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Peace Corps El Salvador Welcome Book | September 2012

Peace Corps El Salvador Welcome Book | September 2012

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Published by: Accessible Journal Media Peace Corps Docs on Oct 28, 2012
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The Peace Corps’ approach to safety is a five-pronged plan to help you stay safe during your service and includes the
following: information sharing, Volunteer training, site selection criteria, a detailed emergency action plan, and
protocols for addressing safety and security incidents. El Salvador’s in-country safety program is outlined below.

The Peace Corps/El Salvador office will keep you informed of any issues that may impact Volunteer safety through
information sharing. Regular updates will be provided in Volunteer newsletters and in memorandums from the
country director. In the event of a critical situation or emergency, you will be contacted through the emergency
communication network. An important component of the capacity of Peace Corps to keep you informed is your buy-
in to the partnership concept with the Peace Corps staff. It is expected that you will do your part in ensuring that
Peace Corps staff members are kept apprised of your movements in-country so they are able to inform you.

Volunteer training will include sessions on specific safety and security issues in El Salvador. This training will
prepare you to adopt a culturally appropriate lifestyle and exercise judgment that promotes safety and reduces risk in
your home, at work, and while traveling. Safety training is offered throughout service and is integrated into the
language, cross-cultural aspects, health, and other components of training. You will be expected to successfully
complete all training competencies in a variety of areas, including safety and security, as a condition of service.

Certain site selection criteria are used to determine safe housing for Volunteers before their arrival. The Peace Corps

staff works closely with host communities and counterpart agencies to help prepare them for a Volunteer’s arrival and

to establish expectations of their respective roles in supporting the Volunteer. Each site is inspected before the

Volunteer’s arrival to ensure placement in appropriate, safe, and secure housing and worksites. Site selection is based,

in part, on any relevant site history; access to medical, banking, postal, and other essential services; availability of
communications, transportation, and markets; different housing options and living arrangements; and other Volunteer
support needs.

You will also learn about Peace Corps/ El Salvador’s detailed emergency action plan, which is implemented in the
event of civil or political unrest or a natural disaster. When you arrive at your site, you will complete and submit a
site locator form with your address, contact information, and a map to your house. If there is a security threat, you
will gather with other Volunteers in El Salvador at predetermined locations until the situation is resolved or the
Peace Corps decides to evacuate.

Finally, in order for the Peace Corps to be fully responsive to the needs of Volunteers, it is imperative that Volunteers
immediately report any security incident to the Peace Corps office. The Peace Corps has established protocols for
addressing safety and security incidents
in a timely and appropriate manner, and it collects and evaluates safety and
security data to track trends and develop strategies to minimize risks to future Volunteers.


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