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As per SOLAS, Tankers required to be fitted with Iner Gas systems (i.e tankers of 20,000 tonnes deadweight and above, and tankers using COW), shall have double hull spaces fitted with suitable connections for supply of inert gas. This could be by permanent connections to IGS, or by using suitable portable connections like hoses or ducts. Inerting of double hull tanks is required in the event of a leak of hydrocarbons into a double hull or double bottom tank. 1. Flexible hoses used for inerting double hull tanks should be clearly identified. Such hose electrical continuity should be checked prior each usage. 2. Where available, PV valve should be placed on double hull tank to maintain inert atmosphere. Any other openings to this tank shall be blanked. 3. In case of non-availability of PV valve, over pressurization of double hull tank shall be avoided by connecting such tank to PV breaker using flexible hoses. 4. Upon completion of inerting operation, IG inlet hose should be left connected to IG line for breathing through deck PV breaker. 5. Once inerted, the tank should be kept topped up as necessary to ensure that a positive pressure is maintained and oxygen content does not exceed 8% by volume. 6. The exhaust vapour from the tank during inerting should be ventilated through an opening at least 2 meters above the deck. Portable standpipes should be used where necessary.