SQC's you have used and why? How do you debug an SQR program? Suppose i have some 10 procedures how can you debug the 10 at a time? What is a trace parameter? where do you define the trace parameter? What are ASK and INPUT commands? What is the difference between them? What is show and display? What is -Debug? Elements of application engine? How many actions are there in AE? What are the DO Actions and have you worked on any if so tell me the scenario where you worked on it? WHat is the main element in a section? What is a sate record and why should they be keyfields? What is the use of a state record? What are the key fields in a state record? How many state records can you use in a AE Program? Suppose if there are 3 state records and how can i define one state record as default and how can i use the remaning 2 state records? What are file layouts?have you use any, if so tell me with an example using filelayouts with inbound process? Process of inbound program in AE with real time scenario (How do you open the file and how do you split, how can you pass the values in to array) What are the properties in componnet interface? When the component is in ADD mode waht are all Keys and methods created What are the methods avaliable in CI? What is the use of cancel in CI and tell with a example? how do you change from Interactive mode to defered mode?

Suppose there are 3 pages in component where only 1 page is visible in the front end .Why the other 2 pages are not visible? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Tell me about work experience? 2. What are record field properties 3. Difference between Key and alternate search key? 4. Can a record field can have only search key without key? 5. What are different types of pages? Difference between a sub page and secondary page? 6. How will you insert a sub page into a page 7. Different Record Types? Which are not buildable? 8. Different types of Edit tables? 9. Difference between Translate table and Prompt Table ? 10.When the required check button is selected for a field and without entering the data in that field when tabbed out, what will happen? 11. What is the difference between the Search Record and Add Search Record? When do you use it? What is Force search processing? 12.What is an effective date and Explain the effective dated querry?Difference between the history and Future dates 13. What are the different peoplecode events? 14. Where you cannot place error's and warnings 15.When any modifications are made in a field which en=vents will fire? 16.difference between FieldFormula, Field change and Field Edit? 17. Difference between the Search INit ans search Save? 18 which event will fire after the database updation? 19.Where can you write the peoplecode? 20.Which function intracts directly with the database? 21.Difference between the Create SQL Object and SQLEXEC()? 22.How do you call an App Engine from Peoplecode? 23.How do you call an Component Interface from Peoplecode? 24.Attributes of an Component Interface? 25Can you map multiple number of Component Interface to an Component? 26.How are key's generated and difference between Get, Find and create key? 27.What is a methods? What ar the standard methods avalable in CI? 28.What are properties and Collections? 29.Differnece between SQR and SQC? 30.What are mandatory SQC's that should be in a program ? Why? Explain each of them? 31.What is the difference between STANDAPI.SQC ans and PRCSAPI.SQC? 32.What are the sections in SQR? what is the mandatory section in SQR?

33.File handling in SQR? 34.Error Handling in SQR? 35.Difference between Show and Display? 36.How do you pass values to an SQr while running through the window? 37.What is the Load-Lookup and why it is used?Load Lookup Syntax? 38.SQR Debugging Techiniques? 39.What are the requried fields for adding an employee? 30.before adding the work relation to an employee what are the 3 fields avaliable? 31.she asked me to tell about some real time scenario's on Application engine, Component Interface, SQR 32.when, where and why do you use Application engine, Component Interface, SQR 33.what is the difference between the Truncate and Delete? 34.how to findout the cursor postion in sqr ? 35.Can you copy only the structure of the table ? 36.Difference between 2 tier and 3 tier? 37.What is a state record and ?can a sate record be an derived /work record? 38.what does an AE consists of? 39.Where does the peoplecode gets stored 40.what are diffeent process avialable? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Sri Harsha Now PeopleSoft Techinical Consultant at Capgemini Consulting India PVT. Ltd, my professional career includes around 3 years in Astute Business Solutions & Capgemini Consulting India PVT. Ltd, mainly related to PeopleSoft HRMS/HCM. During these years, I have worked on both Supporting and Upgrade Projects. Iam also in to trannig PeopleSoft. I have earned a Software Engineer degree from Vijayanagar Engineering College under Visveswaraiah Technological University, Belgaum. View my complete profile Blog Archive ▼ 2010 (64) ▼ May (64) Search Process of a component in Update mode (Upda... Page Start to Display in ADD mode (or) component i... Inserting the data into 3 levels (0,1,2,3 levels) ... Steps for creating a GOTO ROW Application Data Security domodalcomponent steps Set ID and Business Unit Difference between Transcation Tables and Control ... Stand alone RowSet PeopleSoft Finance Tables with Detail Description ... To find all the records in a given component. Belo... To find out which tables contain a certain SETID v... For getting a particular row number from a table To know the Run Status when running through the Pr... To get the process output location in SQR How to read the runcontrol parameters in AE Sample People Code for getting the DEPT ID based o... People Code for calucating the student marks,avera... Sample 2 level rowset code for Language selection To get the OprID for the Current Session select any check box in the Grid then the remaning... Fill color in grid Cell Date display format on Page For getting the current DAteTime when ever we chan... Inserting a New Scroll Row from within the Same Sc... Month difference PeopleCode File operations using DOS commands in SQR Running an SQR from within your PeopleCode program... Date related calucations using rowsets and without... Time Clock code in Peoplesoft PEOPLESOFT HOT KEY'S

Difference between Writeline and WriteString in Ap... The Structure of PS_HOME SQR output and Fonts Process Definition Multiple Report Generation in SQR To know the Menu,Bar,Item name's to use in Transfe... Derived/ Work record Steps to Run the Appilaction Engine Program (Inbou... Employee Change Request Application Enginer Code String to Date conversion (30-dec-2009 to 12/30/20... To overwrite search record on component by using p... Code to print a image in SQR SQR Migration Strategies SQR Optimisation Techniques Auto creation of user profiles Dynamic Views as Prompt Tables Gray out an entire page except one field using Pep... To display the long name from translate table and ... How to delete process definition You are not authorized for this page error in Peop... XML navigations Creating the data Source through P... PeopleSoft WorkFlow Navigations PeopleSoft Query Security Navigations Creating the User Profiles and assigning the Roles... To write Images along with HTML text into a file c... Creating Component Interface in Application Design... Scheduling SQR report through the Process Schedule... Steps to Run the Appilaction Engine Program (Inbou... Steps for creating Run Control ID in PeopleSoft Steps to replace DropDownbox in place of Prompt ta... Steps for creating Secondary page with Push Button... Steps for creating a Sub Record, Sub Page and Seco... Steps for creating Field,Record,Page,Component and... Search This Blog Loading...

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